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  • Over the past week I’ve consumed books like air or water. I’ve read hundreds of pages every day, staying up late into the night, not wanting to go back to the real world yet. Or maybe just wanting a little more time with books that talk about the world I got a glimpse of in Alaska. Have you ever felt like you were so tired of your own voice that all you wanted to do was listen to someone else’s? Anyone and everyone else’s? I think that’s what books are for me right now. Right now all I want to do is learn about and understand someone else’s experience of the world and be grateful for how it can shape and expand your own. I have a few more books lined up for the next few days, but for now, I couldn’t  recommend these more highly (Cameron’s book is out nest spring, I stole Julia’s advance copy) ♥️. (Thank you for the many many recommendations I got about The Great Alone. You were all right. I loved it and devoured it *immediately*)
  • Goodbye for now, Alaska. I’m so grateful to have seen so much of your beauty. What a valuable reminder this trip has been to get outside more and FEEL the wind and waves and all the wild things life has to offer 💛
  • I’m off to Sitka for the final leg of my Alaska adventure. This morning we are passing over glacier after glacier (more in my stories) and I’m so taken aback by these huge mountains and chunks of land and sea. It’s so rough it looks like someone took huge bites out of the earth. (Does anyone else see bite marks in these mountains?) 🦷 I love the scale of everything here. It’s like someone pushed the lever to 100% and decided this land would have everything all at once, and as big and wild as possible ♥️🌲🌊🗻
  • Today was my last full day in Homer. Yesterday I felt sad about leaving, but after today I feel calm. Because I know I’ll be back. People here have made me feel welcome and at home and that is a feeling I know not to take for granted. So I’ll see you next year, Homer... and otters and whales and and my new friends @sistercarri and Lance at @makoswatertaxi and @aksalmonsisters and everyone who made this trip so very special. I am leaving here with a sort of quiet and tired that only comes from learning something new about a part of the world - and yourself. Thank you, Homer. (More of today’s adventures in my stories)