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  • ⚡️Tomorrow is a very big day and I’m feeling that same sense of equal parts nerves, excitement and total fear 😱. Which feels appropriate because tomorrow is the official launch of the NEW issue of @goodcompanyzine all about fear and failure called: The Fear(less) Issue. I cannot wait to share some spreads and quotations from the issue (and more giveaways) so stay tuned tomorrow for all the goods. Until then, my favorite cat in the world bids you a very good night. #cattummy #catstyle
  • I would 1000% be ok with this being my living room. Give me a slightly falling apart arrangement any day and I instantly feel like I’m in a fancy old timey romance novel. This one is courtesy of @fjura_ @derekhendersonphoto @pleasuregardenmagazine and @h.mckay #bloooms #dsfloral ⭐️⭐️ ps: check out my live video saved in the @strandbookstore feed if you are looking for some real talk about fear and failure today ♥️
  • In between my Q&A video sessions about fear and failure 😱 today at @thenewschool an @strandbookstore (2pm EST!) I really want to take a dip in this incredible tiled 🛁 that @dusendusen shared. How beautiful is this? #ihavethisthingwithtiles (Taken at the Nakashima Foundation for Peace)
  • Ok Monday, let’s do this. It’s officially @goodcompanyzine launch week and I’ll be answering questions about FEAR 😱 over at @strandbookstore (2pm EST) and @thenewschool (11am EST) today - but first I wanted to share this beautiful floor that combines two of my favorite design elements: patterned tile and anything pink. Thanks for sharing @vagabond3 (and @medianochesf ) from #dsfloors #dspattern #ihavethisthingwithfloors and #ihavethisthingwithtiles