Interiorssneak peeks

sneak peek: d*s

by Grace Bonney

Aaron and Grace
hi guys- i’m so sorry it’s taking so long to load the site. we’re getting slammed with traffic so i’m afraid things are loading a bit more slowly than i’d hope. that includes the admin half of the site so it’s taken me forever to upload these photos for the sneak peek. so a big round of sorries all around, we’re working on fixing it right now.

i’m so thrilled to welcome you to the new d*s and to our home! it’s a little weird to put all of this out in the open (now i know how all the other sneak peek-ers feel!) but i figured that with the new site comes new beginnings and hopefully the ability to be a little bit less afraid of putting ourselves out there. so, without further ado let me introduce you to ac, me, ms. jackson (in ac’s lap) and turk (in my lap). we hope you enjoy this little peek into our home. please click “more” below to see the full sneak peek. [all photos by grace bonney, please do not use without permission]

Aaron and Grace

[ac and i live in an old building off of 7th avenue in park slope brooklyn. our apartment is one of those floor throughs where you get the most light at either end of the building (and practically none in the middle). so our bedroom has always been my favorite room of the house. it also happens to be one of the more finished rooms in the house. above our bed is a framed piece of wallpaper by nama rococo, joined by sconces from restoration hardware. our bedding is from john robshaw and the rug (my favorite) is by madeline weinrib. i hit up the abc home warehouse in the bronx last week and scored two of her rugs. i decided to paint the molding frames around the walls but i haven’t finished the ones behind ac’s dresser. that’s pretty typical grace. i promised ac i’ll finish soon so it’s on my schedule for this week. our dressers are vintage from modhaus in boston.]

Aaron and Grace

[above ac’s dresser (and ms. jackson stretching) is one of my favorite pieces in the house, a painting by amy ruppel]

Aaron and Grace

[above my dresser is are illustrations by lindsey adelman and kate sutton]

Aaron and Grace

[a vintage kofod larsen chair from modhaus, reupholstered in hable construction ‘fig’ fabric]

Aaron and Grace

[this is our music room next to the bedroom. it serves as one part library and one part ‘rock out’ zone for ac and his guitars.]

Aaron and Grace

[our dining room is far from finished but i still love our chairs and rug. the chairs are from williams sonoma home and the table is from ikea. the rug is a sale find from abc home (madeline weinrib) and the picture on the wall is another framed piece of nama rococo wallpaper.]

Aaron and Grace

[it’s so dark in the middle part of our apt but i had to get this mirror in here. it’s one of my favorite pieces in the house- it’s a white vintage regency style mirror from jayson home in chicago. i just love it. darn the bad lighting in there!]

Aaron and Grace

Aaron and Grace

[our bathroom bid adieu to the anthropologie circles and said hello to a rich coat of benjamin moore’s ‘bittersweet chocolate’ it’s a very different look but i love the richness of it all. but lord if i don’t hate those grey tiles. HATE THEM.]

Aaron and Grace

[i love little details in a home. this light fixture is a piece i picked up at cog & pearl in brooklyn. it’s by kiln enamel]

Aaron and Grace

Aaron and Grace

[our kitchen is tiny but fairly functional. i comissioned this small painting from jen garrido and built the pegboard a few months back]

[last but not least, some of my favorite ceramics in the kitchen: my salt cellar is from white bike ceramics, the purple tray is from lorena barrezueta, the little cactus to the left sits in a vintage bowl from upstate ny and a little cupcake topper from back in the day bakery reminds me of my trip to savannah this summer]

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  • Grace, it is beautiful! Are you going to show your living room? Love the rugs, you really got a great deal on those, so cool.

  • Wow! Thanks for sharing photos of your home… it’s beautiful. I love all the special touches. I just moved into a new townhome and am working hard to incorporate the little details as well. I especially love the bittersweet chocolate paint color. i just chose a midnight blue for our powder room and just love it!

