DIYinterior design


by Grace Bonney

so today we’re painting our apartment and for some reason i decided it would be a good idea to replicate this wall from an anthropologie catalog in the bathroom. i’m still mixed on it but i’m going to do the whole thing before i flip out too much. so, while our lovely painter angel is here painting the rest i’m going to cut out early to finish the anthropologie mural. see you tomorrow! xo, d*s

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  • i seriously love this. What an awesome job! Any tips for how you did the jellybeans? Was it just freehand or did you have any help?

    I personally like your smaller beans more than the anthropologie ones – and I like that you have more color variation, too.

    I can’t wait to see it finished!

  • I think it looks totally kick-ass Grace. This lover of all things shiny would give it a slick of polyurethene or some other high gloss varnish though, unless those are glossy tiles from the floor to mid-wall, in which case I say leave it matte.

  • I really like your color selection. I’m all about silvery blue-greens lately. What are the names/brand of the paints that you used?

  • you know, it does remind me an awful lot of the design sponge shapes…

    i think it looks great for a bathroom, it’s an interesting, unexpected detail!

  • Although the Anthro picture is more monochromatic, I think your wall is very lovely as well!

  • I personally like your version better! How did you do it? its a great concept.

  • I love it, too. Could you post what your paint colors are, particularly the soft green that is your base?

  • This is beautiful! We’re far away from the painting stage but I’m so jealous!

  • LOVE IT! I was seriously in love with that page in the catalogue and can’t wait to see how your bath turns out! Good job and good luck

  • i love it. i cut it out to use in my collages. it looks good on your wall. the blues are great in bathrooms.

  • thanks guys! i’m taking a quick break to deal with shop orders but i’m liking it. i think i wish i’d gone a bit more monochromatic but oh well- we just painted a room all white (that’s tough for me) so i’m loving the excuse to have color somewhere. i’ll post the how-to and color details when i’m done- tomorrow :)


  • yeah, i like it too, in fact, more than the anthropologie – yours looks more mid-century.

  • I’m loving this too – an especially great idea in a bathroom where it’s harder to hang art without it getting damaged from the humidity (as well as a small room with less wall space to cover!) Can’t wait for the details tomorrow.

  • There’s no need to flip. It looks really good. I bet it’s going to be awesome when it’s done. Do post pics so we can all be inspired.

  • I’m glad the Anthropologie catalog is good for more than getting knitwear design ideas ;-). I think your wall looks even better than the catalog!

  • i agree with the other comments. yours is much better than the catalog ‘s design. i’m very excited for the how-to!

  • Ohh I also want to know what the colors are. My bathroom is currently an icky sagey yellow green that turned out much different than my roommate thought it would, so I’ve been itching to repaint it. I love the base color!

  • mmmm, would like to spend time in your bathroom when it’s done! Mine currently has no floor and is housing most of my clothes while I rebuild the house. I’m getting paint envy now :0)

  • i think it’s super! i would hide one bright red jellybean somewhere off-center, near the top :) i wish i could paint my bathroom but nothing goes with the 50s camel-pink-beige color tiles, sigh…

  • oh wow grace – this is really awesome. they look like sea-glass pebbles! so very “design*sponge”.

  • i bet you could find something to go with those tiles, rena! send over a pic and let d*s public help with ideas since we’re all inspired now!!!!

  • I like it!

    It’s also interesting how the original image is very similar to your Marimmekko/Carrie Bradshaw fabric too.

  • Completely fabulous – why are you doubting it. Best paint idea I’ve seen in quite a while!

  • What a brilliant idea, Grace! I like yours better, too. It looks more like an artwork than just a wallpaper. Beautifully done!

  • this is beautiful! i would never have thought of doing a hand-painted “wallpaper”, but this makes me really excited to try something similar.