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david stark interview + diy project

by Grace Bonney

the other day i hopped on the F train and headed over to carroll gardens to visit my favorite event planner of all time, david stark. i’ve been watching (and blogging) david’s work for a while now and thought he would be perfect or the next installment of the d*s video series. thankfully david was game and let us into his studio for the afternoon to talk about his work, his philosophies on design and to share a fantastic diy project inspired by his recent work for the whitney gala. there are two separate videos here (one interview, one diy project) so just click “play” below on each of them to watch. i hope you’ll enjoy them! thanks to david and everyone at his team for their help and for welcoming us so warmly into their busy studio.

[ps: click here to see a tour of david’s beautiful, and colorful, brooklyn home]

PART ONE: Interview with David Stark

PART TWO: Slide sheet DIY Project with David Stark

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  • I love this luminaria idea — I could see it being a fabulous way to line a wedding aisle or to bring color to a drab space like a bathroom. I’m excited to try it out!

  • Grace, the addition of video is great! So fun to see you and the phenomenal guests in action. A tremendous asset to the site.

    Thanks for all your work.

  • Can anyone help me? I looked at the photos of the apartment & I love the covers on the bertoia chairs. I’ve been looking for covers for mine forever – does anyone know where to get them or are they custom made?

  • Grace, these were great! Thank you so much. Okay, now I have to ask…where did you get your blouse? It’s fabulous.

  • thanks guys! david is fantastic and i hope to do more videos with him in the future. he’s chock-full of great ideas.

    dana, my dress is from steven alan in manhattan. it’s at the dry cleaner so i dont have the label in front of me, but i dont think it’s a steven alan brand.

  • Tara, Are you talking about the wire chairs with the lime green covers? Around the dining table? Those are Eames chairs with “bikini” covers.

  • does the vase need to be a certain diameter for the slide sheet to fit around it so perfectly? if i used a drinking glass, i would have to either cut or overlap the slide sheet, which probably wouldn’t look right (since all the squares wouldn’t be the same size anymore)….any thoughts?

  • meg

    definitely- i would check your local 99 cent store to find some inexpensive glasses in a wide range of sizes. i found some perfect ones at my local target sale rack that fit a slide sheet for like $5 each :)


  • What a great idea to use slide sleeves and inexpensive paper swatches as luminaries. Your video really captured the differences a warm or cool light source makes.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to add a message or a monogram!

    Thanks Grace & David~ Cathy

  • I love the addition of the video content to your site, Grace. It adds a whole new layer. I was also very excited to see David Stark’s diy project – fantastic idea!

  • Awesome project! I need help! I moved into a cottage but has dark knotty pine paneling! Yuck! I am a renter and cannot paint Help!

  • I love these! Just wondering where I would get these photo slide sheets/sleeves from??