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  • I 💕 this pink moment in @eviekemp ‘s home tour (link in profile above 👆🏽) I can’t get enough of this home. Photographs by @littlewhitelies_nz  and story by @aandbcreative 💕
  • Textile designer @eviekemp and Sam Holford’s home in Auckland, New Zealand Evie might be the most colorful and pattern-filled home we have ever had the honor of featuring at DS. I’ll be posting more pics here today but you won’t want to miss the entire home tour- link above 👆🏽❤️ Thank you to @eviekemp , photographer @littlewhitelies_nz  and @aandbcreative for sharing this story with us. #pattern #dswallpaper
  • Needed some color and lightness after watching the racism and hateful behavior that’s taking over my favorite show’s social media feeds. I live for @rupaulsdragrace but watching the fans’ barely veiled racism and death threats has really shaken me up. I can only imagine how the people on the show feel. More and more it feels like social media and comment sections are a place for people to behave their worst. I know we’re all human and we all make mistakes (I make a ton), but that sort of deep hatred is so scary and pervasive right now. I’m thankful for tiny moments of lightness like this from @levi_higgs that give me energy to stay in these long term battles and not give in to the overwhelming divide ❤️🌈 📷 by @markatthemuseum
  • Georgine and Diane in full cookie mode at Angel Food today. These women have shown up every week to give back for decades. That sort of dedication and action is so inspiring to me. In the age of social media when getting people to actually show up and do something in person can be hard (but so needed), these women inspire me to keep closing the screen and showing up in real life.