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Tuesday November 18th, 2014

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A 1950s UK Home Mixes The Old and The New

Older homes with plaster walls are near and dear to my heart. Last year I made the scary leap to becoming a homeowner of a 1950s build and while they can be a pain in the you-know-what, I find comfort in their quirks—good and bad. So when self-described designer/maker, blogger and mama Sarah-Louise Kimmer spoke…

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Monday November 17th, 2014

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Two Shopkeepers At Home In Brooklyn

When interior designer Asumi Tomita and her husband Kuni decided to open a shop in 2013, they wanted it to be a reflection of their collective styles and a place to showcase their favorite artists and objects. Named Kanorado Shop, the online store features a tightly curated assortment of beautiful home goods, gardening supplies, and clothes—some designed…

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A Photographer’s Colorful Escape In the Big City

Filled with loud noises, mysterious smells, overwhelming crowds of impatient people, and teensie-weensie apartments, life in a city like New York can present numerous challenges—especially to those who are interested in maintaining whatever they have left of their sanity. This is why, when it comes to apartment-dwelling in the so-called concrete jungle, it helps to…

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Monday November 10th, 2014

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A One ‘Of A Kind’ Home in Brooklyn

It’s easy to become numb to how deeply personal it can be to share one’s home online. After publishing thousands of home tours on Design*Sponge, I often have to take a moment to pause when a particular home tour touches me in a way that makes me feel like I’ve gotten to know someone, or…

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At-Ease Living In New Mexico

I think that when it comes to home design, the term “simplicity” can have multiple—and occasionally disparate—connotations. Oftentimes, the word summons images of austere settings; linear concrete bunkers with nary a speck of dust or hair out of place. While spaces like this are beautiful in their own right, they can often belie strenuous and meticulous…

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Monday November 3rd, 2014

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A Touch of Scandinavia In California

Berkeley, CA might not have much in common with Finland, but step one foot into the home of artist Amy Nathan and one might feel instantly transported to the so-called “Land of The Midnight Sun.” Designed in 1940 by architect Arne Kartwood and peppered with simple, Modernist designs, the home feels markedly in-tune with the aesthetic…

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A Bay Area Rental Becomes The Perfect Family Home

The 1,200-square-foot bungalow that Sarah Coombs and Andy Pratt call home might seem tiny (especially with their two children), but compared to the New York City apartment that the couple formerly inhabited, it’s downright palatial. Like many New Yorkers faced with growing families and shrinking square footage, Sarah and Andy followed the siren call of cheaper,…

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Monday October 27th, 2014

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A Baton Rouge Home To Love Forever

Like many things in life, moving into a new home rarely happens at the exact moment you need it to, or with the exact circumstances you would have imagined. For Lindsey Smith, a designer and the founder of Makers Workshop, the hunt for her current home was born out of necessity. A few months pregnant with…

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A Harmonious Retreat In The Heart of Amsterdam

The road to finding the perfect home, especially in a metropolis like Amsterdam, can test the patience, resolve, and sanity of many a house-hunter. The end result can have a huge payoff, though. Just ask Barbara Iweins, a portrait photographer who needed a new home for her ever-expanding family (husband Jurjen; son Pieter; daughters June…

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Two Traveling Photographers At Home In Los Angeles

Caroline and Jayden Lee are lifestyle and travel photographers whose work takes them around the globe. When not working and taking in new sights, however, the couple longed for a place to call home—one that would allow them to reboot, rejuvenate, and get re-inspired. After some time spent hunting down apartments in various sections of Los Angeles,…

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Best of: Eerie Rooms


If you have been following us in recent months, you know our team is all in on the all-black-everything trend. It’s evocative. It dares to make a statement and when paired with some of the spooky accessories you’ll see below, serves as a killer backdrop for some seriously eerie spaces. We’ve pulled together our moodiest,…

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Monday October 20th, 2014

Monday October 13th, 2014

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Second Empire Style in the Hudson Valley

Everyone’s idea of a dream house is different. For some, it’s a penthouse apartment in a big city. For others, it’s a rolling country estate with wraparound porches and room to spread out. For me, it’s Hayes Clement’s home. Nine years ago Hayes left his job in magazine publishing, and an apartment in New York…

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A Rustic Carriage House With a Modernist Heart

When graphic designer and woodworker Rob Laliberte moved into this 1910 carriage house in Knoxville’s historic Old North neighborhood, the landlord was quick to point out that inhabiting the small space was a bit like living on a boat. The ceilings were low, the storage capacity was limited, but all of the essentials for living were there….

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A Creative Oasis In Baltimore

Sometimes the best sorts of spaces are not the ones that are planned-out to a T, but ones that evolve and coalesce over time. When artist Jess Schreibstein and her boyfriend moved into their Baltimore apartment eight months ago, they had only a few criteria—lots of natural light and proximity to the Station North neighborhood’s art…

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