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kitchen ideas

by Grace Bonney

i’m still ironing things out in our kitchen but it’s been so fun to see reader ideas that have been pouring in my mailbox. this quick shot comes from d*s reader crystal who used thrift store wallpaper and a great bright green paint (benjamin moore “baby fern”) to spruce up her cozy kitchen space. i love the contrast between the brown print and the bright green. such a nice way to add interest to a small space. thanks to crystal for sharing.

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  • I would go with fabric and liquid starch. If you are a renter it is great bcuz it peels off easily, and if you change tastes frequently. My wife and i have done about a dozen rooms ranging from solids to repeated patterns(beware) with great success.

    Another great direction is to do faux waynes coating with 2 different contrasting patterns/colors then tack up painted/stained trim along the unfinished(imperfect) edge.

    good luck.

  • I like what Crystal has done with the pattern and bold colour (yay for zings of lime). I have the most awkward corner in the world in my kitchen and the way Crystal has shelves at different levels on adjacent walls looks like a good way of making the most of a pokey corner.

  • Hi!
    the whole kitchen is pretty awkward and small. plus, i’m short and everything seems to be just beyond my reach. the alternating shelf height definitely helps.

    the shelves are just pieces of store bought wood painted green. and the actual brackets i found at a hardware store. they are pretty common, i think. you should be able to find pretty easily.


  • Sorry to be an anal spelling nerd, but I think it’s “wainscotting”.

    But “wayne’s coating” is pretty funny/cute!