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  • Over the holiday break Julia and I made our annual vision boards for the year ahead. I sat back and felt a bit of worry looking at mine. Over the years my boards have gotten simpler and simpler with more and more white space. As someone who has dealt with a lot of self doubt (and a bit of depression) over the past few years, seeing all that white space made me nervous. It felt ominous in its unfinished state. Even though the phrase “unfinished but not unworthy” was literally ON the board, I still felt haunted by what I saw as an emptiness. I resisted the urge to “finish it” but it still felt like a tiny hand tapping on my shoulder whispering, “But WHY is there so much empty space?” Then my mother in law came over and asked to see our boards. When she saw the white space she said, “I see it as room to breathe. Room for possibility.” I forgot that that could be an option, too. When fear creeps in, one of the biggest costs is the loss of hope and possibility. But I’m grateful for her reminder (and ever present hopefulness and vision) that sometimes blank space is the possibility of something new and unimagined, rather than the lack thereof. Did anyone else make vision boards this year? I’d love to know what you all saw in yours. Im sharing my old boards up in my stories today ♥️ #visionboard (Also thanks to the awesome team at @deathsexmoney for sharing my board on their feed this week as part of their series on people encountering big changes in their work life)
  • This stair runner by @trishandersenart reminds me of so much of the textile work I first saw back in 2004 when I was just getting started with Design*Sponge. Free form, wildly colorful and massively textured. I LOVE this sort of work. As much as I love symmetry and neatness, there’s something about this type of work that makes me want to do something with my own two hands. It also makes me want to see more of this artist’s amazing home, pronto. If this is the stairway, can you imagine how amazing the rest must me? (that question is basically what inspired our entire Sneak Peek Column at DS- just wanting to know if someone’s work was reflected in their interior as well) ♥️
  • Starting the day with my favorite color. And a tiny peek of stained glass (on the right) that always makes my heart sing. I think it’s time for me to sign up for a stained glass class somewhere. I’ve been obsessed with it for so long and it seems like a good time to learn a new skill, but for fun ♥️ Anyone know good stained glass classes in the Hudson Valley? Photo by @audreykrako
  • My reminder for this week: “It’s ok to not do everything.” I’ve been taking more time to really look at what’s on my plate these days and what makes me happy vs. what I think I “should” or “need” to do. It’s prickly and thorny to parse through those ideas and feelings and for anyone else trying to find their way through this place, I send you a huge hug and high five. It’s ok to stop, think, re-prioritize, say no to things you used to say “yes” to, and to make room to simply not know. That’s me these days- one big jumble of “I don’t know” 🤷🏻‍♀️ but doing my best to smile during this time and enjoy it. I know I’ll find another purpose and project eventually and will look back and wonder why I didn’t take advantage of the looseness of not knowing- so I’m trying to remember that even these scary moments are worth appreciating too ♥️ Artwork by @cmbringle **Please credit @cmbringle and not me if you share this artwork**