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  • Today, thanks to your wonderful suggestions, I wrote a letter to my 23 year-old self. 💌 (Links above or swipe up in stories) I reflected on what I've learned from the past 15 years of running Design*Sponge and what I think I would have needed to hear in those earlier days. I didn't expect to cry writing the last paragraph, but I did. A lot. 😭 It was so cathartic to tell myself, “YOU DON’T NEED TO WIN ANYTHING TO MATTER. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE BUSY TO MATTER. YOU MATTER ALREADY.” ✨ What would you tell your younger self, knowing what you do now? 💌
  • Today I’m working on a letter to my younger self that will go up on Design*Sponge this afternoon. Before I share, here’s a picture of Hope’s younger self. 💛
  • Yowza 😍😍 spotted this photo by @erinsummer_ in the #dspink feed this morning 🌸🌸
  • Today over at Design*Sponge I wrote about 5 Pieces of Advice I’m Glad I Ignored. I’ve gotten the same pieces of (unsolicited) advice over and over during my 15 years at Design*Sponge and I learned so much from how those moments left me feeling. Swipe up in stories to read more about them ☝🏽 All that said, I *should* have taken @turshen ‘s advice when I tried to climb this small boulder in Palm Springs. Turns out I DID need a hand up. #notgraceful