by Grace Bonney

last night when i got home i flipped around the tv looking for something to zone out to for a bit. i settled on the hbo on demand channel and decided to check out the 13 minute ‘behind the scenes’ trailer for the 3D stop-motion movie ‘coraline‘. i think my jaw is still somewhere on the floor.

yesterday we talked about handmade nation and coraline is truly a handmade design-lover’s movie. i found myself smiling like a kid at the screen as i watched them create literally every detail you see on screen by hand. from character frames to tiny silk knitted sweaters (take take 6 weeks to 6 months to knit in miniature) to blooming flowers that use rubber dog toys as their source of movement- it was 13 minutes of sheer handmade heaven.

if you haven’t pre-bought your ticket yet, i definitely suggest picking one up- it looks like this film will truly be a feast for the eyes. click here for more information. [if you can’t play videos with sound at work the clip above is just as enjoyable without the sound]

ps: i am SO jealous

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  • I can’t wait for this! It looks stunning. I’ll have to go see it sans children first to see if it’s appropriate. If so, I guess I’ll just have to see it twice! Oh well!

  • I just don’t know if this movie would be totally appropriate for children, it seems a little creepy for little eyes, at least, that’s the impression I got from the trailer but maybe I’m wrong. I don’t doubt it’s very well done, but I’ll be cautions before taking my kids to see it.

  • Another cool thing about this film is that it was filmed for 3D – another tedious step in the process. Although not many theatres are equipped to show it in that format, it is great to know that Laika is pushing new boundaries in that arena as well.

  • I can’t wait to see this. I’ve loved stop motion animation since I first saw the original King Kong. My husband even gave me a Clash of the Titans poster signed by the master himself, Ray Harryhausen, as a wedding gift! I love the ingenuity, the unmistakable hand-made aesthetic, the almost tactile sense I get from watching stop motion – but mostly it’s the sense of creative devotion that attracts me to the medium.

    P.S. The cherry blossoms in the above still are made from popcorn!

  • you must browse the net and find blogs who received boxes with costumes, wigs, and assorted items from the coraline set! its amazing. they also hid keys around a city (chicago i think?), which is also really cool. can’t wait to see it

  • I absolutely can not wait to see this! Every time a preview comes on I can’t take my eyes off the screen. Thanks for showing this.

  • The original Coraline is very scary. I wouldn’t take a young kid to see it, especially if they get creeped out easily. However, will I see it? Oh yes, I certainly will.

  • I remember reading that book and being totally freaked out by one of Dave McKean’s illustrations. But the story is deliciously creepy, and it is a children’s story – adults actually tend to find it much scarier than kids do, according to the author Neil Gaiman.

  • thanks for featuring this. We have been eagerly awaiting this movie for some time, and have SO much respect for studios still doing stop motion by hand. The most beautiful form of animation.

  • I saw a screening of this movie last week. It was AMAZING! and then i found out a few days later a friend of mine worked on it. She made the mouse dance. Yay!

  • wow. just to be the innovator on one of these projects has to be completely liberating! I wonder how one would get involved with such a thing? i watched the videos, and it seems like there is a place for everyone. . . anyone know who to call? i love it all.

  • I saw a screening of Coraline in 3D.
    It is absolutely amazing. The animation, lighting, and character design, of course, the story are flawless. It might be my favorite animated movie!!!

  • The movie looks good! – there is nothing like something to scare the begeebers out of kids! Hans Christian Anderson would be smiling – unless of course there is a happy ending! – when it comes out in NZ I will be heading to the movies!

  • I must fall in the category of adults who find the book much more creepy than kids do. I read the book a few years ago and I was extremely weirded out, it was totally bizarre!!! That being said, I would still love to see the movie! It looks wonderful. (Although I bet it will scare me!)

  • Neil Gaiman is pure genius! we love his Mirrormask (movie) too (my favourite is the scene with the carpenters song!). My daughter and i will read the book again and wait for the movie to hit Oz.
    thanks so much!!

  • I took my 4 and 6 year old daughters to see it, and they were fascinated rather than scared. Same with me!