photoshelter print sale

by Grace Bonney

here’s a great chance to pick up some fantastic photography from up and coming artists: photoshelter is launching an artist print sale with great work at affordable prices. i’m loving the two prints above and below but you can view the full collection right here. thanks, rachel! [photo above by julie kuceris, photo below by peter baker]


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  • Thanks for the comment on my photo! (The wash cloth) Unfortunately, PhotoShelter is closing though, so print sales cease on October 10th, I believe! However, I’m always pleased to sell prints directly to people who may be interested. :)

  • Wow, Julie, that’s bittersweet news. I always love a good sale, but PhotoShelter has such an amazing selection of photographs that it’s really too bad it’s closing.

  • i LOVE these. I have to get over to that site. I love photography for articulating what I see almost better than my eyes do.

  • I love both of these photos. The first is just so feminine. The second far more masculine. When I see these towers in real life I always think ‘War of the Worlds’ and that they will come to life.

  • Julie, I would love to find out how to buy prints directly from you! Please let me know how to be in touch- thanks-