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  • From coast to coast, nine drag queens and kings tell @goodcompanyzine what it’s really like to make a living as a drag performer ✨💸✨ Thank you @laurentamaki for these gorgeous illustrations in #GoodCoMoney—available now! 💛 #linkinbio
  • So grateful for a chance to adventure together with this one. This week we’ve hiked through caverns and what felt like miles of Martian terrain- as well as taking a tram up to 8500 feet to hike at the top of San Jacinto mountain. We’ve seen so many beautiful things, but looking over and seeing @turshen next to me is always my favorite view. ♥️
  • Keep an eye out for @goodcompanyzine at indie bookstores this weekend ✨💸✨ We’re also available worldwide (with free shipping options!) on Amazon and Book Depository 💛 #GoodCoMoney
  • Today we’re taking you behind the scenes of the process @mccalmanco and @leavesandletterforms went through in making this @goodcompanyzine cover (shot by @jokimbo!) and the challenges and surprises they encountered along the way. Check out @kellikehler’s conversation with two members of our 65+ #GoodCoMoney contributor team, now live on designsponge.com ✨💸✨ Link in stories! 📸 @leavesandletterforms