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  • Speaking of pink, how stunning are these antique marbled books that @familleribeaucourt posted? I have a soft spot for marbled ANYTHING and these are just heaven. Can you imagine if modern day books all had this much time and dedication payed to their page sides? They’re a surprise work of art ♥️ #dspink #ihavethisthingwithpink #antiquebooks #marbled
  • Definitely the cutest tiny pink building I’ve ever seen. @moments.of_grace posted this and now all I want to do is make a tiny version of this as a sugar cookie. I’ve been watching so much GBBO that everything looks like an excuse for flooded icing right now. #dspink #ihavethisthingwithpink #pinkhouses
  • My head is still spinning from last week’s chat at the @issuu Generators Summit with the incredible @tavitulle of @rookiemag , @nogophoto and Jen Tolentino of @rockthevote - we talked about the challenges of finding authenticity online, tackling “the algorithm” and how to tell honest stories when what works isn’t always what feels right. To listen to our talk together, check out today’s new episode of the @goodcompanyzine podcast. Swipe up in stories above to listen or just download the latest issue wherever you listen to podcasts 🎧♥️ Artwork by the always amazing @dabsmyla #dspattern #podcasts #dabsmyla #dsfloral
  • Since I’ve got florals on the brain today- here’s an especially gorgeous moment with flowers and great wall flowers from @ashleycassidyseale at @blushandbloom from #dsfloral and #bloooms 🌸🌸🌸