Our place in sunny Los Angeles

by Grace Bonney

My name is Jeana Sohn, I make paintings for living and have a little blog. I’m super excited to do this guest blogging and hope you enjoy my posts this week. And thanks Design Sponge for having me!

Today I’d like to show you a few images of our place. My husband and I live in a 2 bedroom duplex in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles with our three pets. Our house isn’t fancy or expertly interior designed, but we like it because it’s simple and airy with lots of light.


Tomorrow I’ll be back with a sneak peak of my friend’s beautiful cottage and their art gallery.

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  • Wow! I love your house! it must be delightful to live there! Where is your dining table from? and where did you get your desk? Thanks!


  • Hi,
    Really like all the hardwood flooring,and natural light you guys get through out your house,a great plus for an artist.Also it appears that your husband has a pretty great in-house music studio,and I cant leave out your little red/white house companion,I think you have our twin Shitzu looks and lounges the same!

  • Does anyone know where to find a similar small white planter like the one in jeana’s kitchen?

  • thanks for the comments!
    the bed is from IKEA (it’s called malm). i bought the dinining table at Modernica but i’ve seen vintage ones on ebay for cheap (type “folding table”). the white planter in the kitchen is from IKEA as well. :)

  • Oh, one last question! (Really, I love the whole thing). What soundproofing material is on the walls in the music studio? Thanks!

  • my desk is from craig’s list. the soundproofing is actually IKEA blankets. : )
    the artwork in the top picture is by Ed Fella. thanks!

  • Great place!

    Must. Have. That. Desk. :-)

    Did you buy it as is, or did you paint the drawers those cool colors?

  • Needless to say: this is a very calming and beautiful place.
    One more question: the light above the kitchen table? I’m looking for a globe-like one online and that one looks like a good size. Thanks!!

  • i’ve seen your paintings before and have been to your website. love your work and now your blog too! i was eating lunch at my desk playing around on polyvore. that thing’s dangerous!

  • *the bedroom dresser and desk are a set (from craig’s list) and they were painted like that when i bought them.
    *the light above the kitchen table is from CB2 site. i bought it for $19 but i don’t think they sell it any more.

    thanks again for your kind words!!

  • Hey Jeana! I remember reading about you a long long time ago when I had a livejournal.. I think we were ‘friends’ on there… I was niceandlucy? Not sure if you remember… anyway I remember your beautiful work… and its so lovely to see you again here! I love your place – those kitchen chairs are so perfect! The shot of you at the table is lovely :) looks like it’s right out of a Japanese Zakka magazine photo shoot :) Thanks for sharing – Lucy x

  • I’ve been trying to figure out who designed the chair in your bedroom! Where did you find it? Thanks so much for sharing your home with us.

  • colleen:
    it’s a Plycraft Lounge by George Mulhauser. we actually found it on the street with a note (“take it if you want!”). it needed some TLC but looked great so we took it. it was our lucky day!

  • Gorgeous! Can I ask what slatted base you got for your malm bed? We’ve been looking at the malm for a while but I have no idea which slatted base is best that’s not too expensive. Thanks!

  • It is good to peek out gorgeous West coastal feel. It seems more sunnier than East coast. Good luck with your beautiful art work.