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sneak peek: jessica helgerson interior design

by Grace Bonney

i know this is supposed to be my week off but i had to add this beautiful interior designed by jessica helgerson design of portland, oregon. on a spring day like this when all i want to do is lay under a tree and feel the breeze around me, a home like this is just what i need. all i can say is: well hello, dream house.

the bright and white green color palette that jessica worked with is a breath of fresh air- i love all of the branches placed in glass containers, the cavern wallpaper in the bathroom and those gorgeous glass pendants from niche modern. i think i could curl up on that couch (next to the cute dog) and be happy in this home for a long, long time. thank you for jessica for sharing this incredible home and thank you to photographer lincoln barbour for sharing these photos. you can see more of jessica helgerson’s work right here. [for larger versions of these photos, click here]

[extras: andy beers, who has shared a sneak peek and diy project with us, works at jessica helgerson design. click here and here to see his projects on d*s]

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  • Beautifully orchestrated! I’m surprised to see a kid’s room. I imagine lots of “No juice in the living room” conversations!

  • Oh I loooove it. What is the color in the kid’s bedroom? I am trying to find the perfect color for my nursery and I love the khaki/green combo.

  • Wow. This is hands down my favorite sneak peek ever. Love the color palette, love the bright airy white spaces, LOVE the wallpaper + black ceiling in the bathroom. Anile is right on: WANT WANT WANT!

  • *LUV*! the living room has a very midcentury modern look with those windows, makes me wonder what the outside looks like!! if this were my place *WISH* i would maybe throw some pops of warm orange into the room, and i couldn’t help but wonder what some of the furniture might look like in the hable construction green “bead” upholstery. i remember that fabric from grace’s couch and fell in love with it.

  • wow, I love all the plants she uses! I’m usually not a fan of mostly white interior, but this looks fantastic

  • Wow, if I lived there, I think I would do nothing but sit in that living room and admire the general splendor.

  • Hey… I absolutely love your Blog and just wanted to let you know I’ve added a link from mine.


  • WOOOOOOOOOW. I want more details. Any idea where the bar stools came from? Love the branches in the large vases too – would love details on how to make that happen. Living in the city, I I can’t just go hack off a branch from a nearby park tree…

  • So nice, but it seems a bit sad to cut those beautiful, seemingly quite large branches off trees, non?

  • Beautiful flow from room to room! This is the best interior I have seen on this website.

  • So liveable, so loveable! Ultimate proof that whites, woods and greens are perfect for the home.

  • Hi Grace- Love this sneak peak! I think it’s my favorite. Her work is fresh and modern, but warm.

  • There’s such a great balance between dark and light in each room. I’d say my favorite room is the children’s room. Where can I find those paper airplanes?

  • Aren’t those tree branches going to die soon? Do you have to keep cutting branches off of trees every week?

  • It’s beautiful, but can you actually live in any of these homes that are so carefully arranged and white and pristine? Very sterile, if you ask me.

  • I honestly cannot look at the site with all those flashing Ads on the side. Seizure city.

  • Sublime! I love the colours – it’s so fresh and light…and it confirms my colour choices for my own home! :) Thanks so much for the sneak peek!

  • love the living room rug – where is it from? and would love to know the paint color in the child’s room. beautiful!

  • I’m so glad people like this project- it was tremendously fun to work on! I’ll do my best to answer questions about sources (and those gorgeous maple trees.)

    Alicia- the glass jars are antique French demijohns. They are also sometimes called carboys. These ones are from a flea market, but you can also find them online.

    Kate- the paint in the green bedroom is Benjamin Moore 514 “Flowering Herbs.”

    Lillian- the wire pieces over the fireplace are vintage Portuguese eel traps. They cast really beautiful shadows at night.

    Elizabeth- the window seat upholstery actually is “Bead” in green from Hable. We also used Hable pillows in the living room. Great idea!

    Samantha and Karyn- the wall decals are from Blik, designed by Mel Lim.

    Sarah- the stools are called “Onde” and they’re manufactured by Stua. You can order them through DWR.

    Abby- the set of vintage Danish armchairs in the living room isn’t attributed. They were purchased through an online dealer, but don’t have any labels or markings. They do have a lovely shape!

    And the trees . . . they are branches of young maple trees, and we were lucky enough to inherit these cuttings from a neighboring property. They only live a few days once they’ve been cut, as the leaves are quite delicate. The branches were brought in especially for the photos; at other times there are potted plants in the space (which are also beautiful, but not very tall yet!)

    Thank you for letting us share!

  • beautifully designed project!

    it makes us so happy to see our products in their final environment. usually we’re the last ones to see, or most of the time we don’t get photos of the installation — so many thanks to the designer and client for choosing our Pod lighting fixture, and hats off to the photographer for doing such a great job photographing them.

    niche modern

  • I love her palette, and the Cavern paper looks awesome as a bathroom accent. The large mirror really expands the pattern. Nice!

  • What about the floor lamp in the living room? I’m guessing it’s an antique. My hunt for the perfect floor lamp continues.

  • Its beautiful. And so so inspiring. I find interiors such as these are the ones you dream of at night and wish to come home to every day. The paper aeroplane design was particularly fabulous!

  • love the floor lamp too…ditto on the search for the perfect floor lamp.

    Is the couch vintage?

    Lovely home. The window seats are a dream.

  • i’ve been scouring the internet for that floor lamp…where is it from!?!? what a beautiful home!

  • I am totally in love with the couch! would you please tell me (us) where it’s from?

    thanks so much.


  • Andy,
    Bravo on your tastefully designed home. Could you tell me where the leaf-shaped candle sconces in the stairwell are from? Thanks!

  • The lights by Niche Modern are consistent with the beauty of all their designs. I could move into this home in a heartbeat. Kudos to all the designers!

  • Beautiful! We are currently renovating our London home and you have given much inspiration. Could you please let me know where you got the three ceiling blown glass light shades from?

  • Stunning. Can you please share with us the candle wall sconce with leaf shaped emblem. Where did you find such beautiful treasure? Geoffrey

  • Hello
    I would like to know where you buy the 2 wood chairs in the living room, I have a very similar one and I would like to buy more of this.

  • Luv it! High =contrast…w/ the brushed knobs on the stark white doors are rad…needless to say the espresso colored wood floors are gorgeous, but with two kids, in ain’t going to happen! Boo hoo :( Tear.

  • Andy, can you tell me about the mirrored cabinet between the Oly sconces? Beautiful home. Congratulations. Thank you.

  • Oooo, I love this home. The bathroom is so gorgeous. I love how bright every room is. I’m a huge fan of crisp white walls.

  • Absolutely stunning! I love the greenery, nature brought indoors. I could easily live here!

  • Jody, thank you for sharing a link to our site for the Bamboo Cloud Chandelier (http://www.17thandriggs.com/bamboo_cloud_chandeliers.aspx). I’m so very happy that you love it! (I would love to see pictures if you have a chance to email me through our website.)

    Jessica Helgerson is an inspirational designer and it is a compliment that she chose to use the Bamboo Cloud Chandelier in this gorgeous home. Beautiful job throughout, Jessica!

  • I followed the links from Pinterest. I love the simple color scheme,and the use of real greenery. This is one of my all time favorite homes done in Mid century style but with just enough modern touches so that it is definitely not cliche`. I could happily live here! Just beautiful! I will be sharing on Facebook.