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Wednesday January 29th, 2014

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Safari Prints + Dogs in Cars

I don’t if I’m craving a change of scenery or it’s all of the amazing animal prints I’ve seen in stores lately, but I just can’t seem to get enough of this look. So this week I’ve decided to round up some favorites for myself, my home and my pup in the safari theme. –Stephanie…

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Monday October 21st, 2013

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Human/House/Harvey: Forest Green

Human House Harvey, forest green

I’ve been traveling through the South for the past week and am truly in awe of the nature that surrounds this region of the country. From the changing foliage and glistening streams, to the towering pines and wild flowers, the South just has a way of captivating the senses. On my way up through North…

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Wednesday October 9th, 2013

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10 Great Dog Coats + DIY Projects

Last weekend I found myself fishing around in my wallet for money to pay for Hope’s first winter sweater. I never thought I’d actually own a dog, let alone buy clothes for one, so to look in my hallway and see a fair isle dog sweater next to my own is a little surreal. That…

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Monday June 10th, 2013

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My 20 Favorite Dog Leashes + Leads

This year has been full of so many surprises already and the greatest one yet has been the new addition to my furry family. Hope has brought so much happiness to my life, it’s easy to forgive and forget the countless objects that have been torn up during puppy fits of frenzy. Craziness aside, I…

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Monday April 1st, 2013

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Human/House/CAT: Feline Fine

It’s about time cats got their own product column on Design*Sponge. I love Stephanie and her beloved Mr. Harvey, but every week I got a little sadder seeing a dog take top billing. So today we’re going to talk about the best way to show your love for cats: by wearing them, decorating with them…

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Monday March 11th, 2013

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Human/House/Harvey: Green

Human House Harvey, green

My favorite color is green — always has been and probably always will be. When I was a kid, I wanted everything in green: pens, lollipops, clothes, my bedroom walls. As I’ve grown, my love for the color has slowly transformed into a love of nature and all that is fresh and alive around us….

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Monday March 4th, 2013

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Pet Portaits by Sian Keegan

I’ve been so excited about this month’s theme (Family + Pets) because it gives me a chance to shamelessly indulge in my love of animals. Aside from photos on my fridge, I’ve never really kept portraits or photographs around my house. I have artwork on my walls, but I tend to keep photographs of friends…

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Monday February 25th, 2013

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Human/House/Harvey: Ikat

Human House Harvey, ikat

A bold pattern like an ikat print can truly be the difference between bland and fab. So when I’m stuck in a design conundrum, I immediately turn to a pattern. The ikat is currently rising in the ranks of my favorite patterns. Both bold and artistic, I love how this pattern allows for so many variations and color palettes. It’s…

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Monday February 4th, 2013

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Human/House/Harvey: Hearts

Human House Harvey, Hearts

It’s the season of love, and I can’t resist thinking of all the wonderful heart-shaped and heart-emblazoned items out there. Here is a quick glimpse at some of the things I’m “loving” for me, my home and my pup, Mr. Harvey. — Stephanie HUMAN — I was bit with the travel bug at an early…

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Monday January 14th, 2013

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Human/House/Harvey: Studs

Always one to favor rugged over delicate, I’ve been known to own a studded design from time to time. There’s just something about a metal stud that attracts my eye and adds a quality detail to any piece. Yes, you can go overboard, but when done right, a stud can take a design from dull…

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Wednesday December 5th, 2012

Monday December 3rd, 2012

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Human/House/Harvey: Animal Print


A good pattern can spice up any look, and there is nothing more classic (and versatile) than an animal print. I remember being gifted my first faux-fur leopard-print jacket one year and wearing it to fringes. It was a favorite and will always be a memorable staple from my wardrobe’s past. Today, I think I…

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Monday November 26th, 2012

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Human/House/Harvey: Ceramic


It seems I’m having a love affair with ceramics of late. Ceramic vases, ceramic candle holders, ceramic measuring cups . . . you name it, I have it (or at least I want it) in ceramic form. Something about the weight, texture and style of ceramic goods makes me giddy, so I thought I’d share a few…

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Monday November 19th, 2012

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Human/House/Harvey: Rustic


This time of year makes me yearn for a rustic, scenic fall-cabin setting: scents of cinnamon and vanilla, distressed leather and cozy hot cider-drinking sessions on the couch (sigh). To appease these harvest cravings, I’ve decided to do a little online hunting for me, my home and my pup. — Stephanie HUMAN — I’ve always dreamed of distressing…

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Monday October 22nd, 2012

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Human/House/Harvey: Sparkle

human house harvey, sparkle

Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life.  While I am not the biggest fan of the bling, I will admit that I fall for the occasional shiny bauble from time to time.  Whether it is a piece of jewelry flare or a shimmering wardrobe piece, I have to infuse a bit of glam into…

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Monday October 8th, 2012

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Human/House/Harvey: Plaid

human house harvey, plaid

Growing up in the Catholic school system, I became used to having plaid in my everyday wardrobe. While at first I hated it (I was a bit of a rebel without a cause back then), I slowly began to accept the traditional tartan look and have actually come to love it, in all aspects of…

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Monday October 1st, 2012

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Human/House/Harvey: Geometric


Geometry was my favorite math subject in high school. For some reason, I could totally comprehend the way lines and angles came together to create perfectly formed shapes. Today, that love of shapes has evolved into a passion for geometric design. So I’ve decided to round up some of my favorite geometric items for myself,…

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Monday September 24th, 2012

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Human/House/Harvey: Stainless Steel


Without fail, whenever I think of stainless steel, my thoughts wander to visions of professional kitchens and pristine environments. But even though stainless steel is typically associated with sterile imagery, I think that when paired with the right decor and accessories, the stainless steel look can have a very stylish effect. I would love to add…

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Monday September 17th, 2012

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Human/House/Harvey: Blue Patterns

human/house/harvey blue pattern

I’ve always been a solids girl: solid rugs, solid sweaters, solid bedding. There are, however, occasional moments when I find a pattern that I can’t resist. As of late, I have been riding on the blue train and am loving a lot of the blue-patterned items I am noticing. So for today’s Human/House/Harvey, I have rounded…

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Thursday February 16th, 2012

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new: see scout sleep

I’ve got pets on the brain right now, so these new collars and leashes from See Scout Sleep are calling my name. Each piece is made from 100% hemp webbing, and the patterns are nylon ribbons that are woven in Tennessee. As much as I love these new geometric patterns, I think I love the…

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