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by Grace Bonney

when i get bored i like to do little craft projects around the house using leftover fabric or paper. one of my favorite things to do is use wrapping paper to line drawers, cabinets and closets. i thought my dresser drawers could use a little snazzing up to go with our new quilt so i picked up a few rolls of snow & graham gift wrap (on sale at loom) and cut them to size for my drawers. the best way to finish the project is to cut clear contact paper to size and use that to secure the gift wrap, but i decided to go for simple scotch tape this time because i didn’t have any contact paper around the house. and if you get bored? simply peel off and start again- always a fun project for a hot afternoon.

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  • it’s a john robshaw quilt- i picked it up at layla in brooklyn (on hoyt between state and atlantic)


  • Perfect! I just moved and have been scratching my head about what to do with my unlined dresser drawers. I love this idea! But help me just with one little thing: when you say cut clear contact paper to size, do you mean to secure over the wrapping paper liners? Thanks :)

  • yep! i just cut them slightly larger so they seal the paper and have a little hang-over to stick to the drawer. :)


  • this is a fabulous idea. the liners at the store are so ugly so this is just what i needed (moved into a new apartment recently and was wondering what i’d do with the drawers).

  • lovely! will do.
    how do get the contact paper to lay smoothly over the wrapping paper without bubbles? despite my art degree, i think i might have to do the scotch tape option!

  • for the contact paper i just used a plain ruler to get out the bubbles. but one of those plastic trowels you can get at the hardware store for like $2 works well, too. (the kind that you use for grout)


  • This is great, I just used the store bought ones for my kitchen and thought they looked rather cheesy, now I’ll have to change them out and do this.

  • ack! is there anywhere you can purchase that wrapping paper outside of NYC? it’s super fantasteek!

  • I just picked up a small night stand that someone was putting out for th trash, this is a great idea for it! Thanks!

  • *mouth open*

    I adore this idea! First of all I love the patterns you chose…my colors I use frequently are shades of red and pink. Secondly, I have just become stumped as to how to pretty up my bedroom and store clothes away.

    This will help pretty up a dresser and an antique nightstand I’m using in a new entryway/nook I just created this weekend – and the paper will add *pop* to the two drawers.

    YAY! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Love what you’ve done! I have actually done the same thing with some Whimsy Press paper! Check out the site at http://www.whimsypress.com and look at the Love and Marriage collection. Gorgeous stuff. In fact, I think I found out about them from your blog. So thanks again!

  • Wow, our drawers match! I papered my dresser drawers with Snow & Graham’s cherry blossom pattern last year. A little bit pricey, but definitely worth it! I smile every time I open one of the drawers, and keeping them tidy seems like much less of a chore now….

    Snow & Graham are one of my favorite designers and I’ve been eagerly awaiting their new web site.

    Thanks for sharing, Grace!

  • the patterns are wonderful (I love red) and this idea is just great. I also spent my day doing some changes around the house, new (old?) wallpaper in the bedroom, hanging some artwork, it was a very nice day (I’ll post some pictures in my blog tomorrow). Next thing to do, the drawers !

  • how wonderful. i love that is design just for yourself. most people will never see it.

    i have the same cherry blossom. it is so lovely.

  • vanessa

    ha- you got the super sneak peek at this project. even before it was all unwrapped ;)


  • Ooh, how exciting — I’m using that cherry blossom paper in my wedding invitations and never knew all the other products in the line existed…. Matching thank you cards!!! Thanks for the Luxe Paperie link!

    And the papers look beautiful together in your drawers. Love how the different red patterns work together.

    P.S. For the people looking for online sources — I got mine from http://www.papersource.com. (Who now seem to have it back in stock after I cleaned them out…!)

  • looks so great grace – i wouldn’t want to put clothes in and cover up the color! nice touch!

  • When I first saw this post I thought to myself “I’d want to have a lot of time on my hands before I started papering inside drawers!” But now thinking about how grotty my kitchen drawers are I can’t believe I never thought to do this. Using contact paper to preserve the paper is a great idea too. It all looks very pretty Grace.