  • This is just beautiful. Very, very well done! The bf and I are so jealous of how wide your floor-through is. :)

  • Thank you for sharing! Such a lovely (and huge:) place. It is always nice to see someone put him(her)self out there. Best wishes from Croatia.

  • love the new site, grace …. and love your place! it was fun to see that cute green pegboard again. thanks for sharing it.

  • thanks guys! again, so sorry for the slow loading. it’s def NOT part of the plan for the new site ;) we’re hoping it’s fixed tomorrow.

    oh! our bed is a cheap-o ikea malm bed in oak.


  • Your home is just as quirky, beautiful, and impeccably tailored as I imagined it would be! Thank you so much for sharing, your sense of style is a terrific inspiration.

  • i love the little details here and there… i can peek at them forever. great job! your home is amazing, and your bedroom is so airy and peaceful!

  • That looks like such a lovely place to live Grace, you’ve done a gorgeous job. It’s cute to see that things that you’ve previously mentioned or been deliberating about have since made themselves at home! You guys look super adorable in that first pic too. All the best with the new d*s!

  • Gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing. I knew your house would be cool just from the little pieces you’ve shown before, but it was so fun to see it as a whole. I’m jealous of your Madeleine Weinrib rugs and that white mirror in the bathroom. Love the new site!

  • OK, this is enough inspiration to get off me bum and fix up my place. This is like NIGHT AND DAY from when I saw it in May!!!!!!!! You’ve done a lot of hard work with impeccable results. Love the chairs, love the reds in your home, love everything!!! Now come help me with mine….

  • Lovely, Grace, but what happened to the sex in the city curtains–I was looking forward to seeing them in full effect!

  • grace,
    love your home. so modern, cozy, girly, and fun fun fun! i’m really smitten with your bedroom. so bright and comfy. i don’t think i would ever leave!

  • Loooove the new site! It was so interesting to see your home as well. I too was looking forward to the living room though. I really love that pegboard!

  • How wonderful your new site turned out! It’s love on first sight for me :) Thanks for sharing a sneek-peek, too ~ beautiful rugs, I must say.

    Greetings from Germany,

  • Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us! Also, the site looks fantastic. I can’t wait to explore around more in the next few days. Congratulations on all your hard work. You’ve done well, Miss Thang!

  • thanks guys!

    the living room is a total wreck right now but i promise i’ll share it (and update the sneak peek) as soon as it’s done. we’ve literally done nothing with it since i last showed it so i needed a little extra time for that room ;)


  • Grace-
    This is truly lovely. May I ask where you got the frames for the wall paper? They are exactly what I have been searching for, simple.

    Your new site is great, I know I will be stopping by daily.

  • I think it’s beautiful. It looks like the kind of place one would be happy to come home to. So pretty!

  • grace, beautiful! love how the dining room reinterprets the colors of the bedroom…

    & of course, congrats on the new site! phoebe

  • Hi Grace!

    I am so pleased you are happy with the Regency mirror! It looks perfect in that space.

    See you at the Biz Ladies meet up!


  • I was so excited to check out the new site this morning and was not at all disppointed. Its brilliant! (I love the lace border). Like everyone else, thank you for opening up your home to us. It is a real pleasure to take a look at the wonderful place you live in :)

  • beautiful apartment! i’m sure it must be nerve-wracking for you to share, given that some readers may have unfairly high expectations for what your place should look like…

    anyway, it looks wonderful, i love everything, especially the pottery and ceramics, and music room. i’m hoping to get my own pegboard finished tonight!

  • Hello Grace! I´m a huge fan of d*s blog but never posted any comment. I´m always so fascinated with your posts (especially the sneak peeks. How I LOVE them) that I forget to comment. But now, in this brand new site, I had to write something! :) Thanks for sharing your home! Love it! And you know, I have the same problem with the bathroom tiles…

    Well, that´s all for now!

