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diy project: quick dresser update

by Grace Bonney

julia paulino yenicag of belle vivir and coco vintage furniture sent in this fun, easy diy project. lord knows i’m always trying to think of ways to spruce up my remaining ikea furniture and julia thought of a great way. she picked up an embossing metal sheet (easy found at stores like dick blick and michaels) and cut out shapes to add character to her dresser. the possibilities for a project like this are endless. i immediately thought of adding strips to look like molding panels on my old $99 ikea buffet- but you could easily to shapes, patterns or silhouettes (now that would be cool- silhouettes of you and your family). click here for the rest of julia’s project and the full instructions. you can check out more from julia right here and here.



-Extra soft Embossing Metal Sheet, (you can find at dickblick.com)
-White Paper
-Grip Knife
-Hole Puncher


1. Start by selecting the design you want.

2. Draw your design on white paper and cut out with scissors.

3. Now that you have a design template, place the handles to mark the holes for the screws.

4. Position the template on the back of the embossing sheet to draw an outline with pen.

5. Cut the design out of the embossing paper with the grip knife.

6. Finally place the design on the sideboard and screw in the handles.

Note: I do not recommend gluing or permanently fixing the design to avoid harming the piece.

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