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  • I’ve been reading, in horror, the NYTimes magazine story on the death of insects everywhere. It’s such a sobering and important piece, but it made me think of the tiny bees and insects that @woodlucker creates in their pieces. Losing these small insects and creatures is not a good sign for the planet and it really made me think about how important all these small beings are. Thank you to @woodlucker for always portraying them so lovingly ♥️ and the reminder that they play such an important part in pollinating so many of the flora we love.
  • Today my favorite person launched a podcast and she started it all off with my OTHER favorite person, Georgine. For those of you who have followed our friendship with Georgine from Angel Food, this show sheds some light on how special she is and how much we enjoy spending time with her. You can hear the episode on Julia’s new show “Keep Calm and Cook On”- available anywhere you listen to podcasts ♥️ Congrats, JT! #georginesays
  • These fish scale tiles are SO cute. I will forever love the vintage ones that @genevievegorder had her in home (that were in the first Design*Sponge book back in 2011) but these are a really nice modern version. And this watery color palette is 👌🏽 Photo by @mmmina in #dsfloors #ihavethisthingwithtiles
  • I am 💯💯 here for this amazing green and white tile situation. Everything in my feed seems to be pointing me toward glossy green tiles and I am ok with that. I think it might be time for me to mix a color or two into my vet neutral palette of the past few years. I think my work life has been so busy that I needed home to be a break from that. But now that I’m stopping to take stock in what I want to DO, focusing on making things a little more fun at home feels like a good idea (shared some holiday peeks inside our house in stories above ☝🏽). Thanks to @berit.schurse for this photo in #dscolor #ihavethisthingwithtiles