mini trends

chain link

by Grace Bonney

this trend isn’t fully fleshed out yet but i think we’re going to start seeing a lot more of the chain link trend in the months to come. i’m dying to see if there’s much of it at icff and brooklyn designs. we’ll see. until then, here are some of my favorite chain designs in the market right now (home and otherwise). have something to add? drop a line via email or the comment section below…[photo above, clockwise from left to right: mollie dash bracelet, link cheese knife set ($38), chain pull ($16), chain link earrings ($15), chain knob ($8) and chain handle ($14)]

[chains wallpaper by flavor paper– due out this spring]

[chain link scarf project at knitty.com]

[photo above clockwise from left to right: chain link bathmat ($59-$89), chain link mirror ($499), sarah cihat porcelain and chain bowl, chain shower curtain ($33)]

[chain link pillows by nate berkus $15]

[boatman geller stationery and kelly wearstler fabric via style court]

[gift wrap by eieio studio. thanks karen!]

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  • Love your site and blogs! I have a painting on one of my websites that uses a chain link fence motif. It’s called Syntax Collector, and it’s on the third page of my Trace Elements series. My work has always used graphic and printmaking processes, and incorporated ordinary, ubiquitous elements. Check it out!


  • I love this trend. Big chains have been popular injewelllery for a couple of years now. As a jewellery designer I could spend a really long time just drawing a chain for a necklace – its nice to see other people appreciate the graphic aspect of chians too. Its a bit nouveau riche, but I like it!

  • I love the look of chain! Thick heavy chains paired up with delicate chains is part of my new jewelry collection. I love the rocker look that has a delicate, more feminine vibe.

  • I love the designs and the style of the big chain links… it makes me want to get a picture for above my fireplace. I love how it makes people look with the chain link necklace. Thanks for the post.

  • I love the design, this makes me want to get my cc out and buy this right now. I love the way each one is placed and set… it makes it just pop.

  • I was trying to find some similar chain cabinet hardware because I thought it looked really unique. I found something that is chain-like, but I’m not sure. Check it out. I’ll try to post in html but I’m not sure if we can post that…here goes.