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  • Today we are publishing the full cover story with @aparnapkin from the new issue of @goodcompanyzine over at Design*Sponge (link in profile + stories). We're posting this story free online for two reasons. 
First, I'm so touched by what Aparna says about her work, life, and mental health. Second, we want to give you a peek inside @goodcompanyzine because we know–especially as creatives–money is precious, and since we’re asking you to invest in us, we want you to feel good about doing so. For the sake of transparency, here’s how we spend our money:

Each issue of @goodcompanyzine supports over 65 creatives, from artists + writers to photographers, stylists + illustrators The cover price ($12-$18, depending on where you buy) allows us to pay this amazing team, which is primarily POC, LGBTQ+, disabled creatives from under-represented communities. 
Our cover story was created by an all-female team. That can be really rare + it made me want to explain more about how we do what we're doing at @goodcompanyzine + how you can support these stories.

@goodtalkthanks touched on this the other day when she said, "I get a lot of DMs from ppl who feel seen by [her new book] GOOD TALK. Thank you. But DMs don’t show publishers how many of you show up for work like mine & others. Posts on Goodreads, Amazon, etc. Can you post there, too? It’s one good way to make sure more of us get published." We are so grateful for your support of our work at Good Company (and DS), but as so many of you know, keeping any indie media live is HARD. A lot of you have asked how to support us: if you're able to buy @goodcompanyzine online or in store, that is a huge help. But if you're able to post a positive review on platforms like Amazon, that is a huge help, too. Both show our publishers, retailers, and potential investors/adverts that we're worth investing in. So if you're able to review us, request us at your local bookstore, and/or buy a copy, it goes a long way toward us being able to tell these stories and financially support those sharing and bringing these stories to life. From all of us at Good Company, thank you. ♥️♥️♥️
  • [Lettering by @kim.van.vu - see stories for a grammatically correct version- I didn’t want to lose all your kind stories below] Hi, my name is Grace Bonney and, despite working on an entire issue of @goodcompanyzine about money 💰I am still terrified of it. I’m terrified I won’t have enough to pay for health insurance and my insulin, I’m afraid that I won’t have enough to help support my family and mostly, I’m afraid to ASK for money when I need it. Because I think people will say no. But guess what. That changes now. Like, *right now*. Remember I said I didn’t find any clarity on vacation? Well, the second I said that and let it go, something happened. It was like I tipped a painting sideways and suddenly saw things from a different perspective - and I spent three hours typing up what will hopefully become a business plan for what I’d like to do next. It’s time for me to grow up, face my fears, and ask for the funding I need to support something that I think is important and good and so damn promising. So here’s me putting it out into the world: I’m going to face my fears about money and rejection and plan (and ask) for what I need to make it happen. No more limiting beliefs. I want to imagine bigger than I have before. Anyone else have any fears they want to air out here and get ready to face? ⭐️ I’m hoping if we all share them openly collectively we can put some good energy out into the air to help us all take the first step 🙌🏽💪🏽✨
  • Flashing back to one of my favorite photos from @victoryblooms - one of the photos that inspired the #dsfloral hashtag back in the day. I’m staring at this because our peonies feel like they’ve been stuck in the bud phase for way too long (I know, I know, be patient, Grace) and I’m desperate for them to bloom and bring our yard back to life 🌸🌸
  • ”Surviving the Social Media Storm” ⚡️ Creative types across fields including photography, writing, food, fashion, and design weigh in on how social media has impacted their perceived worth—for good or bad ⚡️Read @kellikehler’s story in @goodcompanyzine Issue No.3 💸#GoodCoMoney 🎨 collage by @foundbykaty ✨#linkinbio