    A big hug from Portugal! :)


  • absolutely love your abode. i’m looking for simple white curtains/panels for my bedroom and love the ones in yours- where are they from?

  • Oh my GOOD Lord. This is a SPECTACULAR display, Grace. I love how your home shows your complete personality, and your perfect mix between low and high style is to DIE for. Fantastic job, fantastic new site and fantastic YOU!

    We love you much, Grace!!! Congrats on a new fabulous milestone.

    Erin, DFM

  • hi there!
    you’re so brave to let us all in :)
    i have a suggestion for the bathroom, maybe if your sink/vanity were changed, the grey tiles wouldn’t be as noticeable.

  • thanks so much for opening your home to the world! wonderful to see how you’ve pulled everything together…


    And oh, those lovely Brooklyn brownstone floor-thrus — I’m half tempted to move back!

    Kudos on your absolutely beautiful home — and v. cute boyfriend!


  • I love the pic of you, AC, Nd the kitties! You all look so cute!

    I love your new rugs too!

  • Hooray!
    What a great place (& love the kitties!!)
    Congrats on the new site I’ve bookmarked the new link and look forward to my daily dose of d*s
    ps – I had hideous tiles in the kitchen of my first apt and I simply taped the wall off & spray painted them with a gloss enamel – it made a world of difference!

  • I have rug envy! I was so excited for you when I scrolled to the 2nd picture. Two for one Madeline Weinrib rugs? You must have been ecstatic! The chevron pattern looks great with your room and with Turk. Your home looks so colorful and cozy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Grace! The new site looks wonderful….so pretty, and well, very graceful ;) – Congratulations!

    Loved the peek inside your place too – it is as lovely as I imagined it would be.

    Well done indeed, xx

  • What a beautiful home (loving those chairs in the dining room!) and what a gorgeous new site!! Congrats!

  • Grace, your place is beautiful – I particularly love your art collection and the various pieces you’ve collected like the rugs and pottery. Also, love the color of your bedroom…what color is it? Thanks for showing all of us your house!

  • thanks guys! a few answers:

    1. the carrie curtains were a bit heavy for summer so they’re hanging in my closet right now. they’ll go back up when it gets colder.

    2. bedroom is “senora gray” by benjamin moore.

    3. the living room will go up soon, we just have to actually finish it. it’s a wreck!


  • Grace,
    It all looks so inviting and chic! Of course, LOVE the Weinrib rug (so glad you snagged one) and the Robshaw cover. The red chairs are also a personal favorite–they look great with your dining room art.
    Cheers on the launch!

  • Thank you for opening up your home to all of us— it’s a lovely space! Wow, I love the shot of your kitty stretching in front of the dresser… she loves being in the photo, that’s for sure.
    Also, I really like the feel of your new site. Your blog is one of my daily reads. Thanks for ‘putting yourself out there’… you always offer lots of good stuff to view, learn of and enjoy— it is much appreciated!

  • Grace, thank you so much for getting up the courage to share your beautiful home! You have done a fantastic job. It looks so well put together but also so LIVABLE!!! Also, I’m jealous that you have access to the abc warehouse – those rugs are fabu!

  • great job! I love the pic of your cat stretching near the dresser – too cute. great color selection all around! I used that chocolate color in my library, and i agree – it’s just a kind of perfect warmness.
    congrats on the new site!

  • Please don’t follow that American trend of using french words randomly – and incorrectly. The expression you are looking for is “further ado” not “aideu” which means “goodbye”. I think you apartment looks great – it’s just sad to see such lovely images besmirched by language errors.

  • it all looks so beautiful grace – i love all the little details, too. this may sound silly, but the knob on kitchen cupboard is so cool! where’s that from? i love all the red – the dining chairs rock.

    i hope we do our ‘swap’ – i may not leave, though. coop says hey to turk & ms. jackson.

  • good for you for ‘coming out’ – this makes your blog so much warmer. I recently moved from blogger to TypePad…but I also moved to a more ‘me’ way of writing. Change is good!

