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design by the book: episode 2!

by Grace Bonney

after some uploading drama yesterday the second episode of design by the book is up and ready to go! in this video the artists visit the nypl for the first time as they look through the collection to find inspiration. there’s also a short interview with isaac mizrahi in the beginning so click “play” above to watch the full episode. we’ll return before the holiday break with the third episode and wrap things up in the new year with our final videos! click here to watch the first episode of design by the book if you missed it.

ps: in this episode you’ll meet jessica pigza, our nypl reference librarian. jessica is also our guest blogger at d*s this week- click here to check out her posts! and, as always, the music in our vidoes (which i’m obsessed with) is by the clear tigers.

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  • Well, I’m glad it’s the clear tigers. I guess I’m a fan because I love the music in your videos. I like how inspiration really can come from anywhere – bugs!

    I really can’t wait to see what the five designers do.

    Also, this really makes me want to be a librarian. Researching books other people are requesting… sounds so fun!

  • I’ve lived in NYC for 5 years, and have never once been to the NYPL. This video makes me want to take over one of those long tables and surround myself with wonderful books. I might need to take a trip over there in the very near future.

  • Who knew being a librarian would be so much fun! I loved this video and it makes me want to go hit up the library next time I need inspiration instead of googling it. I also love hearing about what inspires saac mizrahi. Nice job!

  • Good fun; nothing is more pleasing than the smell and feel of old books. Now, let’s see the ring!

  • This is such an amazing series. Love books, love art, love design…I’m in such a happy place watching.

    Thanks Design*Sponge!

  • this was such a fun episode! i am constantly inspired by my collection of vintage children’s dictionaries and text books, so it is refreshing to see the artists you chose being inspired by the tangible, actual books as well.
    jessica was a perfect hostess! can’t wait to see the next one. many thanks!!!

  • I can’t wait for the next episode! I am so glad you’re doing this. As a stationary designer, it’s really wonderful to see all of the designs and textiles. I love it!

  • As a 20-something reference librarian who is also an artist I just have to thank you for helping with this project and for bringing it to my attention. It highlights two of my great loves in life and how they intersect. My favorite line was “you can’t Google this”. While a move to New York is nowhere in my future, I do envy Jessica Pigza her job. I’ll keep doing my part in the Dallas area helping art students find reference works at the college I work at and using the library as a source for my art. You can’t get much more economical and eco-friendly than all these artists sharing resources by using the Library.

  • BRILLIANTLY DONE! I am a total library whore (brought home 10 things tonight) and a design geek. Loving the series. Well done!

  • Grace, these segments you are doing are AMAZING– logistically the videos are really well filmed and edited, but more importantly, the content is great. Love that you’re bringing much needed attention to the goldmine at all of our public libraries.

    Thank you!!

  • Another wonderful episode. Enjoyed seeing the books that the artists were looking at. Looking forward to the next episode.

  • This series is EXCEPTIONAL! Grace, I love everything about it. It’s so well-done beautiful smart funny interesting and I love all the designers and JESSICA RULES!

  • Finally watched an episode — what a great concept! I’ve spent many a long hour in the NYPL. The atmosphere alone is inspiring and they really do have everything your little heart could desire. And it’s FREE!

  • Oh, this was so great. The power of libraries! I love when John says, “Google can’t do this.”

    So true. I can’t wait to see what the artists come up with!

  • This is really beyond!!! I’m madly in love…such great inspiration. Now no one has any excuse to have artist block- just see your local librarian! Kudos everyone!!

  • I love libraries and I love these videos!! Awesome job Grace. I can’t wait to see the next one.

  • this is SUCH a treat. i want to go to the library!! and will be using it much more now. getting away from the computer is inspiration in itself. what a great idea. can’t wait to see what comes of it. thank you for making AND sharing this.

  • This is sooooo good! I watch it with a big smile on my face :) Thanks Grace, can’t wait for the next episode. Yay, books!

  • I am so glad to have found this series. As a graphic design student the inspiration I gain from watching these designers is priceless. Thank you so much for doing this, and I eagerly await the next episode!

  • Where’s episode three? Did I miss it? It says it should be out before the holidays and then wrap up in the new year….