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  • Someone ❤️s her new "Feminist AF" jacket from @premme.us 💪🏽@turshen @gabifresh @nicolettemason
  • Beautiful early morning art courtesy of @kbunker_art in #dscolor 🎨
  • Tiny (literally) moments of pink 💕 courtesy of @ananewyork in #dspink
  • I was diagnosed with #type1diabetes at the age of 34 and it's been a roller coaster of appointments, learning, and needles ever since. I've found steady ground thanks to @turshen, friends like @sarabeejensen and @libbyl0u and communities like the one @beyondtype1 is building online. Today I'm joining their Power Up campaign to raise money for their efforts to support those living with this disease. 
Julia and I are donating 10 signed copies of our latest books (#feedtheresistance and #inthecompanyofwomen) to the first 10 people who donate $100 to the campaign. So if you're able to chip in, DM me a screenshot of your donation receipt and I'll get signed copies out to you right away. Thank you ❤️ **I know donating isn't an option for everyone, but if you're able to take a moment to learn more about #type1diabetes and what it is (and isn't) and how to support those living with it, that is such a huge help to everyone managing this disease on a daily (and hourly) basis. There's a link in my profile above to my personal story and more information about Type1. #beyondtype1 #giveaway