    By the way – fab design, adorable house, and again – good for you for being so open. We love the new Grace! ;)

  • Hi Grace,
    I love those William Sonoma chairs. I went to their web site though and I didn’t see any painted that gorgeous color red. Did you paint them yourself? If so, what color paint did you use and did you do it yourself or have someone do it for you (I don’t know if I trust myself….if I wanted to do that, what kind of person would I hire to do that? A handy person or someone with a more specific skill?) Thanks for sharing. I love Madeleine Weinrib too. I may have to plan a trip to NYC to visit the ABC warehouse.

  • Grace,

    Congrats on the new site! I’ve been reading your blog pretty much since the beginning. You’ve provided me with so much inspiration over the years!

    Thank you and keep up the good work.


    ps. Your house is wonderful!!!!!!

  • Dear Grace,
    I’ve been a fan of yours for years — love your taste in just about everything. I am thankful to you for allowing this long-awaited glimpse into your very well-edited home. It’s good to see that you are not running out there and buying EVERYTHING that you know about — absorbent design sponge that you are. Instead, you make a separate project out of every room and think everything through. The result is excellent. I also live with my BF, and we have 3 cats. Yours are absolutely gorgeous — especially Ms. Jackson, giving a wave from ac’s lap. Good luck with the new site — I am so happy for you all-around.

  • I am SO jealous of your John Robshaw bedding…and it looks SO good with the Madeline Weinrib rug! I didn’t really understand all the hype about that rug until I saw your bedroom.

  • Inspired by the new site to delurk! Just a comment–as a new cat owner (pair of kittens who have been with me one week!) I’m desperate for pet decor solutions. I’d love to see what creature comforts you’ve provided for your kitties! I have done searches in the archives, but would love more!
    But LOVE this new site!

  • i love your place, love your special furniture and artwork pieces :) congrats on moving over successfully and it’s a beautiful site!

  • finally – a peek inside – everything is so beautiful! and the new site is beyond gorgeous – congrats grace!

  • Congratulations, Grace! I know how hard it is to get a new site up and running – and how satisfying to have it done. It looks fabulous! Thanks for everything.

  • hey there grace… late to the party, but i’ll chime in on the oohs and ahhs and so happy to see you and your kitties! :)

    [and another congrats on the site!]

  • Loooooove the new webiste look and thank so much for a sneek peak in your private home! It is really beautiful. Thanks for inspiring me everyday!

  • ohhhhhh so pretty! I love your bedroom and the chocolate brown walls in the bathroom! So nice! Great job, thanks for sharing.

  • oh my goodness! what a fantastic new site! and thank you for opening your home to us. you’ve got to know that we’re the nosiest bunch when it comes to other people’s houses… and all their cool stuff. so thank you for kicking off this new site with such terrific photos. and CONGRATS!

  • Thanks for taking us into your home. So exciting to see how YOU live :) The rugs are great. I can see why you love them. I hate my bathroom tile also, so you give me some hope that you can work around it.

    Also, not to take away from the posting, the site looks great.

  • Great job. I really love the way the guitars are hung, it looks like a great place to cool out and chill. I also really love the bed linen, red is such a powefrul and sexy color for the bedroom.

  • O Gracie! How did you get my bedspread, and my rug, and my dining room chairs! Maybe I just imagined I had such wonderful stuff!
    Congrats on the new site! It is fab and so are you!

  • so fun to see this grace! so pretty that bedroom and love the guitars on the wall – (we have a few ourselves that could use a lift like that!) and i’m out to get a peg board like that for our kitchen – great idea! thanks for the sneak peek!

  • The new DS is great! Nice sneak peek too, you have a really nice living space. I like the guitars on the wall and the hot green cookware hang rack. Great design and use of a space. Congrats again on the new site!

  • Wait a minute, I know you have a living room! (hehe) just kidding. Your beautiful couch has made an appearance already so it’s ok.

