mini trends

new mini-trend: purple

by Grace Bonney

it’s no secret that purple seems to be all the rage in fashion right now, but, much like fashion, design seems to be following the purple trend as well. as i start to receive spring and summer 2008 press releases i’m noticing that all shades of purple are popping up- ranging from soft, powdery lavenders to deep, rich royal purples. so i thought i’d make a roundup of my favorite purple pieces in the market, ranging from affordable to splurge-worthy. you can view the full roundup right here or click “read more” below to see the complete post and all 12 photos. enjoy!

[image above, clockwise from top left: maison charles purple chairs at 1stdibs, kragh rosenberg pillow, capiz lamp at target (in-store only $399), deluxe plastic cutlery $120, optic cube $283, akiko glassware $60 for 2, roots table lamp by agnes and hoss $500, iris daphne pillow by madeline weinrib, teardrop chandelier $268, gayane mug 2 for $85, sarah cihat tape plate, tree mallow tray $92]

[image above, clockwise from top left: zoe pawlak painting, purple rain boots $20, menta lamp $548, duotone floormat $56, bubbledog tree card $7, amethyst geode soap $10.95, suzi purple rug by madeline weinrib, amoebe chair $1560, panton flower pot lamp, iomoi paperweight $68, judy ross pillow $190]

[image above, clockwise from top left: mini magnet strip $8, butterfly can opener $18, pisaroi umbrella $40, serena cushion $25, leather pouf $155+, pico owl pillow $28, lucite tray $585, song lilac rug by madeline weinrib, hugo poppy canvas bag $225, angel’s share bowls $198, glass carafe a plus r store, cup couture sleeve $12, hanna chair $2,000+, automoblox car $35]

[image above, left to right: jungle flower fabric by virginia johnson $45, woods wallpaper by cole and son, kabloom wallpaper by flavor paper]

[image above, left to right: peony chair $199, curved leg table $129]

[image above: hyacinth flat notes by sarah parrott $8]

[image above: lorena barrezueta lush collection]

[image above: ruffle edge cork board $159]

[image above, clockwise from top left: blythe specimens fabric $8.95 per yard, twilight gift wrap $3, lilac damask fireworks fabric $8.95 per yard, avalisa rug $310]

[image above, left to right: amethyst chair $299, ferm living cherry tree wall stickers $45]

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  • How funny – I just started picking purples for my living room walls and ceiling, and here’s this post! I’ll definitely be referring back to this for decor.

  • Purple is my favorite color… so happy to see it appearing all over the place! I love that poppy bag, though it is a bit out of my price tag at the moment…

  • I wonder if you are familiar with Patti Bellantoni’s book on film production design: “If It’s Purple, Someone’s Gonna Die: The Power of Color in Visual Storytelling”

  • hmmm… i’m not a big fan of purple in the home. probably a side effect of growing up surrounded by hippies and new agers in the 70s and 80s.

  • It is so funny that you posted this today. I work as a carpet designer with interior designers and was having a discussion today with one of my clients about purple as the new “buzz color”. Thanks for sharing these many shades of violet.

  • Purple is one of my faves, although I am unsure of how much solid purple I would incorporate into my future home. I do have purple in my missoni shams but I may have to leave it at that and stick with my purple tops/dresses/jewlery

  • Who would have thought… I guess I have not been paying attention lately because this mini trend came as a surprise.
    Wedding cake with purple flowers, yumm… haha! Thank you for the eye candies.

  • The Judy Ross pillow is sweet. Everything else looks like Willy Wonka’s rejects. Purple should not be used except to mix with yellow (as in paint) to get nice browns, or, if your skillful, jet black.

  • Isn’t it funny…some people love it, some people hate it. Purple might be the only color I am really indifferent about. I think it can be fun for clothing, something to wear every now and then, but don’t know if I would want to see it on a larger piece in my home every day.
    Thanks, as always, for the trend alert:)

  • Metropolitan Home just did a feature on purple — ’tis the season! I love how soothing this color can be…reminds me of lavender and sleep.

  • i’m a purple kind of girl. Like big hair, (which i’m plagued/blessed with) it goes in and out of style, so some years i’m in style, some years i’m not. This is a gorgeous selection. I want it all.

  • i’m in purple heaven. what fabulous shades and i’m not sure…but i think that the blythe specimens fabric is my favorite. but i love the amythest chair as well. so lovely (to be honest if i could have a purple world, i would…). great post.

  • just now on etsy the last 2 front pages have featured things in this colour range. A beautiful mulberry is divine. it is a great colour, I don’t know why we don’t see more of it.

  • I’ve owned a purple leather couch for years, it resides in my persimmon library. Purple is one of the most neutral and lovely colors to live with. Thank you for this great selection of items!

  • I’m just about to move, and I’ve decided on a happy shade of powdery periwinkle for my new walls. I’ve been searching everywhere for some accents to pick up on the color since all my main furniture pieces are neutral; hence, this post came at the perfect time! Thanks!

