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  • Over the past two months I’ve watched a family of Eastern Phoebes attempt to start their family on the blade of our patio fan. Today I wrote about what bird watching has taught me about life (link above and in stories- with a video of the baby eating!) over at DS. Watching this little bird family lay over 7 eggs in two clutches and only have one hatch successfully has been such a life lesson in hope, loss, and awe. #birdwatchers 🐣 (Don’t worry, all photos and videos were taken from much further back and zoomed in super close. I follow all the nest watching guidelines from the Cornell Bird Watch program 👍🏽)
  • Love this Frida tattoo so much. Tattoo by @mambotattooer 🎨
  • We've loved following @clorox 's  #WhatComesNextProject  this year.  Clorox partnered with some incredible organizations and individuals across the country who have been hard at work on community projects that are all about the power of clean, several of which we've gotten to share here. 
Today we wanted to highlight one more project: @nycthrive . In 2017, Clorox partnered with Thrive Collective in helping to clean and transform a distressed space into their now thriving youth arts center in Harlem. In May of this year, Thrive Collective in partnership with @urbanlifementors opened an arts center in Oakland, California for local youth and families. With the assistance of a grant from Clorox, the organizations were able to make improvements to the center’s interior and exterior, along with the equipment needed for programming and events. #sponsored

To learn more about this project and more about the What Comes Next Project check out my stories.
  • Her ears get me every time ♥️ #home