mini trends


by Grace Bonney


i thought it might be fun this week to add a little audio commentary to the photos below. if you feel like a bit more facets talk, [click here] to listen to a little expansion of the text and photos below. this week’s trend is one i’ve been sort of obsessed with for the past few months, but have only really realized fully lately. geodesic forms (shapes with multiple facets) have been popping up slowly in various design realms. i saw it first in the jewelry world with earrings and necklaces that featured exaggerated faceted gems or beads and then saw it move into the world of tableware and eventually furniture design. it seems that perhaps the design world is ready to move away from the curvy, organic forms of the past few years and embrace something well, edgier. like any artistic movement, there’s a pendulum effect and perhaps these facets are merely a way of swinging back in the other direction. in any case, i’m really enjoying this look- it gives a real sense of form and, for lack of better terms, geometry to objects that i’ve been missing lately. check out the products below for some examples of facets in the current design scene. enjoy! [photo above: the facett collection by the bouroullecs and isamu noguchi’s prismatic table $455 at velocity]


[photo above left to right: the tiles by the bouroullecs for kvadrat, geodesic lamp $69 at shop.com and chair one by magis $398 at surrounding]

viledeform rug

[photo above, clockwise from left to right: geodesic rug by vilde form, chairs by thomas bentzen, pink porcelain vase by david wiseman and stools by kartell]

hanna allijn

[curtain by hannah allijn, bling rings by orfeo quagliata $55 at unica home, noguchi stool and orloff bowl $60-$180 right here]


[photo above, clockwise from left to right: geodesic dome by zendome, wooden chair by thomas bentzen, faceted vase by orrefors and exaggerated faceted bracelet at forever 21]

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