  • I painted my master bedroom a dusky grey-purple in 2005 and have had mixed feelings about it working with the room’s navy blue accent color. I don’t have any more regrets about it now that the same color combo’s popping up all over this spring. Looks like I had regrets because I was a little ahead of my design time!

  • I’m wearing a purple dress right now and I’m loving the colour. A wonderfully irrational thing is the love of colour :)

    I’m looking forward to our southern hemisphere winter in shades of purple.


  • Purple haze….. love it, all the different shades work so well together, thanks for so much inspiration..

  • Very inspiring for a fresh spring card design! A color that I often forget about. Couldn’t help but name it ‘purple rain’ – after all, I do live in Seattle!!

  • I love it!! I wear purple EVERY day. There are a lot of us purple fanatics out here. I also have purple furniture and love it!!

  • the first thing that truly caught my eye was the amethyst soap…turns out i can get it at Patina, which happens to be 5 min from where i live. lucky me!

    lovvvve poiple everything!

  • Purple has always been my favorite color. I just finished my bedroom walls in a wonderful lavender multi-layered technique. My furniture is glossy white, a crystal chandelier, made the headboard (white) from MDF. My mother made me a great quilt of lavendar fabrics she hand embroidered. When I wake up in the morning and open my eyes I just FEEL the purpleness of it. Ahhhhhh, life is grand!

  • I painted my vintage wooden kitchen table a bright lilac about 5 years ago. Nice to know that it’s finally on-trend!

  • I love this colour…everytime i see things with this colour i want to buy them…and i have a lot of things in this colour: mobilephone, scarf, shoes, t-shirts and so on….it´s the best coulor i´ve ever seen and you can combine it so easy with green and yellow or brown. = )

  • Great collections. I love purple. I have purple sheets, towels, glasses, courtains, shirts, shoes, tops, skirts, bags. Now that purple is so fashionable, i find a lot of new purple stuf to buy.

  • yah!!!!!!!! i luv PURPLE it’s my fav color………call me obessed if u want i’m sooooo excited that it’s the new trend now i luv my new purple pants!!!!!

  • Who knew that purple would look SO fabulous!? I’m a fan of orange, but all of this purpleosity makes me love it!

  • I love a deep, dark purple, and am distrusting when the same tag is given to ‘Lavender’ or pale purple. It is lovely to look at, and hard to wear. Home is the perfect place for display.

  • I realy love purple. Its so beautiful. I like purple roses, purple flowers. Purple is the lovliest color in the world.

  • I love purple. It is the lovliest color in the world. Especially dark purple. I am the biggest fan of purple.

  • I love very much. Its so beautiful especially dark purple. It is The lovliest color in the world. I am the biggest fan of purple

  • While I would never decorate an entire room with purple, I do love pops of deep purple (er…all jewel tones) here and there to warm up a space!

  • I adore the plastic purple flatware. Looks like it comes in a beautiful kelly green, clear, and light blue, too. I’ve been searching high and low for something like this for my food blog photos.

  • I ordered the plastic purple flatware to use in the photos for my cooking blog, and it came yesterday. I LOVE it! Thank you so much for featuring it; I’d been looking everywhere for something like that.

  • Purple is part of my decorating palette which includes lighter shades of green, aqua, pink, black and white stripes, red and white stripes, dark red velvet. and gold. I love violet in particular. It’s not a big part of my decor, but it adds an extra zing to the other colors like a purple velvet pelmet, purple bag, purple cushion and purple tulips.

  • Update: I ordered the plastic flatware. Thanks for featuring it; they are perfect! I took my first food photos with it yesterday and they came out beautiful!

  • In June, 2005, I had the urge to have purple in my new home. Purple was never in my personal palette…but I am still loving it and the selection of fabrics available in that color range grows daily.

  • Meghan

    That chair was from Brocade Home last year- they’ve probably sadly moved merchandise out to make room for this year’s pieces.


  • It Feels Sooo Great for Appreciation of Purple! I decorated a room in purple and just a little tip is not to over do it… As hard as it sounds to a purple lover its true! I love doing black main colors with purple accents!!! it gives me a color calm yet popping feel + very very chic

  • I love, love, love purple. I spare my family from using much of it, but my bedroom looks like Barney exploded.

  • I’ve been wearing purple for 3 years now, it’s my signature colour. Love that it’s still in fashion this year, means more purple clothes!

  • Love these items. I went to go hit on some of them and I can’t get the links. I will try back later. Yet, I am in love with the chairs and cork boards. I think it might be my new purchase. Thank you for sharing!

    • kenzie

      this post is a few years old, so it’s probably an issue of the items no longer being available. sorry. trends in nature do tend to come and go ;)


  • Purple continues as an ongoing trend especially for kitchens (Vineyard) and baths (Regal). There are so many shades and purple can be mixed with some of the stronger reds happening now. An easy inexpensive way of introducing this hue is by adding cabinet hardware. See some purple cabinet hardware here http://www.niftynob.com/nifty-new.php