    The apartment looks great – the kitchen is my favorite, especially your plants in the little tray! :)

  • Grace, it’s really something special, both the new site and your home. The word that comes to mind for your home is “serene.” Inspirational all around. It looks like a very happy home, as is the new site. :-)

  • I feel so inspired! I showed some of your pics to my husband and now he wants his own music room. Seriously, your place looks amazing–congrats!

  • Your new web site is absolutely delightfull! Congratulations for all
    “sweet home” & “Funny cats”.
    Thanks to be! Ana G

  • Awww…I love your home. I love that the first photo is of you, ac and your cats. Beautiful family! And wonderful job with the decorating. This post is really, really enjoyable. And good work on the new website – looks great!

  • HEY – great home, and i love the new site. ive totally become addicted to designsponge! keep up the good work.

  • It all looks wonderful. I love the colors!

    Am also dying to know where the blue pompom blanket in the library/”rock out” zone comes from…it’s beautiful!

  • Gracie,mama sponge is so proud of the new site and I know how hard you worked to bring it to life! It is so you,and we are happy for you,AC and my grandcats,,,mom

  • Whoa! Nice place Grace…Man! Congratulations on the new site and good luck in all your awesome endeavours!

  • “besmirched by language errors”!
    i hate grammar/spelling mistakes as much as the next person, but this was a bit much!

  • oh wow, Grace, what a fabulous place you have. And I am SO envy of your rugs!! they are gorgeous! :) btw, it’s nice to finally put a face on the word “ac”. :)

  • Love your home and the new site! Simple with nice feminine touches!You are so talented and I am always so inspired by my daily visits to DesignSponge :) I am particularly fond of the trim work in your bedroom. Did you and AC do that, or was it already there?

  • Love your home! Turnabout is fair play, you know. ;^) Thanks so much for sharing, and keep the sneak peeks coming!

  • Grace-
    Your home is a wondeful collection of textures and objects and artwork. Congratulations and thank you for putting yourself and your place out there for inspiration.

  • Wow! The new site is awesome and so is your apartment! I love the way that you showcase ac’s guitars in the music room – where did the wall brackets/mounts come from?

  • Your new site and home look beautiful, thank you for sharing :) I was wondering — do you still have that Ikea sideboard that you painted black and added coral handles to? I thought that project came out really well. Hope to see the Carrie curtains in the next sneak peak. Keep up the good work!

  • Love it all. I have been obsessed with the MW rugs. Now I am obsessed and jealous. What paint colors did you use in the bedroom and dining room?

  • love the colors and the way it blends with the mid century pieces. great job grace!

    the new site looks fabulous, btw.

  • Your home looks lovely and the website is so well organized and easy to navigate. Cheers!

  • The new site is simply fabulous!! Great job!! and I just can’t get enough of your home :) thanks for sharing and rock on guys!!!

  • Hi Grace,
    Loved the picture of your place. I saw your Giada cookbook. We love her too and so does Joshua. He’s 17 now and loves to cook. I hope we get to meet Aaron one of these days!
    Love, Em

  • Your home is amazing and as always inspiraional. I just love seeing your cupcake ballerina in your kitchen. Hope to see you back in Savannah soon.

  • Love the look at your apt. And your kitties are soooo cute. (AC is too.) Thank you for letting us look at your apartment. It’s great!

  • I was looking forward to your Sneak Peek for ages ! You ve created a really beautiful home … my favorite piece is the rug in your bedroom …

  • I grew up in NY, and lived there for years and left about 4 years ago, your new site is wonderful, and your blog has been helping me so much with inspiration and staying in the loop with all the nice things that I miss about brooklyn! Thank-You

  • Lovely home and kitties! :)
    And I totally had that cupcake topper when I was a kid….WOW, brought back memories I didn’t even know I had!

