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little girl’s room

by Grace Bonney

speaking of little girls, who wouldn’t want to live in this room? i would have loved that pink curtain by the bathroom and the bunny posts on the bed- it’s so sweet and girly.

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  • That is wonderful. It’s funny, when I was a little girl I didn’t really want a room like that, but I’d love it now!

  • It’s so cute, I love the wall color, a soft pink. As a kid I too wasn’t into pink.. the hot pink of the 80’s, but I’m loving this soft pink/peach color. Where is the rug from?

  • I LOVE this room. Initially I thought the curtain was actually around a mirror and then I realized that it was another room, I guess the bathroom. But, if the child didn’t have a bathroom in their room, like most children, it would be a really neat idea to put the curtain structure around a big floor to ceiling mirror! I think that would be beautiful!

    Great scene!

  • ditto ladyjulianne…my secondhand couch just happens to be pink, and I use it as an excuse to bring more pink into the room. I really like the curtains in the pic – I wonder where they’re from.

  • Now that’s a nice room that could easily be converted as the girl grows. I didn’t get my “girly” room until I was 8, and it had pink paint, flowered wallpaper, pink carpet, and little-girl furniture (canopy bed, French provencal desk and dresser)… it was so little-girly, and we didn’t have the money to convert it, that I had a very little girly room until I went to college.

  • This is a beautiful room. I also love the curtain which actually can be used for the closet as well. I do love that it’s girly but can easily be transitioned as your daughter gets older. I actually just purchased a shadowbox piece that would go perfect in this room. It is very girly (tiara encrusted in canvas) but easily will transition. I was even able to have the artist put in the saying that I wanted for my daughter. Check out the website http://www.aranacci.com/aranacci_little_girls.htm

  • I act like a tomboy, and my room is so plain, unfussy and so not girly, but I’d love to live in that room. Haha!