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  • [📸 by @alaskafromscratch ] So I finally did the thing I’ve been wanting to do, but have been to scared to: I just booked a solo trip to 🌲Alaska🌲. I’m leaving in less two weeks and I’m hoping to drive around the Kenai Peninsula and just take some time to clear my head and soak in all that Alaska has to offer. I wondered if anyone might have any suggestions of cool places to stay in Homer or anywhere in the Kenai area? I’m just renting a car and seeing where the days take me, so I’m open to anything with a great view of nature. Also visiting Sitka at the end of the trip- any spots I should see? Part of me is truly scared to go so far from home (and all the things that make me feel safe) but another part of me knows this is something that will be good for me to do and that I’m darn lucky to even have the chance to do it. So, Alaska friends and travelers- what should I do with my four days of driving around the Peninsula on my own? 🚙 (also considering a day drive up to Talkeetna!)
  • Our last morning at the beach was windy and cold— summarized best by Hope’s face here. This week was such a reminder to slow down and keep things simple. We started every day by watching the sunrise at the beach and then we took a bike ride down to the jetty after every breakfast. Lots of naps, time together and plenty of dog walks. I could not have asked for more. ♥️
  • Tomorrow is our last full day here and I am soaking up every second. The ocean has such a power to heal and calm and starting the day here every morning with @turshen and the dogs has been such a joy. Lots of breathing, biking, smiling, and sandy shoes 💛
  • Best date night ♥️ 🎡