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  • For the next week, our house will be home to not two but FOUR dogs (and Turk)! We are watching our friend @karinadresses ‘ two pups while she takes a vacation and I am awash in puppy love already. I foresee a lot of snuggles and kisses and @thesatoproject love in the house this week. (more pics in stories) Photo from the home of @eviekemp (I love her animal portrait collection so much) ✨
  • Admiring @helendealtry ‘s work this morning and hoping for warmer days and spring flowers. This below zero temperature stuff is for the birds 🥶🥶
  • Today is #mlkday and today I’m listening— to activists, authors, and people of color in our community who have been sharing their experiences, voices, and stories. Today (and always) I want to be of service for those in need in my community but mostly I want to listen, learn, and do better. Artwork by @broobs.psd *Ill be sharing some of the people I’m listening to in my stories above ♥️
  • These flowers by @lfsshop are made of wax cotton and wool felt. The wealth of incredible faux flowers being made and shared on Instagram will never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the tip @ameliapresents 🌸