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  • Our back bedrooms went from all white to super dark blue this week. Everywhere. Ceiling and window trim and baseboards included (more pics in stories above ☝🏽) This is the midway stage and I need to start working on lighting and decorating changes, but for now I’m really excited about embracing these rooms and super cozy little jewel boxes 📦 💎 💙 The color we ended up going with is the color we used on our front door: Dark Harbor by Benjamin Moore. More coming soon... #ourhouse
  • Today at Design*Sponge we’re celebrating 10 incredible indie magazines that are run by + highlight the stories of Black artists, designers, makers, poets, authors and musicians. Swipe up to check them all out in stories above or check out the link above. Here’s to long futures for @hannah.magazine @thetenthzine @whetstonemagazine @galdemzine @neuneumedia @crwnmag @polychromemag @the_inmag @apricotajournal and more 💛
  • I’ve been looking out the window from the new blue rooms in the back of our house (see my stories for the updates) and missing the way the trees look from there. Everything in our yard is kind of icy and muddy and gross right now but I know eventually spring will come again and the yard will come back to life. But for now, I’m living through these magnolias that @melissakeyser posted in #dspink 🌸
  • I ♥️♥️♥️ multi-media work. I’m such a sucker for layers of artwork combined and turned into something special and this piece that @villanaart made of @susana_anahi is so beautiful. I’m so tempted to find old copies of the women in my family that have passed on and add detailing in this style to add some color (and family history) to the new rooms we just painted super dark blue 💙