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  • A constant reminder that always feels good to see and hear. Artwork by @martinamartian via @polychromemag via @adolescentcontent ♥️
  • Can’t think of a more beautiful way to start the day. 📷 and crystals from @able_ground ✨
  • Illustrated notes like these mean the world to me. Seeing what parts of my @newyork_cm talk resonated with @caffeinatedapple mean so much. And seeing people learn from what I learned from Georgine? I can’t describe how happy that makes me. She gets to keep living on in their lives too and nothing could be better 💛
  • Still soaking in the meaningful morning yesterday at @newyork_cm - what a gift to have the chance to reflect and share on such a vulnerable time in my life and to feel safe to talk and cry about things that are so fresh and raw right now. I can’t thank the CM team enough for having me and creating this safe and supportive space. And thank you to @swissmiss for believing in me ♥️ Thank you mostly to the brave people who came up to share their deeply personal stories with me. The hugs and tears meant so much to me. And thank you for sharing your photos of your versions of Georgine- seeing so many inter generational friendships was just beautiful. Thank you to @pauljunbear for capturing this moment ♥️ **Ill be sure to share the link of my talk when it’s live 👍🏽