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  • This week we got to share a wonderful recipe from Hetty McKinnon's new cookbook, Neighborhood. @arthurstreetkitchen 's book is a celebration of plant-based recipes and meals that bring people together over something that doesn't require a ton of work, time, or expensive ingredients. And right now those sorts of meals, where we can connect and listen and learn and heal feel incredibly important. 
She shared her "Kinda-Niçoise with Fried Green Beans, Roasted Kale, Lentils, Steamed Eggs, and Caper Mayo" recipe (link above) on Friday and also kindly offered to give away a copy to one lucky reader. If you'd like to take home a copy, leave a comment at the link in my profile above and tomorrow Hetty will pick her favorite. [Photographs by @luisabrimble ] Link in profile above and stories, too. Thanks to @kristinagillphoto for sharing this story with us.
  • Skincare is the only part of the worlds of beauty and fashion I've ever cared about. I've always felt a bit detached from my body from the neck down, so my skin became the only thing I focused on- especially when everything else feels out of control. My skin has never been IN control, per se, but fussing with it makes me feel like I am. @turshen has incredible skin that has never seen a soap, serum, lotion or oil, but she knows I love all four so she kindly used her garage woodworking shop to make me a little DIY display shelf for my nook of the bathroom. Its totally silly, but having this little moment and space for myself and all my little potions makes me so happy. @turshen knows me well and having something she made by hand in the house makes me happy ❤️ **I added a super amateur collection of product reviews in my stories above- just in case you want more info on the products and proof that I should do videos, ever.** [PS the ceramic pot is by @lailadesign in Woodstock, NY]
  • Came across this fairy tale of a 🌈 house today driving home. I love seeing any home or person that isn't afraid to embrace something exuberant and utterly unique ❤️ (If you happen to know this home owner, Ulster locals, I would love to know)
  • These eyes have seen us through so many tough times. Winky just knows when you need love and support. ❤️ 📷 by @turshen (Hope is in the back corner, not quite as empathetic as her sister)