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  • Turk feels way more enthusiastic about the internet than I do right now. I think it’s mainly about the heat my laptop gives off, but I appreciate his embrace of it all ♥️
  • I finally acknowledged my total creative burnout this week. It’s been here for a while but it was scary and tough to admit. I’m making plans to hit restart, find some space, and renewed purpose and meaning....but in the meantime, this photo from @le_polyedre is keeping me calm and focused 💙
  • I love a paper roll sign. We used to have one of these back when DS had an office and wrote on it all the time just because it was so beautiful. Thanks to @thewildsonnyc via @eating.things for the reminder 💛
  • Today I had a little break through in therapy and my heart is feeling grateful and excited. It’s not a black and white answer to feeling lost (things are rarely that clear) but it’s a good start in a grey area that feels hopeful. Speaking of colors- this little 🍦 duo that @londonispink shared is pretty darn dreamy 🍬