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  • A reminder from @familleribeaucourt that chandeliers are always a good idea ✨💛
  • Still processing how sad I am about last night’s @rupaulsdragrace elimination. Trying to distract myself with beautiful things like this embroidery @fleurwoodsart posted....nope, still mad. I think they let the wrong queen go 😪
  • TGIF is the name of the game today. These dogs know what I’m talking about. Also, since our stair runner is officially stained with too many coffee spills I think it’s time I roll up my sleeves and finally try this rug runner look I’ve always wanted to do. Thanks for the inspiration @hilaryduff ✨ Design by @studiolifestyle_
  • Seven and a half hours in the car and we’re finally home, cuddled up with the pets. I miss DC and last night’s community already. What a wonderful way to close out our first ever #goodcompanymag tour. I could not have asked for more. Tomorrow we start finishing the design for the second issue, but for now- rest 💛 📷 by @sarawenokur and @valeofenna