mahar dry goods

by Grace Bonney


jen corace is a phenomenal artist so when i heard that she’d designed the website for mahar dry goods, i was all ears (and eyes). robert mahar wrote to tell me about his great new site that sells really unique vintage and artisan crafted goods for children. i don’t usually focus on design for children, but these pieces are really unique and special. and the site, well, jen corace did it so it’s amazing. very vintage and inspired by a 1930’s children’s book cover. all of the products at mahar were made in home and studios by artists, designers and crafters so check it out if you’re looking for some unique kids gifts or just a glimpse at some more great jen corace work. [thanks, robert!]

mahar 2

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  • wow. i’m in love with this site, the goods, jen corace’s work, that squirrel. thanks for sharing grace!

  • Thank you so much for this link!! I was looking for a b’day gift for a friend, and found something perfect here. Your site is always such a source of inspiration — thanks again!

  • Thank you, thank you for this link! Not only is the artwork gorgeous – as you mentioned – but the goods are delightful! I have been looking for a plush cake for my daughter’s tea parties – this is perfect!

  • OH my goodness. that squirrel. soooooo cute! lots of things here for my new nephew…thanks for posting this!

  • Just thought I would add my two cents about this company. I placed an order with them about two months ago. After finding several reviews raving about the great customer service, products, etc…
    I have never received my order, nor have I received any response to the many emails I have sent inquiring about the status of my order, asking for a refund… I now am starting to see that many others are having the same problem.

  • mary

    i’ve emailed your comment to robert at mahar. hopefully they’ll have a response on this issue soon. i’ve never had a problem with them so hopefully there will be an explanation for the mixup.