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  • All my favorite spring colors in one moment via @wanderforawhile #springhassprung
  • Yesterday I unplugged and spent the day making artwork for our living room with @turshen - I was actually a print making major in college, and forgot the joy of this whole process. I got frustrated at first (my inner perfectionist strikes again!), but Julia pushed through and made SO many gorgeous pieces. Her determination and open mind inspired me to try again and I ended up making a simple block print I loved and now we have artwork for our walls that we made with our own two hands. 🖐🏽 Pictures coming soon- I just wanted to post these in case anyone else was looking for a fun non-screen activity to do with friends or loved ones. I picked up these Speedball block print kits at our local Michaels and we got so many prints out of them. #diy ⏫⏺⏹🌈
  • I keep reading the news about the terror attacks in Sri Lanka and can’t fully wrap my head around the hate that seems to be filing the world over and over. I can only imagine the sadness these families and communities must be feeling. My heart and mind are focused on them and keeping an eye out for anything we can all do to help and support. ♥️ Photo by @honeykennedy
  • I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday shut up in our bedroom trying to get better. Today I’m on the mend and finally back with my favorite fuzzy companions and care takers. Resting on the couch this morning I looked over and saw that Turk and Winky had intertwined their legs and fallen asleep together. Those two are constantly in a love-hate tango and moments like this are so healing. ♥️ #unlikelyanimalfriends