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  • Our last morning at the beach was windy and cold— summarized best by Hope’s face here. This week was such a reminder to slow down and keep things simple. We started every day by watching the sunrise at the beach and then we took a bike ride down to the jetty after every breakfast. Lots of naps, time together and plenty of dog walks. I could not have asked for more. ♥️
  • Tomorrow is our last full day here and I am soaking up every second. The ocean has such a power to heal and calm and starting the day here every morning with @turshen and the dogs has been such a joy. Lots of breathing, biking, smiling, and sandy shoes 💛
  • Best date night ♥️ 🎡
  • Look at this handsome guy. Holding down the fort at home and getting some fresh air while we run around the beach in Virginia. 💛💛