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  • [Photo of vines on our garage by my dad @cbonneyphoto ] I’ve been taking more time away from social media. And it’s honestly been really wonderful. Ive been trying to muffle the voice in my head telling me that I’m “lazy” for not putting as much time into social media, but I know that this quiet time at home is important and head-clearing. I’ve been listening more, learning more, and have been trying to better understand some of the heart-breaking news in the world outside of the lens of social media (specifically in relation to the horrific atrocities in Sudan). I want to find ways to use my time to be of better service in the real world outside and not just online. It’s a slow and winding process and de-programming myself from the way I used to talk-first and listen/learn-second, but it’s so necessary right now. I know whatever I do next, I want to be of more tangible service and make connections that exist in real life and not just on a screen. Does anyone else feel this way these days? I don’t want to disengage from community or world news at all- quite the contrary. What I want instead is to find and support those things in ways that feel more concrete, functional,  and permanent. The internet can be such a powerful tool for so many things but I think I forgot that real life can, too. So I’m working on unplugging more and plugging back in to the people and places around me. 💚
  • Say hello to one of the most trying DIY projects I’ve done in a LONG time: aka, our bedroom headboard makeover, inspired by @bradytolbert ‘s amazing upholstered headboard. @turshen and I spent a full day (9am to 9pm) on this gorgeous 12 foot upholstered headboard and it was worth every second. You can read all about it at DS today (and more pics in stories above ☝🏽)
  • 🎂38: Friends, cake, water park rides 🌊🏄🏻‍♀️ and, most of all, gratitude. I could not ask for a single thing more. I am so thankful for all this, right here. Thanks for the 📸 @upstate_realestate ♥️
  • I just read that several US embassies had their requests to fly Pride flags (during Pride month) denied by the current administration, something they’ve done without problem in recent years. It makes me sick. And scared. I have complicated feelings about Pride month, but I appreciate any genuine attempt that people make to celebrate and honor the LGBTQIA+ community (especially when there isn’t a commerce angle attached). So today I wanted to celebrate my community with the flag created by Amber Hikes, the executive director of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs. Do I want to see embassies (and other allies) do more than fly flags to support the LGBTQIA+ community? Absolutely. Do I think a flag flying means safety and support for everyone in the LGBTQIA+ community? Absolutely not. But flags are a symbol and while the LGBTQIA+ flag has its own issues with adequate representation within our community, seeing others fly it as a sign of support feels like one *small* bit of good in what feels like a sea of bad. We’ve watched in anger and pit-of-your-stomach terror as  protections and rights for the LGBTQIA+ community have disappeared under this administration (especially those belonging to LGBTQIA+ family who identify as trans, POC, disabled, or immigrants) and watching this small request go denied feels like yet another reminder that LGBTQIA+ people are not treated as equal. If you are an ally, before you head out to a march or parade, *talk* to the LGBTQIA+ people in your life. Ask how they are. Ask how you can best be of support. And listen. Celebrations and rainbows and confetti are fun, but real connections and understanding people’s experiences and fear right now is even more meaningful. ♥️