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  • Winky is ready to ride 🏍 She is our favorite co-pilot and she’s been such a champ during her knee surgery recovery. I know she hates the Doggles™️ she has to wear for laser therapy but I can’t get enough of them. #vroomvroom 👓
  • Since @turshen posted a great outfit flashback last week, it felt fitting to share one of my favorite looks from her childhood. T shirt under a blazer = 👌🏽 Also, those gold buttons ⭐️⭐️
  • 👋🏽 I am awash in gratitude AND incredible recommendations for my new project, thanks to all of you! I’m still getting through them all but I have ⭐️one last bit I could use help with⭐️ If you know someone you’d like to nominate for this project who is 👉🏻 OVER 60 and works in metal working, construction, the military, is a mechanic, or works in end-of-life care, these are the areas I still need help in (particularly women of color). If you do, just DM me or leave a note below. Thank you so much for all of your kind recommendations and the amazing stories you’ve shared with me, publicly and privately. Especially about your Moms ♥️♥️ Photo of @lindaandwinks by @sashaisrael in #inthecompanyofwomen taken at home by @kellikehler
  • Oh hi 👋🏽 I’m officially done taking a break and I’m working on a new project. And I would love and appreciate your help if you have any suggestions. I’m looking for incredible women *who are 60+* working in STEM fields, construction, medicine, law, education, nursing, farming, fishing, etc (I’m hoping to branch out beyond the arts community I know and love well). Do you know someone (or are inspired by someone) you’d like to nominate? I’d love to know the women in these areas that inspire you, especially if they’re part of underrepresented communities. Just DM me 💌 Photo of @daniellecoldingdesign by @sashaisrael from #inthecompanyofwomen