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  • A bit of joy for the morning by @artbyfola - I’m so excited that we’ll have a piece of Folasade’s work in the next issue of @goodcompanyzine coming out in a few short months 💜
  • In 15 years of design blogging, I've only ever regretted ONE design decision: selling my beloved sofa made of patchwork Army shirts from @revivedesigns 😭 Real talk: I sold it because we had a rough year and needed the money from the sale more than the sofa, but I have never ever stopped thinking about that piece. And how much I miss it. Today I wrote an ode to the piece that got away over at Design*Sponge. You can swipe up to read in stories above 💚 Illustration of me, Hope, and our sofa by @sallustration 🖊
  • Today’s mood is me focusing on glittery things (like @imakestagram ‘s pup) as I try to avoid second guessing the color decision I made about our back bedrooms. I chose a SUPER dark color because I convinced myself it would work- on everything from the windows and ceilings to the walls and baseboards. I’m going to reserve judgement until everything is put back and there’s art on the walls again.  After giving into white walls for years I forgot the rush of fear and excitement that comes with choosing very dark and pigmented colors. I used to paint everything a really dark grey and love it and I need to learn to flex that color muscle again and embrace it. The early stages of dark colors are always a little patchy and scary so for now I’m looking at shiny things while I work online to distract 😬✨😬✨😬✨
  • A constant reminder that always feels good to see and hear. Artwork by @martinamartian via @polychromemag via @adolescentcontent ♥️