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sneak peek: magnolia moonlight

by anne

today we round up a full week of fabulous sneak peeks with christina flowers of magnolia moonlight. the architect/industrial designer turned graphic designer opens the doors to the home she shares with her (just married!!!) husband. man, i’d kill to have a porch like that to chill out on at the end of a day. . . don’t forget to check out her newly launched website (cute calendars and cards!) and more photos of her home here. [thanks, christina!]anne

[above: My husband built this coffee table. He incorporated some wooden boxes from a project I did in grad school.  It has these fun windows where I can put paintings/little chalk boards… and it holds my magazines and sketchbooks so there are not piles everywhere like there used to be!  The painting above the couch of the tree was done by my husbands grandfather and an amazing artist, Lester Jay Stone.]

The Breakfast nook.  The best part about it is the morning light that pours in the windows.  We found the table as-is at a yard sale – our best find yet!  We got the chairs there too and painted them.

Our porch.  We love to sit in the rockers and play a little chess after a long days work! . . . My office.  I love the bead board walls – they were here when we moved in.  The green sketchbook is from wyly community art center in basalt, co.  I love it!   The New Yorker cover really just gets me.  I’ve had it up in all the houses (6) i’ve lived in since 2002.


We have this wonderful workshop out back.  It is full of tools + bikes +  is the home to this little go cart i’m riding.  My husband picked it up off craigslist about 1 month after we moved in + now it is a must do activity for all of our friends when they come over!

The painting is from a series I did when I needed a break from the computer screen. It is inspired by screen printing, but painted in acrylic.  The photo is from our move cross country from Colorado to Virginia.  We were 1/2 way across and had the windows down the entire way…When my husband and I first started dating, I bought him a few little toys to cheer him up one time when he had a cold.  I’ve kept collecting them for him over the years.  I made the box shelf from an old soda box I found at a yard sale and painted.


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  • WOW – i love everything – can christina come and re-decorate my house? or wait – we could just swap houses? ;)

  • Wow! What creativity out of yard sale shopping. I wonder if the go cart will ever make its debut in her awesome stationary and paper products.

  • What a yummy, relaxed house! I’d love to know the paint color(s) in the breakfast nook and in the bedroom. Both look fresh but at the same time the color is subtle.

  • Wow – thanks for the wonderful post Grace!
    Also thanks everyone – for all the comments! Let’s see, the pillow is from Urban Outfitters a few years back.
    And house swapping is an fun idea! :)
    So is the go cart stationery !

  • WOW! I love the clean style! I have a dream to have a minimalist style house, but still be able to mix in flea market finds.

    I’m new to your site and so happy that I found it! yeah!

  • The go cart looks like so much fun! I love the coffee table too. The whole house has such great colors!

  • Oh you have a go-cart! If we ever have enough land, my husband is already aware that one is in order!

  • I love the collection of little toys! What a super fun idea. Something like that would look great in my son’s room!

  • Thanks Bella! The toy collection has actually become really fun. I am always on the look-out for toys small enough to fit in the boxes and I keep them as little stocking stuffers or anniversary gifts for my husband!

    p.s. Thanks Anne – this is super!

  • Christina – Having been to your lovely home a few times, I must say, it is truly is gorgeous! It is fun to see it on this awesome blog now too. Next time, can we ride that go-cart? So many childhood memories…Keep up the great work!

  • I have had the privilege of visiting Christina’s home and it is as lovely as it looks! Full of eye candy and creative energy. Thanks for sharing!

  • Every corner of Christina’s house has a little “something” to make me smile or sigh blissfully. The best part is that much of it has been created by her or her new husband. (And I won’t even *start* on her talent for perfect Funfetti cupcakes!)