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design by the book: episode three!

by Grace Bonney

i’m so thrilled to post the third episode of design by the book today! after a holiday break the artists are back in their studios working and in this episode we check in on them to see what they’ve done so far and how they hope things will finish up. our final video with the artists’ final projects will be up in a few weeks, but we’ll be debuting it live at the new york public library at our design by the book party! stay tuned for all the details soon- it will be open to anyone who’d like to come and we’ll have some great resources there for everyone to take advantage of. in the meantime, i hope you’ll enjoy the 3rd installment of design by the book. also, if you missed the first two episodes, they’re below- just click ‘play’.

[ps: there were crazy gale-force winds blowing in the last shot, sorry for looking like a total dunce with hair in my eyes and mouth. duh grace, should have brought a hat]

design by the book: episode 2

design by the book: episode 1

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  • I am sure many fans are like me, visiting design sponge at work. Unfortunately, watching a video with sound is not an option. There are been quite a few lately and I think you should reconsider the idea. Otherwise, I look forward to your daily posts!

  • sammy

    is this loading with auto-play for you? that option should be off so my apologies if it’s loading without asking first- please let me know if that’s the case and i’ll look into it. i wouldn’t assume that anyone is allowed to listen at work so that’s why i don’t have the videos automatically start.

    you can always bookmark these and watch later if you like, i find most people actually watch them within the first 2-3 hours they’re up so i try to post them during my main blogging hours.


  • I think I’ve left a comment for every episode so far – I love it. It’s so interesting to see other designers’ process and be part of the journey from beginning to end. Looking forward to the big finale!

  • Cannot wait for the final installment! This has broken some self-imposed shackles on my own creative process, Grace. So a big THANK YOU to you and the participating designers for this liberation. Somehow I forgot that you could just have fun in the exploration and the process…??? Whew! I will be breathing SO much easier today and for a long time to come! Joyous. :)

  • this is such a great series! i’ve really enjoyed watching the artists’ processes, especially the few you’ve featured on d*s in the past.

  • I love this series – thanks so much for putting this together – can’t wait for the final projects!

  • I’m loving this! It’s really exciting watching these beautiful creations unfold. Some of these artists are people I’ve followed for some time, so it’s very interesting meeting the creators behind the work.

    I’ll have to make sure to make a trip to the NY Library at some point in my life – it looks like a place where hours would very easily slip away.

  • Wow, you got to meet Isaac Mizrahi…I’m so jealous. You have to post a picture of the ring you were wearing that he noticed.

    I’m in Boston and going to see if my public library has a postcard collection like that…beautiful stuff, I’m so inspired.

  • These episodes are FANTASTIC! Even though I could not hear (I’m deaf) and sometimes, I was able to read lips, I can pretty much figure out what these are all about. I see that episode one is the introduction to these four designers/craftspeople, episode two is what the librarian pull out of the shelves and show to these four designers. Episode three is what these four people did what they were shown. I LOVE the whole thing and can’t wait to see the fourth one! Thanks so much!!

  • you brought almost tears to my eyes, because design – specially the typography, letterpress and patter design – speaks SO MUCH to my soul, and I feel I have this dream to be a designer – I’m a mom in early 40’s… I’m trying to look and be inspired and breathe all information I can get for when I return to my country I can do something… I’ll be watching everylittlepiece of information, as I read your blog. Hope I can make at NYPL, and I’ll try to put all my dreams in practice, even only for myself… tks again, I’m a big fan of you!!!!!!!!!

  • and my next trip to NY MUST BE the NYPL, I can’t wait to get all the inspiration I want… my family will love, since we all love books… can’t wait to see the final episode (and the wind is so NY, it was perfect! :o) )

  • These episodes have helped me be more aware: it’s so inspiring to get a fresh look on the world (and the library) through each project. Can’t wait to see the final works!

  • Grace, you couldn’t look like a dunce even if you tried! What a fantastic series! Your demeanor is so comfy and approachable that it seems easy–just talking to and filming the artists. I’m sure it involved tons of work in reality. Thank you; it’s really worth it!

  • This process is so inspiring to watch! I have so many ideas right now…and I’m going to start with the library! Thank you, thank you!

  • i’m totally hooked by the video series! it’s so interesting watching the process of creation in motion rather than just through pics!
    you guys are making a great work there! excellent!!!

  • I’m embarrassed to say that after countless trips and four years of living in NYC I never made it to the NYPL. Now that I’m back on the West Coast a special trip, specifically to the library might just be in order! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I am absolutely in love with this series, and if I could, I would come down for the party at the NYPL for sure — it’s one of my very favorite places in the world! Thank you for continuing to inspire and surprise me.

  • wow! as an art teacher and former student of the arts, i really appreciate seeing this project.

  • Grace – I LOVE this series – much better than anything on tv!! My 10 year old daughter is enjoying it too. We love the diversity of talent and approaches. Thanks so much.

  • Sammy
    You think Grace should reconsider doing these fantastic video projects because you can’t listen with sound at work????
    That’s crazy.

  • It truly is exciting to see what projects the artists are developing and to get to follow a little bit of their creative process. This whole series really has been incredible. I can’t tell you how much I love it and am looking forward to seeing how everything comes together in the final installment!

  • This is awesome, I cannot wait for the last installment. It is really cool seeing what other designers come up with after a bit of research/inspiration.