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sneak peek: tara hogan of ink + wit

by anne

today i’m posting a special sneak peek because sadly work has thrown me for a loop and i’ve got to take the day off to catch up. so i thought i’d share a special peek to make up for not having anything else today (sorry!). this gorgeous peek belongs to ink + wit designer tara hogan. i’ve been a fan of her work for a while now and it’s such a treat to get a closer look into her (beautiful) home life. i hope you’ll enjoy her home as much as we did. click here for more, full-sized images. thanks to anne for compiling tara’s sneak peek! [i’ll be back tomorrow with full posting]

[Above: The graphic wallpaper on the backsplash in the kitchen is actually just paper taped up until we get our white subway tile with gray grout installed. Renovating a kitchen is a huge project and requires a lot of patience especially in an old home. Once one old piece moves everything moves. And, always prepare fro something to go wrong. Quartz countertop the way to go. The lighter the color the less maintenance.]

We have a 101 year old house that was once inhabited by mill workers. It has since been added on to over the years. Luckily, someone built a back porch. It is the best to just sit here and read and watch birds. We have so many birds in our years and also rabbits. Mid Century Modern Hans Wegner rope chair was a great find on eBay. Not a good chair around cats with claws.


The living room is definitely a work in progress. We have these 1970’s paneled walls that I almost painted white last week. They are very difficult to work with and since we love wood so much there is a lot of competition amongst our furniture right now. Bludot’s Strut Side Table has proven to be a great way to break up the wood paneling. The white table pops and adds the calmness and sleek modern feel I ultimately see in this space. I bought one table and loved it so much bought another for the TV. Rug from Anthropologie. White Kulla table lamp from IKEA. Teak coffee table from restoration Hardware. Actually intended fro outside use but it works inside as well.

My office is off our kitchen/dining area. Sliding doors from The Sliding Door Company are on their way to divide the space as it has proven challenging. Our last home had 4 bedrooms and a library room so I had more private quarters. Still, I love the feel of this space. The George Nelson bubble lamp makes me happy every time I walk into the dining area and I can always see it from my studio/office. All shelving on the studio walls from IKEA. My cat Abby chews paper so it was a must for everything to go up high and contained.

Idea here was to have a tranquil place to fall to rest and rise to start the day. Our last bedroom in our previous house had a TV on a dresser straight in from of the bed. We have no TV in this very small room. Just very dark chocolate brown walls with matte eggshell finish, a shelf unit for light (IKEA LYKTA table lamp and ALÄNG floor lamp) and reading material. The art in the room features 3 framed letterpress notecards from Pancake & Franks and one of my original collages of a polar bear made of Japanese rice paper. One you really need to see up close! There are paper sequins stitched onto the paper to simulate snow.

One of our cats, Uma, relaxing on the bed. And, this is my ideal bedroom, calm with a kitty to snuggle up with at any time. No phone, TV, or clutter in my view. My husband wants the TV back. He retreats to the living room for that novelty now. INK+WIT Pommebirds decal on door.



Dried berries in a Kombucha bottle. GT’s Kombucha is killer and gives you so much energy. Sunflower painting in the back is mine.

The barn is the best part of our lot. It is in pretty bad shape though and needs major restoration as it was uncared for after a bad storm in 1998. It has been evaluated if we can really renovate it (NEW STUDIO!) but it looks like it may be worth it to start from scratch using as much of the good lumber from it and build a new barn.


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  • oh, this place looks amazing! what is the square footage of the house? how many acres does it sit on? this is exactly the kind of place my husband and i would like to end up. and i love the 70’s wall paneling, because it (at least from the photos) is contained in one area…

  • wow, this is probably my fave sneak peek. love the mix of high and low, ikea and handmade. also i really admire how the studio space is totally exposed but it still looks neat and tidy. great inspiration for someone like me who has a similar set-up (but alot messier)

  • i love the charcoal grey walls against the white quilt. the light wood frames brighten the bedroom. Great taste throughout the home. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great lines on that bludot table. I have similar problems with woodgrain overload. However your walls are beautiful — I wouldn’t paint them!!

