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regional roundup

Tuesday February 3rd, 2009

regional roundup by 19

regional roundup paris: part 4 (of 4)

une, deux, trois, and here we go with quatre – the forth and final regional roundup of french designers. as always, it’s been a complete delight getting to know all 20 designers through their work and inspirations, and to look at paris with fresh eyes. today’s plat du jour is: boo louis of ekobo, carine tontini…

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Tuesday January 27th, 2009

regional roundup by 13

regional roundup paris: part 3 (of 4)

maison & objet, paris’s premier home and style show just finished up over the weekend, but here goes part 3 of our regional roundup: paris. check out food designer julie rothhahn, textile designer lily latif, the beautiful classifications of lyndie dourthe, more great patterns from atelier lzc and beautiful furniture with a modern twist by etc. creations. CLICK…

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Monday January 19th, 2009

regional roundup by 9

regional roundup paris: part 2 (of 4)

after picking up a copy tables éphémères at french touche a few years back, i was instantly smitten with the work of martine camillieri who for years has making the recycling of everyday objects into magically creative projects. the book made me want to throw a dinner party as soon as i got home using…

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Tuesday January 13th, 2009

regional roundup by 17

regional roundup paris: part 1 (of 4)

seven years ago i fell in love with a paris as a student studying abroad. little did i know going into it that those three and a half months would inspire me to becoming a graphic designer. today we all know paris as the fashion capital of the world, but when it comes it design,…

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Tuesday November 11th, 2008

regional roundup by 9

regional roundup: austin – part 3

if part one and part two of the austin regional roundup were not enough to prove to you that austin has a fun and vibrant design scene, perhaps hey cupcake!, an airstream tuned cupcake stand with rotating cupcake on the roof, is the proof you need. one thing is for sure – austin has a…

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Tuesday November 4th, 2008

regional roundup by 9

regional roundup: austin – part 2

you’ve got to love a city whose motto is “keep austin weird.” full of flavor (i’m talking amazing tex mex), color and character, austin is a city that seriously has it all. it also has one of the best vintage/design scenes full of incredible shops like uncommon objects and room service vintage - and these places keep…

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Tuesday October 28th, 2008

regional roundup by 6

regional roundup: austin, texas!

yee-haw! it’s time for our next regional roundup! in our quest to feature smaller, yet thriving design scenes, our latest installment takes us to austin, texas. perhaps know best for their vibrant music scene and south by southwest festival (that has grown to include other forms of media beyond music), austin is full of creative…

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Tuesday September 9th, 2008

guides, regional roundup by 6

australian designers

australian designers

our lovely editor anne ditmeyer spent hours upon hours (upon hours) compiling her most recent regional roundup to australia. with so many sections featured i decided to compile them here in one post so you could visit the cities in one fell swoop, rather than search around for brisbane part four or brisbane part one….

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Friday September 5th, 2008

regional roundup by 24

regional roundup: australia!

  for the past few weeks we’ve been exploring the major design hubs in australia. but as with anywhere, there are those incredibly talented artists and designers who are able to make a name for themselves from off the beaten track. today’s final regional roundup: australia covers everywhere in between. and while these features have…

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Thursday September 4th, 2008

regional roundup by 8

regional roundup: brisbane

it’s our third week focusing on australia and our latest regional roundup focuses on brisbane, australia’s third most populous city. today’s line up stars tiel seivl-keevers {tsk-tsk}, mel robson, jason grant {inkahoots}, tiffany shafran, and alex tebb. we’ll be back tomorrow with our final australian roundup so be sure to check back, but in the…

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Wednesday August 27th, 2008

regional roundup by 9

regional roundup: sydney [part 2 of 2]

when i came across the work of milan [pictured above], aka moofus, an 11 year old esty seller living in sydney, i was completely charmed. not only do his illustrations have a very julia rothman-esque feel, but a portion of his sales also go to charity (this month is international animal rescue). can you get…

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Tuesday August 26th, 2008

regional roundup by 10

regional roundup: sydney [part 1 of 2]

after finishing up our regional roundup melbourne last week, this week we travel up the australian coast to sydney. until now most of what i know about sydney has come from the 2000 olympics and the real world, so it was fun taking those sound bites that i’ve picked up and explore sydney in terms…

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Tuesday August 19th, 2008

regional roundup by 6

regional roundup: melbourne [part 4 of 4]

today marks the close of our melbourne regional roundup (check out part one, part two, part there, or click here to see them all). thank you to all of the wonderful designers who participated (and make this column such a pleasure to work on)! it’s impossible to feature everyone, so if there’s anyone we missed,…

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Monday August 18th, 2008

regional roundup by 5

regional roundup: melbourne [part 3 of 4]

ever since the olympics started, i’ve been glued to the tv. i feel like i’ve become an encyclopedia of random olympic factoids, and i love it! for instance, did you know that australian swimmers are treated like celebrities back home? working on this piece has definitely helped put the aussies on my radar these games….

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Wednesday August 13th, 2008

regional roundup by 14

regional roundup: melbourne [part 2 of 4]

when it comes to australian design, there are a two sites that immediately come to mind: anna spiro’s interiors blog, absolutely beautiful things, and lucy feagins’s the design files, with tons of great interviews and features on “down under” designers. there are still so many sources for inspiration we’ll be sharing over the next couple…

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Tuesday August 12th, 2008

regional roundup by 21

regional roundup: melbourne [part 1 of 4]

in this day and age of the internet it’s easy take advantage of the fact that everything is right at our fingertips. in starting research for our latest regional roundup, it was clear we’ve seen a handful (but by no means all) of the great the work of many fantastic australian designers before, but just…

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Tuesday June 24th, 2008

regional roundup by 7

regional roundup: portland, maine [part 3 of 3]

with two regional roundup features under my belt now, i can honestly say i freak out a bit at the start because i don’t know what i’m going to get. but each (first iceland, now portland) has magically come together through the kindness, guidance and energy of the amazing designers i encounter in the process….

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Tuesday June 17th, 2008

Tuesday June 10th, 2008

regional roundup by 31

regional roundup: portland, maine (part 1 of 3)

last month we introduced you to our new regional roundup column, where we look at place, the artists who inhabit it, and how each influence the other. for round one we traveled to iceland, but for the next three tuesdays we’ll be turning it stateside. last week’s guest blog posts by lisa dejohn featuring the…

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Tuesday May 6th, 2008

regional roundup by 10

regional roundup: iceland (part 3 of 3)

Today rounds up our third and final post on Iceland (click here and here for the first two posts). Next month we head stateside for our next design roundup, but I hope you’ve enjoyed your mini exploration of Iceland and have been able to check out some of the sites of these incredible designers. And…

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