design shows

renegade 2008: part two

by Grace Bonney

when i walked into the bird and banner booth at renegade i felt myself let a totally embarrassing squeal escape. i’ve coveted their work since i first saw it on joy’s blog in 2006 and it was such a treat to meet designer erin and nicole in person- not to mention look through their custom wedding work. it’s enough to make me abandon my plan to create my own invites. bird and banner‘s printed handkerchiefs looked so sweet swaying in the breeze and the rest of their work, well, it just plain kicked butt.

beautiful work from (and the designers behind) philly’s bird and banner.

the porcelain designs at kg + ab‘s booth were almost as adorable as the sleeping dog and laughing baby at their booth. if you look closely at the top photo with the dancing (hugging?) bears you’ll catch a glimpse at both…

a colorful new city print (manhattan) from jenny at ork design

the talking postcard booth- tell the magic booth what sort of postcard you’d like and she- i mean it- will hand you the right design through the slot.

beautiful made painted wooden plaques, pillows and fun little spools (what a fun way to decorating a table) at shanna murray’s booth.

i loved this bright car card from rachel at pistachio press.

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  • Lovely photos! Makes me wish I bought more.

    Love those bears! My husband and I agree they are doing a “special” kind of hug; )

  • I had such a good time! The Ork posters were adorable. I’ve planned on buying one as soon as I get to Brooklyn as a sort of celebration.

    I scored some great prints, but I cant remember who they were by!

  • great photos! i’m going for the first time in sept. when its at chicago and i cant wait! now i have a betetr idea of what to expect!

  • I’m only in NYC for six weeks, but I made it out to this and had a GREAT time! Sunday it was all, umbrella up, umbrella down, umbrella up… the whole time. But the vendors were all wonderful, and so were the DJs!

  • kg+ab, do you ever mold from existing figurines? the little fat birds look just like some my grandmother had, minus paint.
    Coincidence ?

  • Help! I am a textile designer looking to sell my pattern designs to the home textile market. Does ANYONE know about trade shows where you can do this? I looked all over the Design Events section but can’t find anything. I heard there is a show called Koncept but cannot find their site.

  • design alert

    i know feelings are mixed on this show but sometimes surtex can be good for pattern designs- it’s an entirely surface-pattern based show in nyc at the same time as icff and the stationery show.