Stephanie Cristalli

by Grace Bonney

This next space is so my style…clean and simple, with touches of beauty tucked in every corner. The gorgeous studio was designed by Stephanie Cristalli, a hugely talented photographer out of Seattle. Her professional style is unobtrusive and rather romantic, focusing on the sweet emotion of the day. Whether it’s a secret look from a bride or a perfect detail from the charming weddings that she shoots, each image is absolutely lovely…

Stephanie’s home is such a reflection of her work aesthetic. Pure, Clean and Romantic. The home was built in 1913 and has since been a complete restoration project.

The rooms within her home are all slightly different. Some, like this one, are white-washed and clean. They are peaceful and slightly feminine, without being over styled. This room doubles as a studio where Stephanie meets with clients, and a guest bedroom. I love the detail in the children’s chairs and the simplicity of the palette…

In other areas, Stephanie has gorgeous antiques, pretty flowers placed in various corners and that sense of wispy romance that her photographs always capture. Her furnishings were randomly found at estate sales, auctions or smaller boutiques…with a little IKEA thrown in here and there!

Stephanie’s home is the perfect balance to me…one part completely peaceful, almost like a cottage at the Cape, one part homey and inviting. Love that.

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