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  • This old photo from the #dscolor feed by @laurenswells always makes me smile. And it always makes me want to plant a field of cone flowers in our yard. But not this weekend. This heat is too much. Hope everyone out there is staying safe and cool 💛
  • How we all feel today. We had so much hope for the baby Phoebe in its nest and losing it so quickly was such a kick to the gut. So today we are cuddling up to keep each other company and remember that tomorrow life will go on and new eggs will be hatched somewhere 💛
  • And like that, it’s gone. I’ve watched this family of Phoebes lay egg after egg, only to have one hatch. And today after I saw it moving around and opening its eyes, I came out to find it dead on the table (in a soft pile of towels I’d left out). I don’t know if it died of disease and fell or if the fall was the cause. Either way, I am heartbroken for this little family. I keep watching the parents return and they look panicked. Oh my heart. 💔
  • Over the past two months I’ve watched a family of Eastern Phoebes attempt to start their family on the blade of our patio fan. Today I wrote about what bird watching has taught me about life (link above and in stories- with a video of the baby eating!) over at DS. Watching this little bird family lay over 7 eggs in two clutches and only have one hatch successfully has been such a life lesson in hope, loss, and awe. #birdwatchers 🐣 (Don’t worry, all photos and videos were taken from much further back and zoomed in super close. I follow all the nest watching guidelines from the Cornell Bird Watch program 👍🏽)