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diy wednesdays: embroidered curtains

by the curiosity shoppe

we’ve always loved customizing our clothing with tiny embroidered accents. a discreet script monogram on a collar, or just a simple running stitch along the edge of a shirt or dress can turn even the most ordinary garment into something truly unique. the same applies to your home. adding a touch of personality with a needle and thread is a fun way to draw attention to those otherwise invisible elements around your house, like these simple white curtains. click here for the full instructions or just click “read more” below.

have fun!
derek & lauren


here’s what you need:

disappearing ink pen
-embroidery floss, needle and hoop

1. measure and mark the placement of your words or letters onto your curtains using your ruler and disappearing ink pen. we chose to put the word “hello” on one curtain and “sunshine” on the other. the letters are 18” from the top of the curtain.

2. write the words on the curtains and embroider over them in a stitch of your choosing. (we used a running stitch.)

3. steam or iron out any wrinkles left by the embroidery hoop and hang your curtains. the ink from the pen will fade away within 24 hours.

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