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  • I could not be prouder of this project. The second issue of @goodcompanyzine is officially out in the world and seeing the product of so much collaboration and hard work finally see the light of day has me feeling incredibly grateful for this opportunity. You can pick up an issue online or on stands everywhere this week, but for a little preview, flip through. Thanks to @mccalmanco for all his work on the design and art direction of our first issue together and for these beautiful photos of the new issue ♥️
  • One of the toughest fears we all face is dealing with CREATIVE BLOCK. Artist @sallustration created an incredible and very personal zine for the new issue of @goodcompanyzine all about how SHE tackles this beast- and what her practical real-life tips for pushing through it are. I’m particularly fond of the “pet a dog” advice. 🐶This page was super helpful for me, but you can catch the full zine) and much more, in the new issue. Grab a link in my bio link or swipe up in stories. #inthecompanyofwomen #goodcompanymag #creativeblock #creativeblockcure #womenwhodraw
  • 🌸 I am so happy today because it is officially the launch of issue #2: Fear(less) of @goodcompanyzine !! I could not be prouder of this issue. The incredible range of honest, open voices and real talk about everything related to fear, failure and how to push past them is seriously overflowing in this issue. Our second issue has 180 pages of amazing art, photography, interviews, advice and group chats with incredible people like @luvvie @jennydeluxe @rheabutcher @jacobtobia @resistancerevivalchorus @byellowtail @j.okuma @blairimani and SO many more talented people. You can pick up the issue on stands today or online- just check out the link in my bio above or swipe up in stories. Thank you to everyone who made this issue happen- this conversation needed to be out in the world and I’m so glad it is- and that it looks so gorgeous! #goodcompanymag #goodcompanyzine #inthecompanyofwomen #indiemagazine #fearlessmotivation #launchday
  • ⚡️Tomorrow is a very big day and I’m feeling that same sense of equal parts nerves, excitement and total fear 😱. Which feels appropriate because tomorrow is the official launch of the NEW issue of @goodcompanyzine all about fear and failure called: The Fear(less) Issue. I cannot wait to share some spreads and quotations from the issue (and more giveaways) so stay tuned tomorrow for all the goods. Until then, my favorite cat in the world bids you a very good night. #cattummy #catstyle