d*s at hg: area home

by Grace Bonney

area home just launched a beautiful new collection of linens designed for children and babies. i’m loving this pink “globes” design above- the stitching is so soft and the pink is faint and delicate. perfect for a baby’s room…click here for the full post and shopping information.

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  • Thank you yet again for a great nursery resource. I for one welcome the influx of great design for the wee ones.

  • erika

    ac would have a heart attack if he saw that…nope, no hidden messages. we’re sticking to kitties instead of kids right now ;)


  • I love Area linens… its just such a shame that the price point makes them out of reach for most of us. Why is good design so often out of reach of the masses?

  • why do babies get all the good design? I have been looking forever for good bedding. Love this line – and love the idea of it being for all ages.