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  • I’m giving myself the morning off of work to watch the last few episodes of @ciaosamin ‘s new @netflix show inspired by her book @saltfatacidheat - if you haven’t watched yet, please do. I am so happy for Samin and so overjoyed to see more amazing women on TV ♥️ Also, the episode with her mom is ⭐️⭐️ *Photo of Samin by @sashaisrael from #inthecompanyofwomen
  • Coming home to this view is always a gift. I love being able to go in and out of the city for work, but coming back to these mountains is hard to beat. #ourstreet
  • Up early to drive into the city for a photoshoot with one of my journalism heroes for a story in the next issue of  @goodcompanyzine - working on the magazine has been the most challenging project of my work life so far, but I am so grateful for the opportunities it’s provided to connect with people who inspire me to keep pushing and to work harder and try to do better. As I head out into the rain, I’m also thankful for @eugenia_zoloto ‘s paper flowers- weeks of rain have crushed our remaining flowers in the yard so I will be cherishing her paper versions instead. 🌸
  • Can I be this fox? I don’t think I’ve taken a shower in days and my work load feels like it’s hit an all time high (launch weeks are always wild and hectic but fun) and my caffeine consumption is OUT OF CONTROL as I’m trying to stay moving. But right now for one moment I’m taking a break and imagining myself in this field of flowers and soft things and animals that don’t bark at you 24/7 because you aren’t giving them enough treats. (Looking at you, Winky). Artwork by @oanabefort in #dsfloral