  • This is one of my fav house tours. I love all of the bear prints! That BluDot table looks great in the living room – love them.

  • You know, it’s funny, that wallpaper is really the only thing I didn’t like. Everything else is light and airy and wonderful. (And how gorgeous is she in that last photo?) I love all the woods.

  • lovely home! Where is the long low table under the living room windows from…such a neat piece!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • I have that same 2 bears poster on my wall. Well, similar. It was on the back of a magazine I picked up in Portland, OR and I framed it!

  • Very unique home, beautiful! Where is the dining room table and bird hook from, love them!

  • Tara, I love the bright fresh feeling of your home, and the mix of furnishings. I am quite curious about your coffee table and the BluDot end table. On the BluDot website, they show an ivory color, no white. Is your table ivory? Also I don’t see the coffee table at Restoration Hardware’s site. I wonder if it is discontinued. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  • What a lovely tour!! The history of the home’s character really shines through. I love the touches of whimsy throughout the house…and a studio in the barn would be amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Lovely comments everyone. Thanks so much!

    KRISTAN: yes, the wallpaper in the kitchen is temporary as we ripped the nasty old backsplash off and I had to put soemthing up. White ceramic tile going up soon.

    KATI: The polar bear illustration is an original piece I did and you saw it on the back of ORLO Magazine

    GREEN KEY: Yes, Bludot table is in ivory but is more whit than ivory (think bone colored) it is awesome

    The slat bench was a score on eBAY, Eames benches (vintage)

    The Restoration coffee table was a close out, $150.00!!!!!! SCORE

  • Tara-

    Beautiful house! I think you should keep that paper up in your kitchen. It’s amazing.

    BTW, the chair on your back porch was designed by Hans Wegner- I have one too and love it! It is most likely a reproduction but you should check to see if there are any markings on the bottom.

  • that paper in the kitchen is wonderful tara! I love the juxtaposition of the organic quality of things from the setting to the space itself with the modern embellishments. its clean with character and personality…just lovely!

  • What a great peek into your beautiful home, renovations and property. Looks like an amazingly calm place to live! I love your eclectic style.

  • Hi Tara: where can I find the Pommebirds decal? Looked at your (fab) website but couldn’t find – help! And such a lovely home… thanks for sharing… :)

  • What a lovely home! It looks so relaxing. As others have said, I especially love the bedroom, both the wall color and bedspread. It looks like a real retreat.

  • Hi, I live in a apartment and your house looks like it is straight out of an enchanting fairy tale. Lovely! Can you tell me (or anyone else) where to get the work table in your office (off the kitchen). Does anyone know what it’s called? Thank you so much!

  • i am saving each of these pictures to myhard drive! i always go back and forth on modern/vintage styles because it’s hard to find a mix that is contemporary, clean but cozy and inviting. this home strikes just the right balance of all of those elements (and i have loved ink & wit for some time now!)

  • Hi Tara,
    I’m french and just fell in love with your George Nelson bubble lamp … exactly the lamp I was dreaming of . I checked on the web, and now I’m depressed I’ll probably never have one like this ! I guess I’ll have to stick to Nogushi.
    Great home, congratulations.

  • that little aluminum bird is such great design for a hook!! check out the montreal-based designer @ salendro.com

  • Just so beautiful…I have been a huge fan of Tara’s for a long time now and so happy to see her beautiful home. Tara, I ADORE that polar bear collage(even though I can’t see the sequins, because that detail makes me love it even more :) Thank you for sharing and now, it is clear that Tara is just as beautiful as her work.

  • love this! what shade of grey is that on the walls in your bedroom? we are hoping to paint our dining room a similar shade. thanks!

  • I cannot tell you how relieved I was to read that your cat chews paper. Mine does too and everyone thinks she’s the weirdest cat. Now I know, she’s just odd not weird :) Beautiful all around but that one bit of information just made my day!

  • Credit for the beautiful bottom photo of Tara goes to Grant Taylor Images. He gave those photos to Tara as a courtesy after photo shoot for her feature on Yoga Journal.