mini trends

glass lamps

by Grace Bonney

Lampe Caracas

i was chatting with kristina at three layer cake about what she saw at maison et objet and she mentioned a real trend towards dramatic glass lighting (especially those with a clear glass base). i’ve always loved a good glass bottomed lamp (especially in color), so it’s great to see european designers spinning the look in a high-end direction. i myself favor the regular old retail versions (that seem to come with a cheaper pricetag) so i compiled a nice collection of glass lamp bases that are available for a wide variety of prices. what’s nice about this look (which is far from new but seems to be experiencing a resurgence lately) is that it’s virtually timeless. a nice subtle, blown-glass lamp base will work with a modern, traditional, retro or minimalist decor. the simplicity of most of these designs makes them a great investment. and if you’re willing to splurge on something a bit more dramatic check out the gorgeous european designs within the group that kristina spotted in paris. enjoy! [lamps above by les heritiers and anthropologie]


[lamps above left to right: mist table lamp, thomas o’brien for target, phantom lamp, glass lamp by les heritiers]

anthro 2

[lamps left to right: cairn lamp, olive oil lamp, lykta lamp, clover honey lamp]

niche modern 3

[all lamps above by niche modern]


[lamps left to right: glass lamp by nicolo taliani and mercer lamp by conciluce]


[blister lamp at greener grass design]

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  • I have been hooked on glass and crystal lamp bases for the last month. Thanks for posting – I’ve seen a few that I’m definitely interested in.

  • i am so interested in the glass lamps by les hertiers, but their site is under construction. any other way to get a catalog? or when their site will be up?

  • I have 2 glass based lamps with simple ivory shades that I’d like to place on either side of my sofa. Do you have recs for what kind of tables these look good on? Is glass on glass too much?

  • Ann,
    I always have a few glass lamps in my shop, and some have had glass shades. Two things to consider: One: glass shades are super fragile. It’d be best if you weren’t planning on moving (EVER), and didn’t have kids, cats, or clumsies. Two: I find most light bulbs harsh to the eye, and create unfriendly shadows. I vote for glass bodies but a safer, translucent shade of your choice.
    Ronn Ives/FUTURES Antiques

  • Hi-I can’t find the lamps you have as available at Anthropologie…the clover honey lamp and the olive oil lamp. Where did you find these? I love them both.

  • Hi–I’ve recently been looking for a glass lamp that i can fill (display a collection). Any idea where i can find one?

  • don’t forget my good friend Jamie Young’s fabulous lamps! Material from China and India, artisan designs!
    look at her website: jamieyoung.com