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  • I just got to see the first pass of the brand new issue of @goodcompanyzine that @mccalmanco designed and I am feeling like one of these happy little Pusheen cats that @samanthachiu baked. Seriously. Next year is going to be WILD and FULL of fun and change and I CANNOT for it all to start. I haven’t felt this clear and happy about work in so so long. I can’t wait to share all our plans and new ideas after the holidays. Until then, here’s to baking sweet things for loved ones. And here’s hoping that the baking I want to tackle tomorrow is approved by the queen 👑 Georgine. #holidaybaking #catcookies #bakersofinstagram #christmascookies #pusheen #pusheenthecat #pusheenlove
  • Speaking of baking and GBBO, this is one of my all time favorite bakes from one of my all time favorite bakers @kimjoyskitchen - she always nailed the cute factor but also created things I actually wanted to eat- not just look at. I love this little winter scene she created with a tiny gingerbread house on top. That’s my type of gingerbread construction- simple and sweet 💛 #gbbo2018 #kimjoy #gingerbreadhouse #cakesofinstagram #holidaybaking #caramelcake
  • The last baked good I posted with ribbons of cinnamon and sugar reminded me of these gorgeous velvet ribbons that @partycrushstudio posted. These are quite literally all of my favorite colors put together and now I want to bake Georgine a cake and wrap it with this. If GBBO has taught me anything- it’s that the little finishing touches on something can make all the difference. So now I’m thinking of making her an iced lemon loaf wrapped up with a yellow velvet ribbon 🎀🍋🍞 #gbbo2018 #velvetribbon #bakingforfriends #dscolor
  • Can we just talk about baking today? I’ve been leaning hard on Great British Bake-off for all the happy vibes and team work and positivity and it makes me want to stay in the kitchen all day with the smell of cinnamon and chocolate. Baking also makes me think of Georgine and all the things she would normally make this time of year and bring to Angel Food. She’s not able to bake right now so I feel like I want to make something inspired by her and to keep her tradition going in our house, too ♥️ Photo by the very talented @samanthachiu - this type of twisty baked good is my fav #bread #flatlay #baking #holidaybaking #gbbo2018 #hyggehome