nursing room o+

by Grace Bonney

Nursing room

this just came to my inbox without much explanation, but i’m intrigued. nursing room o+ is a collection by nika zupanc debuting in milan this spring. i’m assuming it’s an “ironic” look at motherhood and the pieces involved in it. when i have more info, i’ll post it. but this is one heck of a modern (and totally goth) rocker. click here to see nicka zupanc’s site. [it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea]

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  • i’m very interested in this. but i can’t see a way to get beyond the home page of her site. where did you find that rocker?

  • it came in an email to me- i can’t find anything else about it anywhere, so im lookin’

    ;) d*s

  • Hi, this is Nika, the author of the black cradle….I am just developing my www, so till than you can reach me at my e mail adress Nika.zupanc@siol. net for any additional informations about my project:-)