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Monday May 20th, 2013

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A Mid-century Modern Eichler Original

This home, in the San Francisco Bay area, is a mid-century modern aficionado’s dream. When Carolyn Piotroski and her husband Joseph found this 1964 custom Eichler, it was so neglected that Carolyn didn’t even want to get out of the car. But when Joseph persuaded her, and she found herself entering the home through a…

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Monday February 4th, 2013

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Sneak Peek: Alison and Jeff Allen

Three years ago, Alison and Jeff Allen moved into this 100-year-old home in the heart of South Minneapolis with their two young boys, Finn (4) and Gus (1). The couple had always wanted to live in one of these old houses but quickly realized that they’d need to do some decorative tweaking if they wanted…

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Monday December 17th, 2012

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Sneak Peek: Melanie, Ryan & Beck Blodgett

Melanie Blodgett, her husband, Ryan, and son, Beck, purchased their first home in Denver, Colorado, 11 months ago (a big step up from their old, dark and cramped apartment with popcorn ceiling). Melanie has about five different jobs related to blogging and social media but can frequently be found at You Are My Fave. She’s…

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Monday August 13th, 2012

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Monday May 10th, 2010

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sneak peek: angela hardison

sneak peek: angela hardison

angela hardison is a graphic designer and co-owner of seesaw designs – a design and letterpress studio in sunny scottsdale, arizona. she lives in mesa (a suburb of phoenix) with her husband, clint.  little did i know, but apparently arizona is filled with amazing thrift and antique stores, and some of angela’s finds are sold…

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Monday December 14th, 2009

Monday December 7th, 2009

Thursday November 12th, 2009

Monday October 12th, 2009

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sneak peek: whimsy & spice

sneak peek: whimsy & spice

back in 2004 when jenna of whimsy & spice was apartment shopping with her partner (in life and business), mark, she never dreamed that she would end up in a new construction building, particularly in a neighborhood like park slope which has such beautiful brownstones. they were already living in the neighborhood on the top…

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Monday September 14th, 2009

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sneak peek: jamie gray

sneak peek: jamie gray

the weather has definitely changed here in nyc, there’s a certain crispness in the air that makes you want to sharpen your pencils and get new school clothes! so it’s fitting that this sneak peek is a look into the home of a professor. jamie, a graphic design professor at kansas city art institute, and…

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Monday August 24th, 2009

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sneak peek: caitlin williams & james freeman

sneak peek: caitlin williams & james freeman

moving into a marital abode—in this case, an immaculately preserved 1895 flat in san francisco’s historic alamo square neighborhood—wasn’t without its design-related uncertainties for james and caitlin freeman. “james has such a cool, modern and slightly industrial sensibility, while everything i own is pink, blue, green, scalloped and two-headed,” says caitlin. to illustrate: when james…

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Friday August 7th, 2009

Wednesday July 29th, 2009

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sneak peek: jill elliott sones of fossil

sneak peek: jill elliott sones of fossil

lately we’ve been lucky enough to have a handful sneak peeks into the beautiful homes of the team at fossil (don’t miss shay’s incredible place here!). today we’re looking into the dallas of creative director, jill elliott sones who works with the collaborative team that works on the brand direction. jill recently got married and…

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Monday July 13th, 2009