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  • I need to read this a few times today. And then a few times more. Thought I’d share this in case anyone else needed this, too. Photo from @thisisalbaletterer in #dslettering
  • These tiles...are SO good. @jujupapers has such a great eye for color combinations. This would be so fun in a small space where someone could open a tiny pocket door and be wowed by a giant dose of pattern on the floor 👍🏽 #dsfloors #ihavethisthingwithfloors
  • I will always (always!) love a side by side color story told by neighboring houses. @sophia.gb captured this blue/mint moment and it made me so happy. 💙💚
  • Next up in our Art of Collecting series we’re doing in partnership with @ikeausa is a collection a lot of us at D*S can relate to: @juniperandscout owner Deanna Jennings’ burgeoning plant collection! This week we’re celebrating IKEA’s new #SAMMANHANG line of small interior pieces and furniture by perusing Deanna’s plant buddies - from a teeny tiny cactus to her favorite in the bunch, a pink-leafed Rattlesnake Calathea 🌿 #IKEA #IKEAcollections #collectors #ad —Kelli