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Monday October 27th, 2014

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A Baton Rouge Home To Love Forever

Like many things in life, moving into a new home rarely happens at the exact moment you need it to, or with the exact circumstances you would have imagined. For Lindsey Smith, a designer and the founder of Makers Workshop, the hunt for her current home was born out of necessity. A few months pregnant with…

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A Harmonious Retreat In The Heart of Amsterdam

The road to finding the perfect home, especially in a metropolis like Amsterdam, can test the patience, resolve, and sanity of many a house-hunter. The end result can have a huge payoff, though. Just ask Barbara Iweins, a portrait photographer who needed a new home for her ever-expanding family (husband Jurjen; son Pieter; daughters June…

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Two Traveling Photographers At Home In Los Angeles

Caroline and Jayden Lee are lifestyle and travel photographers whose work takes them around the globe. When not working and taking in new sights, however, the couple longed for a place to call home—one that would allow them to reboot, rejuvenate, and get re-inspired. After some time spent hunting down apartments in various sections of Los Angeles,…

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Best of: Eerie Rooms


If you have been following us in recent months, you know our team is all in on the all-black-everything trend. It’s evocative. It dares to make a statement and when paired with some of the spooky accessories you’ll see below, serves as a killer backdrop for some seriously eerie spaces. We’ve pulled together our moodiest,…

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Monday October 20th, 2014

Monday October 13th, 2014

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Second Empire Style in the Hudson Valley

Everyone’s idea of a dream house is different. For some, it’s a penthouse apartment in a big city. For others, it’s a rolling country estate with wraparound porches and room to spread out. For me, it’s Hayes Clement’s home. Nine years ago Hayes left his job in magazine publishing, and an apartment in New York…

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A Rustic Carriage House With a Modernist Heart

When graphic designer and woodworker Rob Laliberte moved into this 1910 carriage house in Knoxville’s historic Old North neighborhood, the landlord was quick to point out that inhabiting the small space was a bit like living on a boat. The ceilings were low, the storage capacity was limited, but all of the essentials for living were there….

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A Creative Oasis In Baltimore

Sometimes the best sorts of spaces are not the ones that are planned-out to a T, but ones that evolve and coalesce over time. When artist Jess Schreibstein and her boyfriend moved into their Baltimore apartment eight months ago, they had only a few criteria—lots of natural light and proximity to the Station North neighborhood’s art…

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We Can’t Get Enough Of: Farmhouse Style

Rustic furniture and farmhouse style are having a real moment right now. From homes and clothing stores covered in salvaged wood siding to restaurants and coffee shops using reclaimed barn beams for their furniture, everyone seems to love that simple, worn-in aesthetic. But no matter how prevalent the look is, we never tire of it…

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Monday October 6th, 2014

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Bohemian Meets Beachy in California

This time of year when the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, I daydream about packing up our family and running away to California. Sunshine, salt water and fresh air seem like the magic ingredients for a happy life and floral designer Julie Martin has them all at her home, along with her…

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A Dutch Church Becomes a Family Home

Some homes have such a special history that living in them feels like both a great honor and responsibility. Maaike and Onno Goldbach discovered just that when they moved into an over 100-year old church in the Netherlands. After discovering that they were expecting their first daughter, Amelie, Maaike and Onno decided to hunt for…

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Monday September 29th, 2014

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A Multifunctional Apartment in Brooklyn

Furniture designer Katy Skelton Acuff and her husband Drew Acuff – who’s in the process of completing a graduate degree in publishing – have called Brooklyn’s neighborhood of Crown Heights home for the last three years, but they just transitioned to this two-bedroom apartment in May. For Katy, it’s more than just home, it’s also…

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Sneak Peek: Best of Brass

Of all the metallic trends in the past few years, it feels like brass has become the most ubiquitous. This may be attributed to the fact that it looks pretty similar to gold, but tends to be more affordable. It also possesses a unique versatility in that it looks great whether it’s polished to a…

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Monday September 22nd, 2014

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A Modern Family Farmhouse in New York State

Dana McClure and her husband Chris Lanier split their time between two places – a loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and a small farm in Olivebridge, New York. Today, we’re peeking into their home in Olivebridge. Like many creative couples, Dana and Chris wear many hats. Dana is a visual artist with a focus on printmaking,…

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Creating a Serene Home in Brooklyn

When Kristen Cesiro, an interactive designer at Gilt, moved into this prewar Brooklyn Heights apartment, her then-boyfriend (now husband) and film producer Andrew Goldman had already been living in the space for four years. Naturally, the couple’s first challenge was to find a way to revamp the apartment so it felt like it belonged equally…

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Room to Grow in Texas

When Emily and Colby Allen started looking for a home in Fort Worth, Texas, they first zeroed in on the neighborhood – the Fairmount National Historic District, filled with beautiful Craftsman homes, a community garden with chickens and a tight-knit community that hosts neighborhood parades and arts events. They had been living in an older,…

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