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sneak peek: screech owl design {cottage}

by anne

our special tuesday sneak peek comes to us by way of jacqueline and george schmidt of screech owl design. they’ll be back this fall sharing their brooklyn home, but as summer slowing is making it’s way to a close, we thought it would be fun to show off their summer cottage in Michigan (which George’s great grandparents purchased in 1915- smart people!), as the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. it’s pretty clear how this place influences their work (and it’s the screech owls behind this cottage that inspired the name of their company). check out the full set of images here. {thanks george and jacqueline!}anne

[Above: This is a really old buffet in the dining room that is partly made of these cool old birch logs. The color is sort of a contentious point among various family members, and in the absence of any consensus on what color to repaint it it just stays the same. I like the color. The little chalkboard lets everyone know where everyone else is, and the photographs are of my grandmother and her friends, probably taken in the early 1940’s at the drugstore photo booth in town.

And yes, we are into classic cars and love our 1963 Ford Fairlane. We leave it in Michigan throughout the year and have a ritual opening of the garage where we check to see if it is still running. It usually starts. Sometimes.

Here is our constant companion in the dining room. An ancient teddy bear I found for Jacqueline at a rummage sale. He’s sitting on my baby chair, and was the inspiration for one of Jacqueline’s cards for Screech Owl. On the floor you can see a cool diamond patterned paint job that I did a few years ago. The blue and yellow have almost equal color values, so it’s nice and bright. . .Out on the porch we keep a bowl of things we find on walks. We’re both really into finding bones, and are constantly on the hunt for them. But any interesting bit of driftwood will do. I think all these kinds of things are about a search for history, and connection to a place. This place is full of objects that are embedded with this kind of significance for both of us.

It all really starts with Lake Michigan. A huge freshwater sea. The perfect place to comb the beach for drift wood, sea glass and interesting stones and to restore ourselves from the bustle of New York City. Pictured is the path off the bluff to the beach. It is a really special place for us, as it’s an old resort community, where luckily, my great grandparents bought a cottage around 1915.

This is the Studio where I work in the summer. It’s pretty much my ideal studio. I sometimes have to just slap myself, on account of how lucky I am. It’s really just a little barn down by the side of the lake. It’s got these skylights that I put in, and two big doors which face east, so I usually work in the mornings. Mornings are my best time for being creative.

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