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Monday June 11th, 2012

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sneak peek: marte marie forsberg

Marte Marie Forsberg is a “visual story maker,” creating and capturing moments by photographing and styling food, travel and lifestyle for a range of clients worldwide. Her work has her traveling — and living abroad — more often than not (she’s currently living in Rome working on an exciting book project, which she’ll reveal more of…

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Monday November 7th, 2011

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sneak peek: robert kristiansen

Interior designer Robert Kristiansen was born and raised in Oslo, Norway. His father owned a large travel business, making travel an important part of his life, not only for the extraordinary people he’s met but also for the incredible objects that have worked their way into his Nesodden, Norway, home. Being raised in a winter…

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sneak peek: robert kristiansen’s summer home

Mary Beth Koeth spent the summer in Oslo, Norway, for her semester abroad in photography studies. While there, she stayed in a fabulous summer home just outside the city that overlooked a fjord. After photographing her summer home, the owner and interior designer, Robert Kristiansen, invited her to shoot his personal home (stay tuned for…

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Monday October 4th, 2010

Monday August 31st, 2009

Monday February 23rd, 2009

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sneak peek: darling clementine

sneak peek: darling clementine

when i first emailed tonje holand of the stationery line darling clementine little did i know what a great home she had – in fact so awesome that it was recently featured in the sunday supplement of norway’s national newspaper. luckily tonje and photographer nina ruud/dagbladet were willing to share the images with us. you…

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