ceramics: ayumi horie video and perch classes

by Grace Bonney

ever since design by the book wrapped, i’ve been obsessed with watching videos of artists actually making things. i know so little about certain materials and methods, that i find it fascinating to see how something so beautiful actually comes together. so i was thrilled to hear from ayumi horie about this cool video of her dry throwing a bowl (shot by joe lutton). the music is fun, the footage is upbeat and cool- what more could you ask for? oh wait, there’s a cute dog in it, too. now what more could you ask for? click play above to watch, or click here to watch on myspace.

and, speaking of learning about ceramics- the lovely amy adams of perch design is now offering classes out of her red hook studio. the goal of the first class is to teach basic mold making and slip casting. amy will cover the basics of ceramics (this is only about slip casting, not handbuilding or throwing) and no prior ceramics knowledge is necessary. by the end of the series you will learn how to make a two part plaster mold of an existing form and end the class with 4-6 finished pieces. the classes with be over 3 weekends (6 2-3 hour morning sessions). and amy will provide all the materials (except some glazes) and will fire your pieces. each class is $425 and will be capped at 10 or 12 people so contact amy here to reserve a spot.

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  • I saw this video two days ago! Love it! I have several Ayumi pieces, and I am crazy over her new porcelain body of work. Everyone should check it out. Amazing!

  • That is so cool. We hand make everything in our store and are teaching classes too. I think this is a great way to reach out to people – and in this economy it gives them a chance to feel like they are productive. Not to mention it’s just plain fun!!!

  • I took two years of ceramics in school and LOVED it! This totally makes me miss it (although I never did throw anything dry… and I love the feel of wet clay). Too cool.

  • This is so cool. I’m going to have my students try in next week. Looks like it could be easier to get started than wet throwing.

  • Please keep posting videos of artists at work! It’s so rare that you get the chance to be influenced by a process or an artist from a completely different medium from what you’re used to working in. We all compartmentalize ourselves so much! (Not on purpose, but it just works out that way.) It makes me feel like I’m in art school again, getting to take all the different survey studio classes.

  • Wow, I never thought of dry throwing, much cleaner than wet throwing, I have to agree with Magchunk, it totally makes me miss ceramics, I need to find a studio near me to get going!

    Thanks for posting :)

  • starlee

    the class takes place over 3 weekends, in 6 2-3 hour sessions, so your fee would cover all 6 sessions.

  • What is the name of the background music? Is that Nico? If so, I couldn’t find it on Itunes. I love that song! Does anyone know it?

  • I’m so disappointed that this video has been removed! I watched it once and wanted to see again and share with others!