mini trends


by Grace Bonney

i’ve been obsessing over dots and stripes for the past few weeks. i’m not normally drawn to either look but something about this classic pair has intrigued me lately. more often than not i find myself drawn to tiny black and white dots, rather than a larger variation, but i thought it would be fun to flesh out a full mini trend on each. i’m starting with dots today because i’m in the process of having a black and white dotted cushion made for the bench in my kitchen. there’s something delightfully fresh and preppy about dots so i hope you’ll enjoy the mini-trend. there’s certainly a lot of it in the market right now so you’ll find something for every price point. enjoy!

[image above, clockwise from left to right: iomoi paperweight $65, dotted canvas slingbacks $328, blue polka dot notecards $10, wallpaper from studio printworks, etched dot decanter $125, marimekko bedding $20-$165]

[image above: double dot fabric, $19.95 per yard]

[image above, clockwise from left to right: “bead” fabric from hable construction, newport bedding $65-$290, polka dot gift wrap $3, polka dot flats $30, polka dot vanity seat $150]

[image above: “seeing spots” flor tiles $11.99 per tile]

[image above, from left to right: shadow dots beach towel $26.50 (via domino), iomoi paperweight $40, dot pillow $19.99, pink dot fabric $8.50 per yard]

[image above: riviera bedding by dkny $60-$315]

[image above: pin dot linen pillows $88, “ooh la dot” fabric $8.50 per yard, little dot grosgrain ribbon $1]

[image above, left to right: etusko dot fabric $15.95 per yard, bailey dot fabric $15.95 per yard]

[dottie outdoor pillows $19.00]

[image above: “building blocks dot” fabric $8.50 per yard]

[image above: dottie cushion $25]

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  • I love polka dots so much i tore down my practical (yukky) PLASTIC blahhhh shower curtains over my bath and made some gorgeous girly pink and cocoa curtains from Michael Miller ‘dumb dot’. They’re cotton…they get wet. I take baths… because i’m worth it.


    p.s i love love love DS

  • Polka dots hit a home run with all ages! I wanted to share these unique and hip personalized note pads made with polka dot ribbons! What a great accent for you desk, counter, or even on the fridge!

  • I absolutely adore polka dots and stripes. It’s been a common interest of mine for a while now, edging on three years now.

  • I need, desperately need, help. I have the perfect design for the perfect bathroom. Problem is it’s only in my head and I have no experience with design or sewing or most stuff, but i’m creative and willing to learn. In short, I’m looking for a fabric blue and tan, possibly green, shower curtain that the colors are all polka dots or bubbles. Does that make sense? Can i make one with no sew glue and sheer fabric? I love my vinyl clear shower curtain with mess organizers and just want to cover it with something classy. I would greatly appreciate the help

  • I love polka dots. That was a requirement when I had my logo designed for my business and is in my packaging as much as possible. Thanks for all these wonderful links to polka dots…especially the fabrics…great for food styling. I found your site thru Bea’s La tartine Gourmande

  • I am making a sponge bob quilt and I am having a hard time finding polka dot material that matches the sponge bob colors. Could you please help me?
    Thank you,

  • I LOVE POLKA DOTS – All my dishcloths are polka dots and I love the vintage feel it brings – very 50’s..
    Loving this mini trends section – very useful as a stylist!

  • I love polka dots!!! I just had custom dinnerware made in colors to match my kitchen all in a polka dot design. It’s fun and festive and I get lots of compliments from my freinds. The owner/artist is really easy to work with and it was exciting to create unique dinnerware. Check out the site…

  • I LURV POLKA DOTS it so awsome to find lots of people who love them too!! U can make them vintage or retro-u can do ANYTHING with them!!

  • I’ve been loving polka dots for years.I think I’m really obsessed with it.Polka dots are the best!!!
    from the comment above,Yayoi Kusama is really a great Japanese artist.She’s my favorite.Her works are mostly polka dots which are so awesome.For those who love polka dots,I think you would really like her work.

  • I love polka dots because they are fun and playful. Last year I purchased black and white polka luggage and received so many compliments, not to mention I could immediately identify my bags at the airport. Now I just purchased a polka dot duffle bag (brown and turquoise) and an overnighter (pink and black) for my two daughters. They love them.

  • I love polka dots my house burnt down a couple of weeks ago and I want my room to be polka dotted I need some tips thanks

  • Wow, i have always loved polka dots, but am moving, and remoldeling a very chic apartment, and decided to go polka dot for my dinnerware, i love the new apple green, everything is black and white, and i stayed in a verynice hotel, with these colors and they accented with that apple green, thaks for the comment about designing your own dinnerware, i went on their site, loved it. thanks

  • I was into polka dots two years ago. I have some crockery and table napkins in green and some in aqua. That was enough for me. As for STRIPES I’m a total maniac for them and my place is totally striped out, It keeps the nasty florals at bay. Also I have a beach cottage so it fits in well with the beach/nautical decor.

  • we definitely want to get some polka dotted pins here!!! we are creating some really cool polymer clay pins and brooches, with pendants and embellished things to come…. EVERYthing is one of a kind, designed individually, and all clay pins are made from conditioned clay, put together with care, baked and then sanded, varnished and sanded again, at lease FOUR times. We also offer free shipping right now.

  • I have been loving polka dots for a few years now, I constantly use them in my artwork for kids rooms and nurseries!
    Thanks for sharing :)