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for the little ones

by Grace Bonney

despite the fact that my reader survey says most of you don’t have little one (yet), i get a lot of requests to cover design for children and babies. so i figured, why not devote a week to it at house & garden. the magazine’s theme for the month is designing with families in mind so we decided to cater to the little ones in the family this week. i’ve devoted both of my weekly columns to products for children (under $100 and things we love) as well as an additional three slideshows of my favorite bedding, cribs/beds and a round up of our web editors’ favorites. here’s the breakdown, i hope you’ll enjoy it all.

  • a beautiful slideshow of children’s rooms for inspiration
  • under $100: 5 fantastic finds for kids, all under $100 (check out wren handmade and the lovely kid-friendly paints)
  • things we love: some of our favorite designs for children (one per day for the week)
  • interview with amanda moore: an eco-conscious nursery expert
  • a slideshow of the best new cribs and beds
  • a slideshow of the new bedding for kids
  • a slideshow of our editors’ favorites (i love the chalk wall dots)
  • eco kids: a slideshow of eco-friendly design for kids

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  • When I first saw those beds in House & Garden I went crazy! I save all my issues and that is one I go back to often. Fun post : )

  • I love those pink tufted beds. What fun they would have been growing up as a child — tho now that I think about it, they would be fun now too.

  • Adorable! The pink is so girly, I think I need to scream.

    I start college in four weeks (!!!) and would love it if you did a piece on cheap & chic dorm stuff.

  • I’d love to see some modern kid’s art. Our walls are so plain and most of the stuff I find is hokey.


  • this post made me smile. i have the page saved too. in my dreams i would have a room like that for my little girl – when i have the time for kids years from now. i just LOVE that room!!!

  • Thanks for posting “kid” stuff! :) I’m a 26 y.o. design junkie with a 3 year old! :)


  • For the writer looking for modern art for nurseries … there’s a great modern kids’ store in Toronto called Ella and Elliot. I bought a gorgeous wooden piece there — it’s in the shape of an apple and has the alphabet cut into it and it’s bright red. I think it comes in other colors too. Very nice, made by a Vancouver artist. You can call them at 416-850-7890.

  • Does anyone know where I can find that adorable stuffed elephant shown in with the items above?


  • Grace,

    Any chance you can add the original slide show of inspiration photos from House & Garden to your website? Or is already up and I just looked in the wrong place? =)


    • sadly there isn’t. just like domino, when h&g closed conde nast decided to totally ditch ALL of the content on the site. nothing like throwing the baby out with the bath water, right? i’m still irked about that one. 2 years of work and content down the drain…