thursday morning eye candy: sesame + teri

by Grace Bonney

my poor bundle of fuzzy joy, turk, seems to have a pretty icky case of cat acne (who knew they could even get that?) so i’m up bright and early this morning to wash his teeny-tiny chin and apply kitty blemish cream. it’s not a pretty task so i thought i’d try to focus on something prettier, like these beautiful polaroids taken by teri lyn fisher (who now works with one of my favorites, matt armendariz) and these fun clock cards by sesame letterpress (via erika). sesame’s cute little clock cards are available at cursive in nyc (inside of abc home) and teri’s beautiful photography can be viewed right here. see you in a bit!

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  • Poor little Turk! Kitty acne is more common that you’d think but never fun :( He’s such a trooper!

    These are gorgeous :) The strawberry especially really made my morning!

  • kitty advice: adding essential oils that you can buy for cats anywhere cleared up my cat’s acne. just a small squirt on their food, and acne is gone shortly. Short term, a fine comb usually gets rid of the ick easily. Bleh! Now I need to look at the pics again to get the ick thoughts out of my head!

  • aw, poor turk! if it makes you feel any better, grace, my kitty is FINALLY getting over a months-long battle with feline leprosy…not fun! he doesn’t seem to know/care that he has it, though, so…ha.

    beautiful photos — i also love the strawberry. :)

  • My kitties have it too…I was told the big key to getting rid of it is to sterilize their food and water dishes- that’s where they get it from. Who knew!! Best of luck!

  • My Claude had it too, though I skipped the treatment (i didnt like putting all the smelly stuff next to his mouth) and just cleaned his dishes, poor little guy. I think it hurt his self esteem a little, but he’s all better now and im sure Turk will be soon too!

  • I love Fish Food, reading it and the beautiful photos always make me hungry and ready to experiment in the kitchen.

    (feel better Turk :)

  • For the kitty acne, if you use plastic bowls, try stainless steel. My kitty has a plastic allergy and the plastic dishes made his chin all bumpy.

  • Your poor baby. :( I hope he feels better. It’s never fun when a pet is sick. Congrats on the engagement too.
    – MM