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  • Today I had a little break through in therapy and my heart is feeling grateful and excited. It’s not a black and white answer to feeling lost (things are rarely that clear) but it’s a good start in a grey area that feels hopeful. Speaking of colors- this little 🍦 duo that @londonispink shared is pretty darn dreamy 🍬
  • Me, this morning. Is it time for a nap yet? 📷 by @suzypuss63 in #dspetstyle 😻 **Also how cute is that blanket?
  • This entire illustration that @adamjk posted feels like it’s inside my head. I have never felt so confused or torn about my work life before. This feels like my brain on repeat (just replace graphic designer with blogger). Thanks for making it at least feel funny @adamjk ♥️🌈
  • These beams are everything I need today. @jaminidesign your home is stunning. ♥️ Photos by @claudiocambon #beams