monika elena photography

by Grace Bonney

sorry for the short posts- i’m still in new hampshire right now with not much time to write. so i’ll have to let the photos do the talking today. these beautiful photographs are from monika elena, who you can check out right here and here.


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  • Is it just me, or are these strangely… blurry/out of focus? (Perhaps because they are enlarged from Polaroids.) I’m not sure what the intent is.

    But I like the composition, as well as some of her other work at Etsy!

  • I was just going to say also, “is it me? or are these not the most beautiful pics i’ve seen?!” Blurry and not somthing i’d frame if i’d taken the pics. Seems like a speedy post the through something up there.

  • It seems like the cherries just tumbled out of a wrinkled brown paper bag…I can hear them softly bouncing…For me, it seems they were caught just upon landing onto the old boards. The figs … has a beautiful impressionistic watercolor effect.