  • Wow!!! So many details that I love. What a great idea of using a merimekko (i think) tray as a drying rack tray. I’m off to pick one up myself. Thanks for sharing. I hope to someday have a home that is as complete as yours.

  • What a wonderful home & new site! Thank you for sharing your skills & passion! I have a silly little question. I love your window sheers in your bedroom; Are all sheers created equal? Should I look for a certain type of fabric to get that glowy look, or will the Walmart specials do it? Thanks so much!

  • michelle

    i bought mine in fabric form at a local store. it’s a gauzy french linen that was actually pretty affordable.

    i would def make sure you can see and touch the fabric in person before you buy. but i would think a west elm or target quality sheer would be ok ;)


  • Love it!!

    I actually have the same IKEA DOCKSTA table with some regency style bamboo chairs as well! I will have to send you pictures once I complete everything ;)

    I love the rug you’ve combined with it as well.


  • Everything looks lovely! We have two Madeline Weinrib carpets too & love them to pieces.

    Can you tell me about the white mirror with the octagons? It’s fantastic!

  • Grace, beautiful home. you’re such an inspiration to all who love great design. you’re work and resources are much appreciated. I hope to send you some of my own work soon. to the point though. so you know where can i buy habel construction fabric in the sf bay area? i find it’s often very hard to find to locate resale establishments that will sell items to individuals as opposed to the trade. it’s very frustrating. this very thing happened to me when i was buying osborne and little wallpaper. I was turned down by many places that carried it because they were not supposed to sell to individuals, but couldn’t tell me where i needed to go to purchase it on my own. Very few places would sell to me unless i was a designer in the trade. it seems like it should be easier than this for designers like me who see this product all over.

  • thanks so much catherine.

    sadly hable construction is trade-only but if you shoot me an email i can help find a designer through whom you can buy their fabric.


  • Love your website!

    I”m presently searching for a graphic designer to create one for me.

    Can you recommend?

  • grace, your home is so lovely and has so much soul. i love the details too… isn’t that what really matters?
    i love the life in your home.. and your lovely animals are the icing on the cake!

  • Fabulous home Grace. Suggestion for tile problem in bathroom. Buy some the same size that you like and tape to grey tiles with the heavy duty double sided tape. Works like a charm and will come off old tiles when you move.

    SF residents: if the fabric you are looking for is at the SF design center then you can contact accessdecor.com and they can get you anything to trade with a discount!

  • I am drooling! Wow. What a beautiful place. Can you let us know where you got the bookshelves in the music room (next to the guitars)? I have been looking for something simple yet sturdy like those with no luck. Thanks and congrats on your amazing abode!

  • bpd

    the shelves were there when we moved in. they’re just regular L brackets with long pieces of 2×4.


  • Fabulous Grace –
    My brother lives on Pierrepont St. in Brooklyn – great neighborhood! You are living the dream!!!!!!

    Thank you for inspiring us, daily.

  • I love those Nama Rococo wallpaper pieces! Where did you find such large frames– or are they custom and obscenely expensive??

  • clairelynn

    they were custom made at sky frame and art on 28th street in manhattan. about $75 each i think…

    grace :)

  • my roommate and i just moved into a new place in brooklyn and have been trawling design sponge for inspiration.

    i have millions of questions, but the silly question i want to ask is this:

    where did you get your pegboard? or any pegboards.

    totally clueless,


  • Hahaha…I just noticed the grey tile comment. I had some nast grey tiles in my old B’klyn apartment that I do not miss. I fully understand.

  • Grace, your site is always, always inspiring. Can you tell me about the chandelier that is reflected in your bathroom mirror? I think this is just what I’m looking for!



  • Hi Grace,

    Been lurking around here for a long time, but I just have to congratulate you on your website design. It’s original, craftylooking and elegant! I love it. Just a question, who designed it? You or… It looks like someting Joy would design. I’m starting my own website later this month; a jewelry shop, so I’m looking into website designers.

