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  • I think the only thing better than daffodil season is actually having an entire wall covered in them- forever. It makes my heart sing to see so a giant field of chipper little yellow daffodil faces in this kitchen. Not a bad view while you sit down to eat. 📷 by @wallpapertrader and this design is by Michael Angove 🌼🌼 #dscolor #dsfloral #bloooms #dswallpaper
  • Stars on stars on stars on stars today courtesy of @kasie_barton in #dspattern because today all I want to see is color and pattern and joy in our feed. ⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • On a hunt for some great color today. How have all our leaves fallen already? Missing summer flowers and looking outside to a see a sea of color and petals. Love this dahlia collection that @christine.chitnis posted in #dsfloral #bloooms #dahlias #dahliaseason taken at @thefarmersdaughterflowers
  • Anyone else need a little uplift today? After the past few days I’m ready to turn this ship around and focus on something positive. If you know someone else who could use that 🎈 feeling, tag them and send a little love. I’m tagging @kellikehler @ckelch67 and @alliemisch because they have been working 24/7 to help us get this new issue of @goodcompanyzine out into the world and it’s been hectic! ♥️ Photo by @simone_anne #dscolor