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  • There are literally hundreds of holiday design themes, but if you're in the mood for something playful + colorful, natural + neutral or a classic camp-cozy plaid, we've got you covered! We teamed up with @joann_stores to dream up some fun decorating styles with pieces available at their stores & online. Link to our post in profile!
  • I wrote a really meaningful and important (for me at least) personal essay today. It was a deep reflection on the past, present and future and it felt so healing to write and put onto paper. For a solid year now I’ve been in question mode, with no idea what the future holds. I’ve been stagnant and stymied by self doubt and hesitation. I’ve been waiting for some huge sign to point me in the right direction and then realized that I think right now life is trying to teach me that those moments aren’t always so big and grand and easy to spot. Sometimes they’re small and cumulative and you have to stop and stay still and get quiet to really see them. Then I saw this piece that @morganharpernichols posted and it felt right on. Sometimes blooming is slow, painfully slow, and you don’t see it unless you wait patiently. It was the reminder I needed and I hope this might help anyone else out there who may be feeling the same as I do these days ♥️ 🌷
  • I love love love this rainbow 🌈 spin on Christmas decorations that @chelseabrink posted- if green and red aren’t your thing, this is such a fun way to bring alllll of the colors into your home in a festive way without going the traditional route ♥️🌈 #dscolor #dsrainbow
  • Me this morning after a few days off of social media. Getting back into the swing of things but staying under the covers with the pets is the best 💛 Photo by @paulthecorgi in #dspink and #dspetstyle