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Tuesday August 17th, 2010

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v&a pattern books

yesterday after i got back from terrain i ended up sitting in front of my bookshelf trying to make room for a few new garden-related books i got. among the stacks of things i’ve yet to process were these beautiful v&a pattern books that i’d been meaning to write about two months? i know, i…

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Monday August 16th, 2010

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creative, inc.: stop motion video!

creative, inc.: stop motion video!

tuesday may be biz ladies day, but today i’m thrilled to be able to debut an amazing stop motion video from two of my favorite biz ladies, meg mateo ilasco and joy deangdeelert cho. meg and joy’s fantastic new book, creative, inc.: the ultimate guide to running a successful freelance business, came out last month…

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Thursday August 12th, 2010

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Friday April 9th, 2010

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ideal bookshelves

i’m not a huge book person, but i live with someone who is, and it’s fascinating how much you can tell about someone’s personality through their book choices. aaron’s collection ranges from politics and music to sports and plays he studied in college, and i love imagining him at different ages being engrossed by different…

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Wednesday April 7th, 2010

Tuesday April 6th, 2010

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simply scandinavian

i feel like there were a few years between 2002-2004 where i was obsessively researching scandinavian homes. i looked far and wide for any images i could find and devoured them like there was no tomorrow. then i just woke up one more and said “ugh, no more!”. i tend to be like that with…

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Monday March 29th, 2010

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