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  • My wife @turshen wrote a beautiful piece over at @condenasttraveller about our falling in love at the dog park. Any story that centers around dogs, love, coffee, and chocolate croissants 🥐 makes me happy, but this one makes me especially happy because it’s our story ♥️ 🐶 (Swipe up to read in stories or in my profile link above)
  • Sundays on the porch 💛
  • A baby deer and it’s mama have taken up residence in our yard. We found them sleeping in the front yard last night right under our living room windows. Between this and the bird that built a nest on the blade of our patio fan where she’s having her babies, our house feels like one giant nature love fest and I am SO into it. This baby deer is seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen. (Don’t tell Winky I said that) 💛
  • Please meet Elise Smith ♥️ Elise goes by the name @winniesbakery here on Instagram. Through my wife @turshen and her friendship with Elise, I’ve been learning more about both how incredible Elise is and also what she’s been going through, health-wise. Elise was recently diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome and will need a bone marrow transplant as part of her treatment. Unfortunately, Elise does not currently have a matching donor on the registry. And I wanted to do everything and anything I can to help. I’m hoping that someone reading might be a match for Elise. All it takes is a simple cheek swab to test and register to see if you’re a match. If you’re able to help, please register online to get a kit and it will come to your house and then you just swab + mail it back, easy peasy. I’ve posted more details in my story above, but you can also get info here: http://join.bethematch.org/TeamElise Please consider doing a simple swab if you can to join the registry ♥️