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diy wednesdays: covered paint can

by the curiosity shoppe

we’ve spent the last few days in chicago visiting friends and seeing the sights. (we also caught the renegade craft fair on sunday- you can check out some pictures on our flickr page right here. we wanted to make sure to leave our generous hosts a nice thank you gift, but without our usual arsenal of craft supplies on hand, we had to make do with some simple ingredients rounded up from the neighborhood. we came up with this decorative coffee tin, made from an empty one-quart paint can from the hardware store, some delightful paper and ribbon from a local shop called anjenu and some fancy and delicious coffee beans from chicago’s famous roaster intelligentsia. once our hosts have used up all the beans, they can reuse the can as a pencil caddy or flower pot. click here for the full post and instructions or just click “read more” below.

yay for chicago!
derek & lauren

here’s what you’ll need:
-1 quart paint can
-decorative paper
-colored ribbon
-double-sided tape

1. measure and cut your paper to fit around the paint can with a 1/2″ overlap.


2. use one strip of double-stick tape to adhere the paper to the can, and a second strip to stick down the overlap.


3. cut a length of ribbon that is 1/2″ longer than the circumference of the can, and attach with double-stick tape.
4. cut a circle of paper and tape to the lid of the can.
5. fill it up with fun treats!


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