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  • I'm finding constant inspiration in @gracedchin 's feed these days. It's easy to get overwhelmed in the sea of terrifying news these days but caring really matters. Doing matters. Listening matters. Everyone needs to find the balance that works for them so they can stay stable and take care of themselves, but when and if you have the time and the ability, showing up and caring makes such an important difference. Artists like @gracedchin keep me motivated and inspired to keep finding those connections between social and political issues and the world of art and design and I'm so thankful for little moments like this that remind me stay committed and on course. ❤️💪🏽
  • Amazing Saturday still life from @katska_ya in #dsfloral 🌸🍐🍇
  • This is my kind of pattern. @maxwellmuseums shared this piece that @adamnathanielfurman created at King’s Cross for @thedesignjunction
  • Maybe it's just me...but I needed to see this today. Thanks for the reminder @shareloveeverywhere 💙