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  • 🏕 Many of you have reached out to ask if I have any travel planned after DS closes next week and until recently, I didn’t. But it’s sinking in that this might be the *best* time to follow my vision board and clear my head and heart for the future. So I’m going to take the trip I’ve always wanted to take: ALASKA. I can’t afford a ton of time, but for anyone who lives locally or visits often, what would YOU suggest for a one week itinerary? My primary interest is seeing as much nature and indigenous art as I can. I was thinking maybe Anchorage/Denali/Katmai and a side trip to Sitka if I can manage it. What do you all think? I’m so excited, and also a little scared, to finally take the trip I’ve always dreamed of. 📷 by @patrickthunphoto via @travelalaska #myalaskadream
  • Yep, this will do. What a wonderful way to end the day. 🌄
  • ♥️ Today I answered the question I've been asked the most: HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN IT’S TIME TO GO? Ending a chapter is really hard, but today I wrote about HOW I made the decision, HOW I knew it was the right time and how it’s felt- honestly. Link to the full post in my stories above and in my profile ☝🏽 ✨ Has anyone else closed a business or chapter before? How did YOU know it was the right time? What did your process feel like? Looking back on it, do you wish you’d done anything differently? (Tile design by @nickmisani )
  • 🔮 What does the future hold? I decided to make (and share) one last vision board as we wrap up the final month of Design*Sponge and I have a feeling nature and big steps will be a part of my next chapter (I put some close ups in my stories above ☝🏽). Thanks for this great idea. So many of you suggested this as a way for me to better visualize and feel hopeful about life after Design*Sponge and you were right— I feel a clearer path opening to imagine new things 💛