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  • ”Surviving the Social Media Storm” ⚡️ Creative types across fields including photography, writing, food, fashion, and design weigh in on how social media has impacted their perceived worth—for good or bad ⚡️Read @kellikehler’s story in @goodcompanyzine Issue No.3 💸#GoodCoMoney 🎨 collage by @foundbykaty ✨#linkinbio
  • I could not be happier to be home in our little pink oasis. And....an idea started brewing in this corner today 🌱 maybe last week’s vacation will actually lead to some new thoughts after all. So thankful for this safe space to think and dream big and plan and take risks. #dspink
  • After a week in the desert 🌵I am loving all the rainy green lushness of being back home. I loved all the cactus flowers we spotted in Joshua Tree, and took pictures of almost every single one (those hot pinks!), but I’m so thankful to be surrounded by the sounds and smells of rain at home. 📸 by @ariellevey in #dsfloral
  • Closing any business after 15 years is scary- and complicated. So I went on vacation this week hoping to find some clarity about what comes next. I read books by Oprah, hiked through the desert waiting for an A-HA moment, and unplugged to try and get in touch with the quieter voices in my head. Turns out, you can’t force clarity. I’m home now with no more idea of what I want to do next than when I left. But what I DO know is that I am so grateful for where I am right now. And who I get to share this unsure chapter with. Being home on the couch with all the pets and @turshen is my favorite place to be. Although this convertible wasn’t too bad either. Thanks for always being my favorite co-pilot, JT ♥️