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  • Ruth Hevelone’s story is one that career-switching hopefuls dream of - she jumped ship from the corporate world into an industry she didn’t know much about: hospitality. There was no backup job, no prior experience in the field, she just went for it! Today on DS we’re talking with Ruth, @hasbrouckhouseny General Manager, about her whirlwind path to her dream job ✨ Photos by @kellymerchantphotography Story by @kellikehler —Kelli
  • This card from @paperpastries is spot on. Every time I see those memes about “get yourself a person who looks at you like...” I always think about the way cats look at a tiny moving piece of fluff or string. I love how fascinated and enthralled with something they can be. Of course then it’s followed by a long nap and forgetting you exist. So maybe they’re not the best examples. Either way, this card is 👌🏽✨
  • So much YES in this bathroom at @sucrebodysugaring in Calgary. Where do we begin? The wallpaper? The Sputnik light fixture? The blush pink tiles? Love it all 💕✨ Photos by @colinwayphoto Story by @sofia.tuovinen Design by @designs_av —Kelli
  • Because there is NO such thing as too much tinsel or glitter. This is a Wall after my own heart ♥️✨ Photo by @bigntoasty at @rosewinemansion