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Wednesday January 8th, 2014

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20 Great 2014 Calendars

New years call for new calendars, and while I tend to prefer the boring digital calendars I can use online, it’s nice to have something printed out sometimes. Whether you’re looking to circle birthdays or just get a good layout of your yearly planning, there are so many calendars that are pretty much to function…

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Tuesday March 19th, 2013

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Striped Baskets

We’re teaching an egg decorating class in the office this morning, so I’ve got egg shapes on the brain. This adorable striped basket at Leif is just over a foot tall and would be ideal for catching odds and ends by the door. Spare mail, newspapers, pet treats — you name it, it would probably fit…

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Friday February 1st, 2013

Tuesday January 29th, 2013

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75 Great Bathroom Organization Solutions

My bathroom is big enough for all the necessary components but leaves little to no room for extra storage or decorations. In some ways that’s good (I like to keep things minimal these days), but it also drives me crazy because I’d love room for a laundry hamper. But when most of your bathroom wall…

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Tuesday January 22nd, 2013

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25 Great Diaries + Planners

Inspired by Max’s Living In pick for today, I decided to go on the hunt for beautiful diaries and planners. Paper planners are starting to become more of my jam lately, as they’re more difficult to ignore than a tab on my browser I can easily close. I’ve been using a hot pink Rollbahn notebook…

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Tuesday January 15th, 2013

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40 Great Kitchen Organizing Tools

I’m in the middle of a serious home-cleaning kick, and my kitchen is a nightmare. And not just because every tile in my home is sealed with glitter grout. While I squint and try not to see the glitter between each tile (Who knew that even existed? My landlord, I guess.), I’m focusing on organizing…

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Tuesday January 8th, 2013

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30 Great Home Office Organizing Tools

For all its minuses (cold weather, gray skies, no new Homeland episodes), January has a few big pluses, one being the overarching clean slate feeling that the month brings. So all month, I’ll be focusing my product roundups on organizational tools. Today I’m kicking things off with the office, home or otherwise. I’m struggling to get…

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Wednesday January 2nd, 2013

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2013 Calendars

One of the few resolutions I try to make (and keep) at the beginning of every year is to be more organized. I usually start off strong with cleaning and organizing goals, then quickly slip into chaos. So this year, I’m going to put some tools to use, including an actual print calendar. I’ve been…

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Wednesday November 21st, 2012

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Lacquered Iris Paper Accessories

Well hello, swirly pink pattern I need in my life. This pretty stationery box and pencil holder at Furbish are made from lacquered iris paper that will vary from piece to piece. I have a hard time resisting anything that looks vaguely marbled, so these pieces are on my wishlist. These colors are so beautiful,…

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Friday November 2nd, 2012

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Weekly Wrap Up + West Elm Market

I was so excited to get back from Los Angeles last week and check out West Elm’s newest shop, West Elm Market, a collection of home essentials that include everything from trash cans and soap to kitchenware and home electronics. I’ve gotten more and more “basics” focused in my personal life in the past few…

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Thursday November 1st, 2012

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Block Table Cart

I’m not sure why, but I’ve got a major thing for carts. There’s something about their endless portability that seems like an opportunity to constantly switch things up. Maybe it’s a traditional bar cart for part of the year and then it becomes a plant caddy in the summer, or maybe it’s a tiered side…

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Wednesday September 19th, 2012

Monday April 16th, 2012

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felt baskets

I don’t normally associate felt with summertime, but these softly colored felt baskets from Nepal look perfect for a cool summer porch. Ranging from 10 to 12 inches tall, they’d be great for small storage or a beautiful place to stash summer reading. And that blue one? It’s got a little bit of ombre going…

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Tuesday March 27th, 2012

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zig to the zag

I know, I know — no more zigzags. But these little storage boxes at Land of Nod are pretty darn cute. I think a grouping of the black or navy blue styles would look pretty nice together. Throw in a lighter turquoise color and you could get a sweet light-to-dark fade going. If you’ve got…

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Wednesday February 15th, 2012

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box 1-7

Sometimes a new product comes along that’s so cool, I have a hard time finding the right words to say so, other than “Wow.” This new modular shelf from BeaMalevich is called Box 1-7 and was created by Finnish designer Pekka Kuivamäki. In essence, Box 1-7 is a shelf that hangs from a single nail…

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Tuesday February 7th, 2012

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pink & red, part 2

Speaking of pink + red, this notebook is fantastic. I want to design an entire room around this color palette; it’s warm, seasonally appropriate and manages to feel modern and slightly retro at the same time. If you need a notebook to keep yourself organized this time of year, click here to pick one up…

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Tuesday January 24th, 2012

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restore storage basket

Yesterday our first major piece of office furniture arrived (a sofa!), and it immediately triggered my desire to start organizing our supplies. As much as I love closed storage, little tubs and baskets better suit my need for “easy to reach” storage. These soft Restore baskets are colorful and made from recycled PET bottles. Designed by…

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Monday January 23rd, 2012

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vintage luggage racks

Much like one of my favorite TV characters, Sheldon Cooper, I have always had a deep and abiding love for trains. There’s something about the gentle rocking of the train on the tracks and getting to see so many beautiful seaport towns (on the East Coast) rush by that always makes me want to stay…

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Tuesday December 6th, 2011

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gold zag trays from up in the air somewhere

Well hello, gorgeous. I may have let stripes and polka dots go earlier this year, but I still can’t shake my weakness for shiny gold. It’s just too bright and sparkly to resist. These gorgeous Zag Trays from Susan at Up In The Air Somewhere are limited-edition pieces that she launched just yesterday. Each handmade ceramic…

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Wednesday November 23rd, 2011

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knot basket

Sometimes the simplest things grab my attention and won’t let go. This hand-knotted rope basket at Alder & Co. has been in my mind for a few weeks now, and I decided that the only way to make room for a new favorite thing was to post this one. Handmade in Japan by Shigeki Fujishiro, Knot…

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