  • fabulous idea, Grace! I love the patterns you chose for the drawers. I think I’d have to go with the scotch tape too, it’d be easier than sourcing for contact paper here. :)

  • this is a great idea!
    i also love tucking little pictures or postcards in a kitchen (or other) cabinet–subtle little surprises to brighten your day. (and that aren’t on constant public display…)

  • luisa that looks fab! i’m going to share that in the main blog today if you don’t mind ;)


  • that’s beautiful. i’m sanding down an old dresser for a new stain at the moment, and when i get it all put back together i’d love to do this. but what if i’d like to use fabric? best way to stick it to the bottom? surely there’s something better than modgepodge? or should i just wrap a same-size piece of foam core and lay it in the bottom? (hey…then it’s removable?)

  • it would really depend on the thickness of the fabric. ideally it would be great to staple gun it to the drawer, but if you have a nice piece you may not want to damage it. if you want it to be more permanent you could have glass cut to size to go over it to weigh it down (it’s not too pricey to do that actually). but i think foam core might be a good idea, too.


  • what is that gorgeous piece of furniture you lined? love it! do you have a “sneek peek” of your home on your site?

  • a big T H A N K Y O U from S&G! I shared this post with my mom who did this same project a few years ago…..benefit of being the designer’s mom: all the free (ever-so-slightly damaged) wrap you can handle. Now she is requesting all red wraps for a drawer make-over!

  • Another idea is to make a template from the inside of your drawer, then cut mat board or heavy cardboard (foam core was suggested, but it need not be that heavy/expensive) and wrap with fabric, glue-gunning it on the bottom. Looks great and you can easily switch fabric when you get bored.

  • Another idea is to make a template of your drawer, then cut out heavy cardboard (doesn’t really need to be mat board or foam core, but that will work), wrap it with fabric and glue-gun it on the back. Looks great, easy to change the fabric when you get bored.

  • Could you explain exactly how you do this… the steps involved, like do you measure the drawer then cut the paper, put it in the drawer and then put the contact paper over the wrap paper or, do u do it all outside the drawer and then put it in, but then how does it stick if the sticky part of the contact paper is adhered to the wrapping paper??? Hope its not a stupid question but I can see myself going to do it and having trouble with the best way. Thanks, Great idea!


  • kim

    sure thing! i measured each drawer with a tape measurer and then cut the paper to size (about 1/2 an inch shorter than the dimensions of the drawer to leave room for the contact paper to stick) and placed it inside.

    then i laid the contact paper on top and secured it to the drawer buttom :)


  • I’m trying to find these Snow and Graham-esque prints, i.e., cherry blossom, blackberry but in red, for wallpaper. do you have any ideas? every time I Google those words I get cheesy wallpaper that might fit in grandma’s house. thanks!

    • aimee

      that works- but it’s pretty permanent. i used tape and gift wrap because i wanted to change it out every once in a while. but mod podge or something like that would totally work.


  • OMG

    you are a genius. I have been looking for drawer liners for a week. I thought the gift wrap at the store was soooo much prettier than the drawer liners.
    Why didn’t I think of that! It’s so simple!

  • I just bought a cute little 5 drawer dresser and was trying to decide if wrapping paper could work to line the drawers, but I was worried about it being too thin. I found you post googling “diy drawer liners” and love your idea about the clear contact paper is genius. Thanks for sharing.

  • Just trying to figure out what to do with my drawers. Googling all over. I just love this look, but it’s probably too crafty for me.

    I don’t know if this will help anyone, but I just stumbled on a site that will cut your drawer liners to order. You just measure the drawers, give them the dimensions, and pick the type of drawer liner you want. Then they send you the pre-cut paper.

    They certainly don’t have anything as cute as this, but they had some good choices and I absolutely HATE cutting these things. Waste of time!