by Grace Bonney

i don’t normally do a lot of kids and baby posting around here (i get the most angry emails when i do. mostly a lot of “don’t turn into a yuppy baby blog you jerk! we don’t all have kids!”) but i couldn’t resist posting some of these gorgeous pieces from eric pfeiffer’s 10 grain company. i just love all the patterns on each piece (and the great product photography). they’re not brand new but considering just about everyone i know had recently had a baby (really, everyone) i figured it might be timely. i wish some of these came in big-people sizes. click here to check out more from 10grain and shop online. [thanks, eric!]

stay tuned for four before and afters up next…


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  • Who cares if you post kid/baby products it’s your blog not theirs (there are a lot of young design savvy couples with kids who like to read about design just as well as those who are childless….it’s a design blog…right), if they don’t like it they can go start their own blog or just not read it. You seem to always explain yourself, there is no need for that, just post what you want and call it a day.

  • Hello Grace .
    Thanks for posting kids stuff . I always like your -scarce-finds on the subject and I hope you won’t let yourself be bugged by angry intolerant e-mails ( I agree with me , above)…One day , you’ll be a mum too and then what ? You’ll be tempted to post more and keep apologising ? NON !So please ,do go on and…merci !!! ;-)

  • jeez-o-pete, people gots to have something to complain about don’t they? those toys are gorgeous regardless of anyones hang-ups.

  • I think these are great! I don’t have children, but I still like to look at unique product design–even if it is for children.

    I really don’t understand people telling you what you should and shouldn’t post on YOUR blog. I was over at decor8 the other day, where Holly had posted a wonderful home tour and happened to mention that the home was for sale. Someone posted “I really don’t think this is the place for that, Holly.” I thought, “Not the place?? It’s HER BLOG!”

  • another voice from the peanut gallery saying, don’t apologize, do what you want – its your blog!

  • Ditto on posting kids stuff: keep doing it! I don’t know why people get so offended by such things or take innocuous posts so personally…and come on, just b/c you don’t have kids doesn’t mean you will never buy/be interested in kid products! It’s always fun to “window shop”!

  • There should be no need for you to apologise, it’s your blog and you should be able to post on whatever interests you! Visitors can always click away if they have no interest in your particular topic of the day… I am a huge fan of your blog and think that everyday is filled with totally great stuff.

  • I completely agree with all the comments so far. I have so many nieces & nephews, and friends with babies that I love to see all the kids stuff. Keep on doing girl!

  • I can’t believe people would ever write you angry emails about your choice in posting! It’s not as if we all PAY to read your blog! Oh, the internet..

    I love these photos, the goggles are great.

  • as long as it’s good design, does it really matter if it’s for kids or adults? i say keep the cool stuff coming, no matter who it’s for!

  • yes, those are paul frank designs on the furniture! 10 grain collaborated with paul frank’s kids’ line, small paul, to make these awesome furniture pieces.

  • huh. that’s really weird. so parents, who probably have always appreciated good design, are therefore yuppies if they enjoy good design for their kids?

    good design is good design.

  • thanks for sharing this find! i’m a mom so i appreciate the kiddie postings … but regardless of that … good design is good design, no? :)

  • When you do something publicly, people will express their own thoughts about it, especially if you give them a way to contact you. It comes with the territory. That doesn’t seem odd at all.

  • Maybe I’ll complain the next time you do a post about a dining room table, since my apartment is too small for a DR set. I mean if it doesn’t apply to me and my situation precisely, surely your site sucks. What idiots.

    I love the posts about pint sized design. Thanks for sharing!

  • I really enjoy your blog and am sorry that you’ve received such angry feedback in the past. In their defense, sometimes in this country that is so obsessed with babies and motherhood we forget that there are people out there dealing with Infertility. Something that comes so easily for most is very difficult and out of reach for some. And mourning the loss of something or someone that’s only been in your dreams and imagination isn’t accepted or understood in our society, at least not by most. Anyway, people probably come here to focus on something other than babies and kids, like great design, and being reminded – yet again – of what they don’t have might be hard. Just a thought.