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  • On this week's episode of the Good Company Podcast, I interview one of my heroes: Musician, artist and activist @mskathleenhanna - we talk about what design and music have in common and why people should stop asking her what it's like to be a woman in rock. Link in profile or swipe up in stories above ☝🏽🎸 (Photo by @jasonfrankrothenberg ) #podcasts #womenpodcasters #kathleenhanna
  • The kind of gloomy dull white color palette of winter seems to have snuck in overnight, so I’ve been deep diving in the #dscolor and #dsfloral feeds for some much needed color and freshness. These flowers that @aubrianak shared felt like the perfect way to start the day. This color is so beautiful and soft. They’re a welcome contrast to our mushy mud and snow covered yard. #bloooms #roses🌹
  • Maybe it’s today’s pattern theme or the upcoming time with family or the fact that I binged watched the entire season of @nbcmakingit while I was sick this past week, but I’ve had quilts on my mind. They’re some of my favorite examples of pattern around and they have so much meaning and history to them (check out the Gee’s Bend video in the NYTimes too!). I love this modern quilt that @suzyquilts made- it makes me feel like maybe I could tackle something like this. Every episode of Making It made me want to get back into, well, making things, again and I’m so thankful for that feeling. I’ve gotten so far away from DIY in the past few years bc it started to feel like work or “content” rather than fun. But I’m ready for it to be fun again. Time to start 🧵 ✂️💙 #dspattern #ihavethisthingwithpatterns #modernquilt #quiltsofinstagram
  • Speaking of pattern...look 👀 at these incredible psychedelic-y floral pattern pieces that @studiocoverdale makes!! I know it’s winter and this screams summer to me, but now all I want is to redo our tiny downstairs half bath in this pattern as a wallpaper. Talk about a sherbet-y wake up call 💕 #dspattern #dswallpaper #patternlove #dscolor #ihavethisthingwithpatterns