Biz Ladies Meetup: Los Angeles, CA (April 15th, 2008)

by Grace Bonney

Hi LA Biz Ladies!

Here are the details for this April’s Meetup:

Time, Date and Place:

Tuesday, April 15th, 7-9pm at DWR on Beverly Blvd (http://www.dwr.com/studios/beverlyblvd)

Please arrive on time as we’ll start at 7pm on the dot.

RSVP: please send me an email to RSVP


We’ll break into four groups and rotate between speakers covering PR/Marketing, Wholesaling/Retailing, Business Advice and a local designer talking about their real life success story and how they’ve balanced their life and job while taking their business from hobby to full time job.

All of these sections will have notes to download but we ask that, to keep conversation going, you come with a few questions you’d like to ask each group. It’s not mandatory by any means but it helps to make sure your specific needs get met.


Our meetups are potluck style so if you’re able, please bring a small snack or drink with you. Examples: bag of chips, box of cookies, liter of soda, etc. No Alcohol please.

See you in Los Angeles!

Grace :)

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