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  • Friday morning flower goals via @steelcutflowerco in #dsfloral 🌸🌸
  • This paper 🍊 was a bright spot in the day for me. Thanks for this moment @woodlucker ❤️
  • I’ve been thinking a lot about last week when I posted about the conversation I had with Diane (re: same sex marriage and women “needing” men at home). After letting my feelings settle and sifting through what remained, I realized I judged her too harshly. I shouldn’t have judged her at all. And I wish I hadn’t chosen to share a picture of her and air my hurt feelings in that way. It wasn’t kind and I regret not being more thoughtful in my decision to discuss what happened. It’s something I’m always working on, being someone who lives so much of my life online, and I should have focused on my feelings and not the way I would have wanted her to be. We’re different people with different life experiences and I projected my expectations onto her unfairly. We care about each other and that’s the most important thing. So today I just listened. I learned more about her life, what she misses most about her late husband and how much she’s looking forward to the holidays with her family. Our lives and politics and beliefs are so different, but we have something important in common: we want to be there for the people we care about in our lives. And I’m going to start working on being a better friend to her and not expecting her to feel the same way I do about how homes and families look and operate. I think we’re all learning and growing more just by sharing time together in this kitchen every week so I’m going to focus more on appreciating that ❤️
  • Some nights are so special that words and pictures don’t do them justice. Getting to see @drjessicabharris and @turshen in conversation (along with an amazing room of people who joined in for a real community dialogue) celebrating #feedtheresistance —while ALSO getting to sit next to @kristinagillphoto (!!!💕) made for the best night ❤️