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good morning + biz ladies notes

by Grace Bonney

i’m a little sleepy from this west coast jet lag but i wanted to say good morning and thank everyone who came out to last night’s LA biz ladies meetup, which was incredible! i can’t get over how many of you came out- thank you to everyone, to design within reach (thanks, susie and co!) and to our incredible speakers: lindsay at smith barney, tanya aguiniga and billie and tootie of reform school. if you’re looking to download the notes from the PR/marketing portion of last night’s talk they’re right here. thanks again and to everyone who’s not in LA- stay tuned- i may be adding two more surprise cities this summer because of some personal traveling i’m doing. i’ll be announcing those in the next few weeks when i’ve hammered out the details.

i also wanted to share this beautiful cut-paper installation from helen friel– a student designer from central saint martins in london. helen specializes in illustration and cut paper and these pieces were part of a recent school project. i couldn’t get over the beautiful cuts in each piece and had to share them as i pack up and get ready to head to the airport. click here for more information on helen’s work.

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  • I never believed in jet lag (not a big traveler) until we went to SF last year :) By the time we were ready to come back I finally had myself set on Pacific Standard!

  • Is Atlanta going to be one of those cities? I hope so!!! I have a feeling you might be coming back to Georgia soon for wedding stuff…… I hope I’m right!

  • Thank you so much for LA Biz Ladies meetup! I am so glad that I went. There were so many great people and I learned so much! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  • Grace,
    It was so great to meet you and all of the other inspiring people at the meet up.
    Thank you for coming to LA and inspiring us.

  • i have to say how grateful i am for last night… grace: you were a pleasure to listen to… truly useful information about press for the little guy. You were concise and relevant. Although I ate one too many chocolate chip cookies, i met some very interesting women, and have been reinspired to be an artist living in los angeles. thank you for the generosity of spirit…. i look forward to the next time.

  • It was great meeting you last night, thank you for organizing a greet meet-up. Lots of info and great speakers. I hope you have a great time in L.A.

  • Thank you for having such an inspiring event in LA!! It was wonderful… and full of useful information. Thank you Thank you!! I posted about the event on my personal blog with some pictures… I hope it was alright :)

  • Thank you so much for such a fun and inspiring evening! I wish all events allowed us to sit on Eames and enjoy baked goods … and hello, what about a collection of the cutest ladies ever!

    What a wonderful night. Thank you!

  • Absolutely beautiful. I can see that her work is really very detailed and perfect. She has really captured the essence of the pigeon. The cutouts remind me of when they sit on the wall and the wind ruffles their feathers. I love this.

  • Helen your work is lovely! I want to see it in person.
    I wish that I could have been in L.A , but hopefully Austin is one of the surprise cities!

  • Thank you, Grace for organizing such a great night for us L.A. ladies. It was so inspirational and informative. And great to meet you in person! And thanks DWR for the lovely setting and the guest speakers for sharing their stories.

  • it was so great to meet you and listen to you speak. i loved the very sweet ladies from reform school as well as tanya and her strong spirit.

    thanks for the inspiration!

  • Thanks Grace for your concise and really informative talk last nite–I can’t wait to down load your notes!! (thanks for making them). Everyone there was so helpful, I didn’t want it to end–we were just getting started!

  • The meet-up was amazing!!! I’m so glad I canceled my other obligations to go. Thank you Grace for organizing a wonderful and inspiring group of women. It has definitely lit the fire for me.