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  • Home today sick as a dog with a dog who is also sick. Heading to the vet later and for now, resting up and scrolling through cute pictures of pets in the #dspetstyle feed. This puppy athleisure moment that @tracey_tilley shared is cracking me up and after the last 24 hours a few laughs are helpful ♥️
  • This is a post of gratitude to everyone and anyone who has ever worked as part of a volunteer fire department or EMT. Last night as we were about to fall asleep I saw flickering behind our window shades and noticed our neighbor’s shed/barn was engulfed flames. It’s very close to our house so we grabbed the pets and my insulin and got in the car (after calling 911 and our neighbor) and were ready to evacuate because I was convinced the dry brush and trees between that building and our house would burn in a heartbeat. But to our surprise and extreme gratitude, 50 firefighters, all volunteers, from the surrounding hamlets, came to the rescue in less than 5 minutes. No small feat in a rural community where everything is really spread out. They had it under control and no one was hurt and I have never been more grateful or in awe of those who risk their lives in service of others. On Veterans Day I am sitting here deep in gratitude for all of the brave people who sign up to put themselves on the line for others. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And to the families whose loved ones work or volunteer in these fields, thank you ♥️
  • ✈️ Heading home to New York after a wonderful tour for the new issue of @goodcompanyzine - the events were all recorded and will be available as podcasts next month, so stay tuned! I wanted these conversations to be as accessible as possible so those episodes (and transcripts) will be up starting in December. For now, huge thank you to @alliemisch and @mccalmanco and @kellikehler who helped this tour and issue come to life in such a meaningful way. If you want to check out a copy of the new mag, click the link in my bio above or swipe up in stories to find a shop online or a store near you ♥️ Photo by @gatherseattle @jacksonst.studio from our visit this week.
  • Want to know how meaningful last night’s @goodcompanyzine panel in Seattle was? Because of what the amazing women on the panel and everyone in the audience said, I’ve been up since 3am working on ideas for what I hope will be my next work (and life) project. I was so moved by what @glutenfreegirl @theoulacompany and Davora from @prairieunderground said it suddenly crystallized in my head what I had been missing and what I want to do more of. You can’t plan or force moments like that and I am so grateful for the energy and honesty in last night’s room. Thank you to @theriveterco and @booklarder for having us and to everyone who came out. Want to catch more of that energy? Join us tonight in SF! We’ll be at @books_inc - tickets are still available or join us at the door! ♥️ Thanks to @imcaytlyncole for making this from last night’s talk and this sentiment we heard online that we loved so much. (The original comment I heard online was about who profits from self doubt and comparison and questioning those systems that would benefit from the comparison game)