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  • I keep reading the news about the terror attacks in Sri Lanka and can’t fully wrap my head around the hate that seems to be filing the world over and over. I can only imagine the sadness these families and communities must be feeling. My heart and mind are focused on them and keeping an eye out for anything we can all do to help and support. ♥️ Photo by @honeykennedy
  • I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday shut up in our bedroom trying to get better. Today I’m on the mend and finally back with my favorite fuzzy companions and care takers. Resting on the couch this morning I looked over and saw that Turk and Winky had intertwined their legs and fallen asleep together. Those two are constantly in a love-hate tango and moments like this are so healing. ♥️ #unlikelyanimalfriends
  • The past 48 hours were a rough ride. And a lesson in asking for help and the importance of community. I came down with a stomach virus really quickly on Wednesday and was home alone at night when I realized something was really wrong. Thankfully I called a friend and my neighbor and both came to help right away. Tanya took me to the emergency doctor and Rosalou sat with me until 2am because I tested positive for high ketones, which is really dangerous if you have #type1diabetes like I do. I called @sarabeejensen ♥️ and she helped me calm down and taught me how to deal with my high ketones (since I wasn’t in full DKA and wasn’t throwing up yet) It took me hours to get them out of my system (taking tons of insulin* and pounding water and walking circles inside your house when you’re super sick is no fun) and get back to a safe number where I could sleep. When Julia got home the next morning the same thing happened, which lead to me calling my endocrinologist and discovering my *insulin vial had gone bad and wasn’t working* 😱 I’m so thankful for the community around us here that showed me so much love this week. I still feel like I got tossed into rough seas and washed up on shore, but my numbers are stable, my ketones are mostly gone, and I’m on the mend. I’m always more comfortable being in the giving end of help rather than the receiving but this week taught me to surrender and ask when you really need it. I just feel so grateful for my community and so lucky to be ok. ♥️ So much love to @30minutesofeverything @sarabeejensen @thejapantichrist for their support and to @turshen and @rochelleudell who took a 3am train home from DC to be with me. [Turk is ok- he did a good job keeping me company when I was at my worst]
  • Finding the most inspiration in this incredible photo that @readysetkho posted in #dspink - this dreamy flower field in Thailand is all my favorite pinks in one place 💕