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  • [Lettering by @kim.van.vu - see stories for a grammatically correct version- I didn’t want to lose all your kind stories below] Hi, my name is Grace Bonney and, despite working on an entire issue of @goodcompanyzine about money 💰I am still terrified of it. I’m terrified I won’t have enough to pay for health insurance and my insulin, I’m afraid that I won’t have enough to help support my family and mostly, I’m afraid to ASK for money when I need it. Because I think people will say no. But guess what. That changes now. Like, *right now*. Remember I said I didn’t find any clarity on vacation? Well, the second I said that and let it go, something happened. It was like I tipped a painting sideways and suddenly saw things from a different perspective - and I spent three hours typing up what will hopefully become a business plan for what I’d like to do next. It’s time for me to grow up, face my fears, and ask for the funding I need to support something that I think is important and good and so damn promising. So here’s me putting it out into the world: I’m going to face my fears about money and rejection and plan (and ask) for what I need to make it happen. No more limiting beliefs. I want to imagine bigger than I have before. Anyone else have any fears they want to air out here and get ready to face? ⭐️ I’m hoping if we all share them openly collectively we can put some good energy out into the air to help us all take the first step 🙌🏽💪🏽✨
  • Flashing back to one of my favorite photos from @victoryblooms - one of the photos that inspired the #dsfloral hashtag back in the day. I’m staring at this because our peonies feel like they’ve been stuck in the bud phase for way too long (I know, I know, be patient, Grace) and I’m desperate for them to bloom and bring our yard back to life 🌸🌸
  • ”Surviving the Social Media Storm” ⚡️ Creative types across fields including photography, writing, food, fashion, and design weigh in on how social media has impacted their perceived worth—for good or bad ⚡️Read @kellikehler’s story in @goodcompanyzine Issue No.3 💸#GoodCoMoney 🎨 collage by @foundbykaty ✨#linkinbio
  • I could not be happier to be home in our little pink oasis. And....an idea started brewing in this corner today 🌱 maybe last week’s vacation will actually lead to some new thoughts after all. So thankful for this safe space to think and dream big and plan and take risks. #dspink