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  • I’ve become obsessed with time lapsing take offs and landings to see if they look as bumpy as they feel. Grateful to be safely on the ground and ready to drive home ❤️
  • The fact that I’ve managed to avoid giving into the numerous delicious airport and hotel donuts 🍩 that have tempted me for the past two weeks on the road shocks me. Life with #type1diabetes doesn’t mean I “can’t” eat things like this, but taking big insulin swings (and sometimes misses) while I’m on the road feels too risky for my comfort. But this trip has been super hard on my blood sugar. Not sleeping well, not enough water and fitting in little snacks here and there (and missing my normal work out routine) means higher numbers than I like. So I’m so thankful to be heading home today where I can get back to my routine. I have so much respect and compassion and love for people traveling for work and living with chronic illness, disabilities or other factors that make a trip more than just a trip. ❤️❤️ Illustration by @sallustration **PS: please don’t leave unsolicited “cure” or secret treatment/diet plan comments next to people’s comments. As someone with a chronic disease I can tell you they’re really frustrating. Even with the best of intentions.
  • Y’all. Being back in Athens was a complete and total joy. I’ve missed being around accents and seeing so many friends, old and new. Thank you to @avidbookshop and @cineathens and all of these incredibly creative and talented human beings for joining me on stage and sharing their time and their stories with all of us. It was an honor to hear all of you talk. And thank you to everyone who came!! And especially to those who drove from far and wide (North Carolina!) to join us. Xoxo to @rinneallen for the pre show hang 💜💜
  • What do you need to know before you start a new online business? That's what we're talking about today in part 2 of our how-to business series with @weebly. I'm talking with @weebly customer @candid_art about what she wish she'd known before she started and what advice she has for people just starting out. We'll talk legal, financial and online to-do lists and how to prepare yourself emotionally for this big step! Link in bio