llubav choy duerr

by Grace Bonney

one day when i look back on d*s and think about the things that have meant the most to me here, i will remember the incredible people i’ve met along the way most fondly. it’s been such an honor to meet, and in some cases befriend, the people that inspire me on a daily basis. one of the artists who has inspired me the most over the years is llubav choy duerr (formerly llubav obando choy- she’s now married with an adorable baby boy!). i first met llubav when she won the first d*s diy contest with her gorgeous felt flowers and we’ve kept in touch throughout the years as she worked at hable construction and now, as she embarks upon a new journey- starting her own business. originally from the small fishing village of chimbote, peru, llubav left peru for a two year sojourn in mexico and then settled in herndon, virginia. after a few years she took the leap and moved to new york where she studied at the fashion institute of technology. heavily influenced by the vibrant cultures of latin america, llubav brings her love of textiles, surface and interior design to each product she makes, whether its her stitched-felt stationary, handmade fashion accessories, and ornate home adornments. and now llubav is bringing her passion for textiles to the wedding market with her incredible ring pillows. after designing a ring pillow for her friend lucy allen, llubav received a few more orders- and then a few more. and now she’s starting her own company to focus on ring pillows, as well as her existing collection of fashion and home accessories.

llubav’s ring pillows use rich materials like hungarian wool felt, american wool, filigree and vintage embellishments like beads and buttons to create truly unique designs. each one can be custom made to match the theme of a wedding and takes only a few weeks to make. they made a really beautiful wedding gift or keepsake and are another way to personalize your wedding while supporting handmade artists at the same time. prices vary by order but you can contact llubav right here to talk to her about making a ring pillow for your wedding. you’re sure to come away with something truly special for your big day. llubav’s website is still under construction so you can click here to send her an email for more information. or- if you’d like to catch a sneak peek into her home, click here!


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  • llubav surely is one amazing lady, mom, wife, designer, and friend!!!
    i am so glad her newest venture is being featured here…thanks grace!!
    i can say, as a client of hers, that these pillows are truly lovely in person and make wonderful keepsakes to pass down and cherish over many years.

  • These are really sweet and lovely! But they have a nice modernity to them as well. I can see why people are ordering more and more. What a great idea! Can’t wait to see more from Llubav! Fantastic!

  • theyre gorgeous! i love that theyre felt, so they seem more handmade… if they were silk or something like that, they’d just seem too fancy and typical. LOVE THEM!

  • Grace, thank you so much for the kind words, friendship and all the support. My gratitude exceeds anything that I can describe here.
    And to everyone else who has posted a comment, thank you for the feedback; it is very encouraging.


  • Wow. These are beautiful. I’m not the kind of girl who gives a rat’s — about my wedding (at least at this point) but I have a friend who just got engaged and I’ll definitely be passing this link along.

    Really stunning.

  • Llubav’s work is amazing and I am so happy to see it featured on Design Sponge. I ordered a ring pillow for a friend from Llubav and my friend loved it! Llubav knows how to make life beautiful. =) xo

  • i couldn’t be more excited to see another artist posted. llubav is such a kind and talented jewel and her handcrafted works are so lovely. i too am a client of hers, she made my special day even more wonderful! it is exciting to see llubav’s new projects. love her!

  • Llubav! I was so excited to see you on here! Great feature on your work. So glad the business is going well. Get that internet business going so you can get your fam down here to TX :) Happy birthday too!

  • One of the best things about this technological world we live in is the possibility to see people’s work that maybe we’ll never be able to see otherwise.
    I love your blog and the opportunity to see beautiful art works like Llubav’s through it. Thank you!

  • I am experiencing a second wave of friends’ weddings, and I’m having such fun passing on these photos of Llubav’s work to the brides-to-be. The pillows should be a wedding staple. They are lovely!

  • Y’all are so sweet.
    I can not thank you enough for all the
    positive feedback. I am overwhelmed with joy.
    Gizel, i agree. thanks to technology and people like Grace that supports the arts and the love of decorate that the world can see new talents everyday.
    xxo, Llubav

  • The last image above was my ring pillow! They were the most amazing addition to our day. Llubav and I just spoke about the general themes for my wedding and what I had in mind, and she took it from there. I could not have imagined anything more perfect. Llubav you are the absolute best!!
    Hope to see you soon.

  • what sweet sweet beauty and colorful sparkle llubav’s creative voice and artworks bring into this world! everything she creates absolutely tickles me silly to my soul… and inspires me* not to mention that each item is so exquisitely crafted! (ring pillows.. ee!)

  • i just started a hobby of making felt flower broaches and now i want to throw them all out after seeing these!!! but seriously these have provided me with the inspiration to step it up! thanks!!!


  • They are beautiful lady!!!!! i am happy to finally see them with my own eyes!!! Congrats to you on the beautiful interpretation. I love every flower/card/ornament i own xoxoxoxo

  • I have seen Llubav’s work in person and it is even more outstanding than the photos show. Each of her pieces are unique and made with such care and detail it as if she is making it special for one of her own family members. I love all of her hand made work including hair clips, flower pins, miniature clothing ornaments, notecards, party flags, and now her piilows. Llubav also creates beautiful fabric design, interior design, and store window design. She is an extremely creative and talented young woman.