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Monday June 9th, 2014

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A Backyard Studio in Oakland

One of my favorite things about California bungalows are the little detached garages that you often find in the backyards of these homes. I’ve long thought that if I had a setup like that, I’d turn that garage into the ultimate workspace. I’m not alone in this vision, because when Alison Yin and Adm Golub…

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Monday April 28th, 2014

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A World Traveler Creates a Home Base

A former corporate attorney, Rena Thiagarajan spent seven years with start-ups in Silicon Valley, funding her travel obsession before she started her own travel-inspired company, Project Bly. Named for turn-of-the-century reporter Nellie Bly, who went around the world in less than 80 days, Project Bly is an online shopping site that allows visitors to explore…

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Monday March 12th, 2012

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sneak peek: husky ranch

Grace Hsiu is a designer for iTunes with a penchant for cooking (Two Dudes, One Pan style), watching the NBA and concocting the perfect Old Fashioned. These days she’s based in Pasadena, California, but her roots are in Virginia Beach, Virginia (the same as our own Grace Bonney!). Her home is dubbed “Husky Ranch” for…

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Monday December 19th, 2011

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sneak peek: steve soria

Steve Soria is a leather craftsman in Santa Barbara, California. He grew up working on DIY projects with his parents in this home. It was a fixer-upper that they purchased from Steve’s grandparents in the early 70s. His parents later bought a ranch house in the nearby Santa Ynez Valley, and Steve inherited this little…

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Monday February 1st, 2010

Monday August 10th, 2009

Friday June 19th, 2009

Monday June 1st, 2009

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sneak peek: steven harrington

sneak peek: steven harrington

for a long time now i’ve been a huge fan of illustrator steven harrington‘s work, so today i’m really excited the share a sneak peek into his california home. i especially love the way splashes of color specific to his work weave their way into his home. don’t miss more of his work right here,…

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Monday December 1st, 2008

Friday December 21st, 2007

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sneak peek: lisa neimeth

sneak peek: lisa neimeth

san francisco based artist lisa neimeth was kind enough to share a sneak peek into her beautiful studio today. after catching a quick glimpse of her (converted chicken-coop!) studio earlier this month, i think we were all curious to see more. so lisa was kind enough to send over some beautiful photos of the interior…

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Thursday March 15th, 2007

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ok LA

ok LA

today’s sneak peek belongs to larry schaffer, owner of la design mecca- ok. larry has live in a 450 sq foot neutra duplex in silverlake for 17 years. the photos really speak for themselves, they’re gorgeous. [click here] for full sized photos. [thanks larry!]

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