  • I love your site and visit it often. What color/fabric type is your case study day bed? Thanks so much…

  • Hi, Everything looks Beautiful… The ceiling in your bedroom is that the orginal? If not ,please inform me…

  • Hi – I followed the link from designismine.blogspot.com, and there was a photo there of two gorgeous prints of birds – in brown and white and red and white. I don’t see them in the pictures above – can you tell us where you got them? Thanks!

  • Hi Grace – Your house is beautiful! I love the framed wallpaper – is it just stretched and mounted withou glass? Or does it have a frame and glass?

  • Hi Grace—your style is right up my alley. I’m wondering where you got your bedroom curtains–they look like what we need–let in a lot of light but would cover up the ugly bars on our windows. Thanks!

  • grace – your home is lovely. i’m speechless. which camera did you use to take these shots? i’m shopping around for one to take web photos for etsy but am on a very tight budget. any advice from anyone is appreciated. thank you.

  • hi there, grace. i love love love your place. it blends feminine and masculine in a way that i think is really hard to achieve. just lovely.

    i’m new to d*s since Domino closed up shop (whhhhhhy? sniff, sob, etc.). when i got the e-mail about it folding, i cried. i couldn’t believe i was crying over a magazine. i was with some friends at the time, most of whom were quite amused. but one (god bless her) said to me, “i know it’s hard but you’re gonna get through. now, have some wine and get your butt over to design*sponge. it’ll fill the void.” and boy, was she ever right. i live in NC where it has been raining for 5 days straight. so this weekend i hunkered down with my laptop and some cocoa and watched lots of basketball and looked through every one of your sneak peeks. every. last. one. i couldn’t stop. i became obsessed. NC and Florida are tied with 30 seconds left in the game and i’m wiping slobber off the Hable Construction-meets-Mid-Century-Modern DIY rocking chair. NC went on to lose the game by three, and I didn’t even notice ‘cuz I was too busy trying to find a dish rack with a bunny shaped plate divider. so, um, thanks? ;)

    but seriously, amazing blog. but you might need to sponsor a 12-step group for d*s addicts!

    • nique

      thank you so, so much. we’re all pretty bummed about domino, but hopefully we can try to fill some of the void with things here. thanks so much for stopping by :)


  • Hi there – I’m wondering how you hung those guitars in the music room…any special gizmo for that? Oh, and – your home is gorgeous :) I especially love the bold graphic feel of the dining room.

  • Your apt. looks terrific. Love the mirror from Jayson Home & Garden; can you tell me what color you used on the bathroom walls? Thanks.

  • Any chance you remember where the kitchen hardware (the gold circle pattern) is from? It’s perfect!

  • Wow,I am in love with the Robshaw quilt…now I’ll obsess trying to find one..probably vintage? Any suggestions on where to begin to look? Know the collection or style name? (Or when you get tired of yours,let me know..lol..used is fine…and don’t even mind kittycat hair…) Love the duvet cover as well…Everything is just so beautiful!

    • cj

      just try robshaw- they might have leftovers. you could try auto (thisisauto.com) to see if they have leftovers too. then i’d try ebay..


  • Thanks for the suggestions, Grace, but I’ve hit a dead end, Im afraid…Do you recall exactly where you found yours? Maybe that would be a start to finding “leftovers”…Also might help to know the pattern or collection name? Thanks so much!

    • hi cj

      the pattern is called “poppy”- did you call the robshaw office? they’d probably be the best source for more info…


  • I wrote them and got an email back saying they didnt have it, Funny I was calling it poppy cause they looked like what i remembered poppies lookin like…maybe i’ll call them tomorrow and see if i have better luck..Thanks!

  • Grace,
    I hit a dead end all around, unfortuneately. Will keep watching ebay for a used one. Please file my email in case you run across one for sale or tire of yours..lol… I would greatly appreciate it. Not necessary to publish this post unless you see fit..
    Thanks, again! CJ